Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Martin Luther Breaks Christian Bondage to "Church"

Christ is the Center of all of our lives, that goes without saying. What about his modern day apostles such as Martin Luther. I knew what he did, but didn't fully realize what he did until I saw the movie based on the man's life. Christ set us free from sin. He taught us that his message is about the heart, about substance, and not about procedures created by man. God is interested in what is inside, not what is outside. The Pharisees were concerned about being called Rabbi, having the right clothes, having the right seats in church. Christ taught us that we can have a personal relationship with God through him. "Where two or three are gathered, there I will be".

Over the centuries, the christian faith evolved from the start up churches started by the apostles, to an overbearing theocratic organization that that choked out the message of Christ by restricting the access of that word to the masses. The church did not serve God, it served itself. This is the Roman Catholic church that we see today. Do they really think those robes and hats bring them closer to God or bring their followers closer to salvation. No. They serve to show the inter church hierarchy, like merit badges for a cub scout.

Martin Luther saw the hypocrisy of his day just as Christ saw it in his age and all ages to come. The message in the new testament was meant for all ages, for the pharisees of old and the Catholics of new. What Marti Luther did was to point out clearly that you can have a relationship outside of the a Pontiff or cardinal or Bishop. It didn't say the only way to the Father is through the bishop and then through the Son. Luther translated the new testament out of Latin, which few but the church could read, into German, so that all could see the message. The Church knew that if anyone could read the Message, they would lose their power. And they did with the Protestant Reformation that continues today.

The legacy of Martin Luther as I see it is beware of any church or other organization that preaches is big on process and rules and titles that don't jive with what is in the Bible, but are there to serve the Church.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

What is wrong with the Bush Economy?

Not much. The economy as a whole is doing well. That isn't to say the same can be said for his handling of the budget. When it comes to spending, he is worse than any liberal we have had. Historians will look back on his administration as the "if only" administration. If only he could have been fiscally conservative instead of a Keynesian liberal. Tax cuts saved the US economy from his big spend policies. Enough of the criticisms.

Unemployment rates of 4.7% and an increase of 4.9% GDP in the 3rd Quarter 2007. Clinton could only be so luck, and all this during a war in two countries. So why is there so much talk about the negatives. For one, it is election time, so with the war going better, the media has to have something to beat republicans up about. The key to their argument is two fold. Credit crunch and mortgage crisis. Both of these factors are negative, but they have nothing to do with any Presidential administration.

The credit crunch and mortgage crisis are problems that started decades ago and are only related to irresponsibility of the individual. The government didn't make people buy junk on credit cards, financed over 20 years at 19% interest. The government didn't make people sign up for Adjustable Rate Mortgages and didn't make lenders sell sub prime loans. Because it is election time, it has all of the sudden become governments problem and that means they will be asking us all to pony up some money to pay for other's poor choices.

The problem with debt has come home to roost with each debtor. It is paralyzing and life changing to live under the cloud. We have become a society of slaves living in a free nation. We may are the first society to willing give up our freedom so that we can have a bigger TV, nicer clothes, or a better car. We lost it first to the banks, but once government steps in, we will lose even more. Did Bush cause this? No. It is only that he happens to be President at the time it seems to be getting worse. My prediction for 09 is that if a Democrat wins the White House, the credit crunch will be put on the shelf, like the homeless problem was for Bill Clinton. If the Republicans win in 09, the coverage of the credit crunch and mortgage crisis may even overtake the coverage of Global Warming.

After losing, Hillary will follow Al Gore's foot steps and win a Noble prize for economics after her movie "An inconvenient Economy" is widely hailed by the media. She'll be on Oprah, No, she won't be on Oprah. Barack won't have any of that.

Cut up your credit cards and act your wage.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Illegal Immigrants cause Homelessness

This one is going deep. I like to look at the hypocrisy of liberals. Think about the US in the 80s under the Regan administration. Remember the homeless crisis and how it magically appears during Republican administrations ever since. Liberals are very quick to point out the millions of people that are homeless and the millions of people that are just one paycheck away from being homeless. Why are they homeless? Because there aren't enough jobs and the rich take too much of the pie.

Liberals are also quick to point out the plight of the millions of illegals in this country and how they are just coming here in search of jobs to feed their families, jobs that citizens don't want. So let's apply some logic to this one. IF there are millions of homeless, THEN there must not be enough work for them. IF there are millions of illegals flooding the borders taking jobs, THEN there must be more jobs in the US than there are citizens. If this were a math formula, these two logic statements would cancel each other out. Let's look at how the liberal position of both these issues is flawed.

First, we must assume that the vast majority of people that are homeless are so by choice, such as winos and schizophrenics. It is sad that they lead the lives that they do, but it is there choice. So if there is a percentage of the population unwilling to work, that would drive the demand for illegal immigrants. There is a percentage of the population that is homeless by circumstance and they very will may have a hard time finding work. I think it would be hard to compete with 20 to 30 million illegals that shouldn't be here. If there was just 10 million homeless, they could work 2 jobs and kick 20 million illegals out.

I have the solution to two of the biggest issues our nation has faced in the past 30 years, illegal immigration and homelessness. I'll even throw in minimum wage. You don't have to build a fence to solve it either. Here is what you do. First you deport all illegal immigrants with no exceptions. Second, you eliminate minimum wage. Third, all those companies that employed illegals can now employ the homeless or others in need of additional work. Three easy steps.

If you implement these steps, here is what will happen. Illegals work for less than minimum wage, yet somehow they have food, clothing, shelter, and transportation. I think that debunks the need for a "livable" wage and whether or not people can make it on such an income. This country will have full employment and no more homeless.

Because we have full employment, the demand for illegals will be non-existent. There will be no more incentive for a man to leave his family in Mexico, come to the US, earn a paycheck, and send it back to Mexico. They will not be tolerated anymore. Think of the trickle down effect by killing these two problems. State, Federal and local governments will save possibly a trillion dollars through not having to fund benefits for illegals and homeless. That means smaller government and less taxes. That means a more booming economy. And by getting rid of the minimum wage, we will see an end to inflation as we know it. By God, I think I've got something here.

Tithing on Credit

I realize that we now live in a society where debt is acceptable and normal. As Solomon says, we are slaves to our lenders. This brings up an interesting point, is it acceptable to make a tithe on credit. A tithe is to be an offering of a tenth of our first fruits of our labors. If we are tithing on credit, we are tithing the credit cards money and not our own. This goes a little beyond the Widow's mite. What's more, should church's accept tithes on credit. I don't think so. I recently had an experience at a church where the person making the appeal said you can put your donation on credit, they accept gas cards, Macy's cards....This doesn't sit well with me. I hope it doesn't spread.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Kansas City Mayor is not what is smelling "Funky" in KC

The new Mayor of Kansas City, Mark Funkhouser, never disappoints me. When I saw this guy running for Mayor of Kansas City, I was definitely excited. An ugly heads down auditor with no ties to the Kansas City Machine that has been running the city for decades could actually be mayor. Mr. Funkhouser's attainement of this position would be like the guy in the cube next to you coming into work and saying "I'm the new Mayor". I do audits so I must say that I am partial to him in that regard.

You knew it was a race against the Machine and their candidate, Alvin Brooks, versus the regular citizen, and the regular citizen won. His victory has made me eat some crow in my opinion regarding the KC citizenry. I have always thought that Machine has always run the city and will always run the city. Of course, they though that too, and that is why they are so against him. First the La Rassa deal and now the City Manager.

I couldn't believe what I was seeing when the Mayor stood up to the pressure from La Rassa and supported his appointment to the Parks Board, Frances Simmler. What serves the Mayor so well is that I think he may be a little naive as the Machine's power so he looks at them like "what's the big deal. I appointed her, I support her, back off". Mayor Funkhouser became a cult hero after that.

Now he has another chance. Nine city council members are trying to circumvent the system and do an end-round on the Mayor by offering the City Manager, Wayne Cauthin, a 3 year contract extension. The Mayor cancelled his renewal with the support of the City Council. I don't see him going back on his decision now. The Mayor is a man making good decisions, HE IS NOT A POLITICIAN and just becuase the race mob front end of the Machine is in his face won't suddenly make Cauthin a good city manager and reverse the Mayor's Decisions.

What I Would Like to See at a Funeral Parlor

From an e-mail:


This sign was prominently displayed in the window of a business in Philadelphia. You are probably outraged at the thought of such an inflammatory statement.
However, we are a society which holds Freedom of Speech as perhaps our greatest liberty.
And after all, it is just a sign.
You may ask what kind of business would dare post such a sign.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

More on Santa

Santa is only around because of Christmas. Christmas is the celebration of Christ's birthday. If one wants to use Santa to symbolize good things like giving and brotherly love, that is certainly their right and is not wrong.

The marraige of Santa as the Symbol of Christmas is my problem. If you want to celebrate Santa day, that is great, but it is not the real reason we celebrate Christmas. That is why I group Santa with any other end of year celebration, but it is not celebrating Christ's birth. The only similarities between Santa and Christ's birth are that he gives presents as God gave Christ and the wiseman, when Christ was 2, brought gifts of gold franincense and myrh.

Additionally, if a child knows Santa is not real, but Santa is still used in the celebration, than that is fine. It goes along with any other fantasy or imaginary play, like Star wars or GI Joe. Making a child believe in this godlike man who doesn't exist and then setting them up for the fall when you break the news that he isn't real, that is where the seeds of distrust get planted, if you are planning on building that relationship with Christ.

All of this is based on the premise that it is my first and most important goal as a father that my children have a real and solid relationship with Jesus Christ. I want to eliminate anything that may make that more difficult. If I am teaching my kids to pray to God as their comforter, healer, and provider, I want that faith to be unwavering. Jesus said that we should be like the "little ones". Their faith is very strong. If after years of fostering the belief, I then have to tell my kids that Santa, the tooth fairy, and the easter bunny are all not real, but I have to tell them that Christ is real. "Listen kids, I know that you may have felt misled when I told you about Santa, but I want to assure you that Christ is real". Why would I want to have that conversation.

If you don't plan on having that conversation, Santa can be lots of fun and instill some principles of giving and kindness.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Santa Claus Ho Ho Humbug

I got news for all of you defenders of Christmas out there, you are guilty of its demise as well. Christmas is the celebration of God's gift to us all, his son, through whom we receive salvation. Kwanzaa, Ramadan, Chanakuh, or festivus...and Santa Claus. Pushing Santa set the stage for what we see today. Santa is not the reason for the season. Santa is as much of a distraction as anything else. Santa, not Christ, has become the symbol of a holiday he has little to do with.

Think about this, if Santa is to represent the birth of God's son, look at how he is depicted. I saw him selling cars this morning, he is often portrayed as the drunk ringing a bell with a bottle in his bucket, Der Bad Santa, anything but wholesome. Is this the image of Christmas we want for our kids. It has happened over the course of decades, like the slow boiling of a frog. Would we have accepted a Santa selling cars 30 years ago?

What matters most to me is how the innocent celebration of Santa by so many people leads to disbelief in the very Savior and God this holiday celebrates. Let's break it down. Thou shalt not worship false idols. What on earth do we think we are doing when we push Santa. Santa centuries ago was a man, St Nicklaus. He has now become a godlike being. We teach children that Santa is omniscient and omnipresent. He sees you when you are sleeping and knows if you have been bad or good so be good for goodness sakes. Santa Claus is an idol in this, we teach our children that he has special powers, FALSE. He can be in all places at all times, FALSE. We should send our letters (prayers) to him so that he can answer them, FALSE. He is now and has always been, FALSE. Our children buy it. They really believe this man exists because they trust us when we tell him that he does.

Now we set them up for the let down. Somewhere between 8 and 12, we tell our kids he doesn't exist, but what have we really done. We have just told our children that this god that we have been telling them about since they can remember was just made up. What do we expect our child's reaction will be when we tell them about Christ, and how similar he is to Santa. Oh, they will know how to separate the two. The reality is that you will have allowed the enemy to plant seeds of doubt in Christ and what he has done. Very subtle, but it is there.

Today's Potpourri

Sometimes we see a little glimmer of what we voted for in GW. Since the referendum on moderates republicans in 06, ushering in the Democrat majority, Bush found something he didn't realize he ad in his first 6 years, the Veto. Today, President Bush vetoed the SCHIP program, ruining the Democrats back-end chance at initiated nationalized healthcare. Leave it to a liberal to incent people to drop a privately funded and affordable program in favor of a government entitlement.

You ever notice that everday there is a posting of a global warming story on major internet sites or national news. It's called brainwashing. The game being played is long term. Most of us are smart enough to see through it, but our children will grow up only hearing the stories. Then it becomes fact. It is subtle form of the group think Orwell told us about in 1984.

Mideast peace. It will never happen in our time. Every administration since Carter has tried. Islamists run the middle east. Islamists wants Isreal eliminated. IF a party to peace talks wants the other pary wiped out of existince THEN you will not be successful in having peace.

Here's an economic fact. Investors in the market don't buy or sell stocks based on interest rates, unemployment rate, and consumer confidence. Let's see, this company has a solid foundation and good long term outlook, maybe I should invest. Nope, the fed just raised the interest rates, that changes everything.

They're boys

I just found out I am having twin boys. I'm very excited. I think Julius and Vincent are good names.
"My name is Julius and I am your twin brother" "Oh, obviously! The moment I sat down I thought I was looking into a mirror. "

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Netflix Instant View a Bust

With featured movies in the SCI-FI section like Cocoon and Cocoon the Return as the best offerings in NetFlix' new feature "Watch Instantly", I suggest you don't buy the hype as I did of having the ability to view "thousands" of titles instantly. Sure if you like Battlestar Galactica 1980 or My Girl 2, this could be the thing for you. Apparently most of the titles you would want to watch are not available as studios have not yet adopted the medium. 5 years ago everyone got their music online through websites like napster for free (unless you are one of the unfortunate ones that get arrested). Now online music shopping is to this decade as CDs were in the 1990's. Right now you can go to any number of pirate websites and watch movies and TV for free, with the former TV-Links being the most popular. Hopefully movie studios will be faster to adopt online movies than the music industry was. It isn't that people want it free, they want it online. Give the consumer what they want. I want to see Battlestar Galactica Razor online. I want to show my daughter Star Trek 4, online.

Environmentalists Believe in Creation?

Let's take the environmentalist's argument as truth. The earth is delicate, in the balance. Mankind is the sole source for species decline, holes in the ozone layer, global warming. Now, I don't want to use superlatives, but it is safe to say that your average environmentalist also believes in evolution. The evolution arguments states that over the course of billions of years of ever changing environmental pressures, species learn to adapt in that organisms with genetic mutations that better favor the changed environment are more successful surviving and reproducing, thus they pass on the genetic mutation to generation after generation, until finally becoming so separated from the original form of the organism that the organism has become a new species. The environmental change could be so dramatic that the original form of the organism may become extinct. Such change could only be caused by a dynamic earth. An environmental-evolutionist believes that man too evolved.

Now we look at the argument for creation. The earth was formed by God some 6+ thousand years ago. God created all of the plants and animals and topographical features we see today. Very little would have changed since God's creation, or the Flood at least. This is a static earth. One that would see little to no change since its creation.

In order for the environmentalist to be logically sound, they can only believe in a static earth, one created not too long ago by God. This is the only way an environmentalist can believe that man is the only source of environmental change. That the earth as it exists right now, including temperatures, precipation levels, plant and animal species, is the way that the earth should stay. IF you are an environmentalist THEN you must believe in creation. Evolution requires change, dramatic change and fluctuations. Species live and die and new ones form. IF there was evolution THEN there must have been Global Warming and Cooling before man ever evolved.

Doesn't it work both ways, if you believe in creation then you must believe in global warming and other environmentalist causes. To a degree, yes. We were made stewards over the land and the animals by God. We should not abuse what God has given to us. But, we shouldn't let this go to our heads. God created the world, he created things like volcanoes that spew out more poluttants than all of man's pollutions. Volcanoes are not new. Be a good steward, but do not fall into the trap that you can control God's creation.

Global Warming

Here is my first rant. The Global Warming debate is a Trojan horse. We all acknowledge that thousands of years ago, glacial ice once covered much of North America. And that Glacial Ice no longer exists. Two theories could explain this. Theory 1 - Ice Pirates from a distant galaxy (Jason and Roscoe) raided the earth and took much of the glacial ice. Theory 2 - Natural warming cycles (from sunspots) melted the ice leaving the landscape we see now. I believe in logic. Logic is a series of if-then statements. IF the earth was once cold enough to create giant glaciers AND IF those glaciers melted prior to the invention of the combustion engine THEN it is likely that the current warming cycle is also part of God's natural ebb and flow of nature (that was an if/and statement).

Clearly the global warming movement is an attempt to further abscond more freedoms. Do you realize that you pollute the environment. You emit harmful CO2 (necessary for the photosynthesis of plants, a process for which the product is the production of Oxygen. What was God thinking). Now picture the future. Everyone and everything will have a carbon footprints. All carbon footprints must be regulated. You will have to pay the government for the right to have your carbon footprint. What if you live in a densely populated area and you get pregnant, thus increasing the carbon footprint of that area. Now, the government gets to decide if you can continue your pregnancy because the carbon output is too high. Maybe they let you keep the baby because they will get the credit from another source, i.e. confiscating a car, closing a business, or maybe someone dies.
No, this couldn't happen. I'm stretching a bit. Of course did our founding fathers foresee an income tax, property tax, social security cards, welfare, Department of Education.....

Why did I start a blog

Everyone else I know has one. I have so many opinions and useless knowledge that it is important to share this with the world. My goal is that some person in far off "zululand" may obtain a computer and the means to use it. They will log on to this blog and learn everything they need to know to start a business, a church, or perhaps build a Kraal and start an impi of their own.