Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Environmentalists Believe in Creation?

Let's take the environmentalist's argument as truth. The earth is delicate, in the balance. Mankind is the sole source for species decline, holes in the ozone layer, global warming. Now, I don't want to use superlatives, but it is safe to say that your average environmentalist also believes in evolution. The evolution arguments states that over the course of billions of years of ever changing environmental pressures, species learn to adapt in that organisms with genetic mutations that better favor the changed environment are more successful surviving and reproducing, thus they pass on the genetic mutation to generation after generation, until finally becoming so separated from the original form of the organism that the organism has become a new species. The environmental change could be so dramatic that the original form of the organism may become extinct. Such change could only be caused by a dynamic earth. An environmental-evolutionist believes that man too evolved.

Now we look at the argument for creation. The earth was formed by God some 6+ thousand years ago. God created all of the plants and animals and topographical features we see today. Very little would have changed since God's creation, or the Flood at least. This is a static earth. One that would see little to no change since its creation.

In order for the environmentalist to be logically sound, they can only believe in a static earth, one created not too long ago by God. This is the only way an environmentalist can believe that man is the only source of environmental change. That the earth as it exists right now, including temperatures, precipation levels, plant and animal species, is the way that the earth should stay. IF you are an environmentalist THEN you must believe in creation. Evolution requires change, dramatic change and fluctuations. Species live and die and new ones form. IF there was evolution THEN there must have been Global Warming and Cooling before man ever evolved.

Doesn't it work both ways, if you believe in creation then you must believe in global warming and other environmentalist causes. To a degree, yes. We were made stewards over the land and the animals by God. We should not abuse what God has given to us. But, we shouldn't let this go to our heads. God created the world, he created things like volcanoes that spew out more poluttants than all of man's pollutions. Volcanoes are not new. Be a good steward, but do not fall into the trap that you can control God's creation.

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ForeFathersChild said...

So it would seem that an Evolutionary Environmentalist is a contradiction of terms. Evolutionists know that species need to be wiped out to keep evolving (Survival of the fittest). Environmentalist wants everything to remain the way mother-earth intended (Save the spotted moths). They can’t have it both ways.

So if I see a tree-hugger that millions of years have gone by and the last 60 are destroying the environment – I’ll just tell them we’re putting it back where it came from.