Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Global Warming

Here is my first rant. The Global Warming debate is a Trojan horse. We all acknowledge that thousands of years ago, glacial ice once covered much of North America. And that Glacial Ice no longer exists. Two theories could explain this. Theory 1 - Ice Pirates from a distant galaxy (Jason and Roscoe) raided the earth and took much of the glacial ice. Theory 2 - Natural warming cycles (from sunspots) melted the ice leaving the landscape we see now. I believe in logic. Logic is a series of if-then statements. IF the earth was once cold enough to create giant glaciers AND IF those glaciers melted prior to the invention of the combustion engine THEN it is likely that the current warming cycle is also part of God's natural ebb and flow of nature (that was an if/and statement).

Clearly the global warming movement is an attempt to further abscond more freedoms. Do you realize that you pollute the environment. You emit harmful CO2 (necessary for the photosynthesis of plants, a process for which the product is the production of Oxygen. What was God thinking). Now picture the future. Everyone and everything will have a carbon footprints. All carbon footprints must be regulated. You will have to pay the government for the right to have your carbon footprint. What if you live in a densely populated area and you get pregnant, thus increasing the carbon footprint of that area. Now, the government gets to decide if you can continue your pregnancy because the carbon output is too high. Maybe they let you keep the baby because they will get the credit from another source, i.e. confiscating a car, closing a business, or maybe someone dies.
No, this couldn't happen. I'm stretching a bit. Of course did our founding fathers foresee an income tax, property tax, social security cards, welfare, Department of Education.....

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