Saturday, December 15, 2007

Illegal Immigrants cause Homelessness

This one is going deep. I like to look at the hypocrisy of liberals. Think about the US in the 80s under the Regan administration. Remember the homeless crisis and how it magically appears during Republican administrations ever since. Liberals are very quick to point out the millions of people that are homeless and the millions of people that are just one paycheck away from being homeless. Why are they homeless? Because there aren't enough jobs and the rich take too much of the pie.

Liberals are also quick to point out the plight of the millions of illegals in this country and how they are just coming here in search of jobs to feed their families, jobs that citizens don't want. So let's apply some logic to this one. IF there are millions of homeless, THEN there must not be enough work for them. IF there are millions of illegals flooding the borders taking jobs, THEN there must be more jobs in the US than there are citizens. If this were a math formula, these two logic statements would cancel each other out. Let's look at how the liberal position of both these issues is flawed.

First, we must assume that the vast majority of people that are homeless are so by choice, such as winos and schizophrenics. It is sad that they lead the lives that they do, but it is there choice. So if there is a percentage of the population unwilling to work, that would drive the demand for illegal immigrants. There is a percentage of the population that is homeless by circumstance and they very will may have a hard time finding work. I think it would be hard to compete with 20 to 30 million illegals that shouldn't be here. If there was just 10 million homeless, they could work 2 jobs and kick 20 million illegals out.

I have the solution to two of the biggest issues our nation has faced in the past 30 years, illegal immigration and homelessness. I'll even throw in minimum wage. You don't have to build a fence to solve it either. Here is what you do. First you deport all illegal immigrants with no exceptions. Second, you eliminate minimum wage. Third, all those companies that employed illegals can now employ the homeless or others in need of additional work. Three easy steps.

If you implement these steps, here is what will happen. Illegals work for less than minimum wage, yet somehow they have food, clothing, shelter, and transportation. I think that debunks the need for a "livable" wage and whether or not people can make it on such an income. This country will have full employment and no more homeless.

Because we have full employment, the demand for illegals will be non-existent. There will be no more incentive for a man to leave his family in Mexico, come to the US, earn a paycheck, and send it back to Mexico. They will not be tolerated anymore. Think of the trickle down effect by killing these two problems. State, Federal and local governments will save possibly a trillion dollars through not having to fund benefits for illegals and homeless. That means smaller government and less taxes. That means a more booming economy. And by getting rid of the minimum wage, we will see an end to inflation as we know it. By God, I think I've got something here.

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