Friday, December 14, 2007

Kansas City Mayor is not what is smelling "Funky" in KC

The new Mayor of Kansas City, Mark Funkhouser, never disappoints me. When I saw this guy running for Mayor of Kansas City, I was definitely excited. An ugly heads down auditor with no ties to the Kansas City Machine that has been running the city for decades could actually be mayor. Mr. Funkhouser's attainement of this position would be like the guy in the cube next to you coming into work and saying "I'm the new Mayor". I do audits so I must say that I am partial to him in that regard.

You knew it was a race against the Machine and their candidate, Alvin Brooks, versus the regular citizen, and the regular citizen won. His victory has made me eat some crow in my opinion regarding the KC citizenry. I have always thought that Machine has always run the city and will always run the city. Of course, they though that too, and that is why they are so against him. First the La Rassa deal and now the City Manager.

I couldn't believe what I was seeing when the Mayor stood up to the pressure from La Rassa and supported his appointment to the Parks Board, Frances Simmler. What serves the Mayor so well is that I think he may be a little naive as the Machine's power so he looks at them like "what's the big deal. I appointed her, I support her, back off". Mayor Funkhouser became a cult hero after that.

Now he has another chance. Nine city council members are trying to circumvent the system and do an end-round on the Mayor by offering the City Manager, Wayne Cauthin, a 3 year contract extension. The Mayor cancelled his renewal with the support of the City Council. I don't see him going back on his decision now. The Mayor is a man making good decisions, HE IS NOT A POLITICIAN and just becuase the race mob front end of the Machine is in his face won't suddenly make Cauthin a good city manager and reverse the Mayor's Decisions.


nou weldman said...

Hey. Nice blog. I found it by searching "anything Kubrick". KC is a great town. Worlds of Fun. Btw, you might want to change the gender on your profile.

jrchaard said...

Thank you for coming to my Blog and pointing out my error in profile. I would never have known. I can't be a female with the description of being a "family Man"