Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Netflix Instant View a Bust

With featured movies in the SCI-FI section like Cocoon and Cocoon the Return as the best offerings in NetFlix' new feature "Watch Instantly", I suggest you don't buy the hype as I did of having the ability to view "thousands" of titles instantly. Sure if you like Battlestar Galactica 1980 or My Girl 2, this could be the thing for you. Apparently most of the titles you would want to watch are not available as studios have not yet adopted the medium. 5 years ago everyone got their music online through websites like napster for free (unless you are one of the unfortunate ones that get arrested). Now online music shopping is to this decade as CDs were in the 1990's. Right now you can go to any number of pirate websites and watch movies and TV for free, with the former TV-Links being the most popular. Hopefully movie studios will be faster to adopt online movies than the music industry was. It isn't that people want it free, they want it online. Give the consumer what they want. I want to see Battlestar Galactica Razor online. I want to show my daughter Star Trek 4, online.

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ForeFathersChild said...

Got it - no netflix. But I want to watch G.I. JOE and it is no where on my cable. Any ideas?