Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Santa Claus Ho Ho Humbug

I got news for all of you defenders of Christmas out there, you are guilty of its demise as well. Christmas is the celebration of God's gift to us all, his son, through whom we receive salvation. Kwanzaa, Ramadan, Chanakuh, or festivus...and Santa Claus. Pushing Santa set the stage for what we see today. Santa is not the reason for the season. Santa is as much of a distraction as anything else. Santa, not Christ, has become the symbol of a holiday he has little to do with.

Think about this, if Santa is to represent the birth of God's son, look at how he is depicted. I saw him selling cars this morning, he is often portrayed as the drunk ringing a bell with a bottle in his bucket, Der Bad Santa, anything but wholesome. Is this the image of Christmas we want for our kids. It has happened over the course of decades, like the slow boiling of a frog. Would we have accepted a Santa selling cars 30 years ago?

What matters most to me is how the innocent celebration of Santa by so many people leads to disbelief in the very Savior and God this holiday celebrates. Let's break it down. Thou shalt not worship false idols. What on earth do we think we are doing when we push Santa. Santa centuries ago was a man, St Nicklaus. He has now become a godlike being. We teach children that Santa is omniscient and omnipresent. He sees you when you are sleeping and knows if you have been bad or good so be good for goodness sakes. Santa Claus is an idol in this, we teach our children that he has special powers, FALSE. He can be in all places at all times, FALSE. We should send our letters (prayers) to him so that he can answer them, FALSE. He is now and has always been, FALSE. Our children buy it. They really believe this man exists because they trust us when we tell him that he does.

Now we set them up for the let down. Somewhere between 8 and 12, we tell our kids he doesn't exist, but what have we really done. We have just told our children that this god that we have been telling them about since they can remember was just made up. What do we expect our child's reaction will be when we tell them about Christ, and how similar he is to Santa. Oh, they will know how to separate the two. The reality is that you will have allowed the enemy to plant seeds of doubt in Christ and what he has done. Very subtle, but it is there.

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Kerry said...

Your view on Santa is very extreme. We do not use Santa as symbol to represent the birth of God's son. Santa is a world-wide recognized symbol of a season that brings us all together. Kids all over the world know who Santa is...And although he may be commercial, Santa symbolizes the idea of giving, being thankful, thoughful, and kind.
He is not an idol. Give me a break.

You said "What matters most to me is how the innocent celebration of Santa by so many people leads to disbelief in the very Savior and God this holiday celebrates."

This is absurd. So when we use Santa in our holiday festivities it equals a disbelief in God? That is as absurd as if I say enjoying Star Wars movies,collecting and owning pith helmets and light sabers means you believe in "the Force" and not God.