Saturday, December 15, 2007

Tithing on Credit

I realize that we now live in a society where debt is acceptable and normal. As Solomon says, we are slaves to our lenders. This brings up an interesting point, is it acceptable to make a tithe on credit. A tithe is to be an offering of a tenth of our first fruits of our labors. If we are tithing on credit, we are tithing the credit cards money and not our own. This goes a little beyond the Widow's mite. What's more, should church's accept tithes on credit. I don't think so. I recently had an experience at a church where the person making the appeal said you can put your donation on credit, they accept gas cards, Macy's cards....This doesn't sit well with me. I hope it doesn't spread.


russkellyphd said...

I agree wth you. The tithe was from the increase which God provided from the land of Israel. However, do not confuse "firstfruits" with "tithes."

"Firstfruits" were a very small token offering which went to the temple to feed the priests on duty and must be eaten inside the temple. (Deu 26:1-4; Num 18:12, 13 Neh 10:35-37a).

"Tithes" were the TENTH after harvest or every tenth animal whether good or bad. Tithes were taken fifst to the Levitical cities and could be eaten anywhere. (Lev 27:30-33; Num 18:21-28; Neh 10:37b-38).

jrchaard said...

Thank you. In my rush to get my thoughts out my terminology was incorrect as you have pointed out. And not as well researched. But I am glad to see we are in agreement in principle.

Jimi said...

Yeah - Tithing on credit is unethical. Taking copy written pictures and displaying them without proper attribution to their source is also unethical.

I think it can go down deeper on this one. What is the intention?

jrchaard said...

You can see the source when you click on the picture. My point of the blog is can someone who has a negative value actually be tithing. And should a Church push for such a donation.

Jimi said...

Just because a picture is online does not make it legal.There are many violators - of course not you. The point was, there can be further explanation.

As I said, Tithing on credit is unethical - but tithing using a credit card can be great. My bank card also acts like a credit card but draws funds for checking. The only drawback is the contribution less credit card fees. There is also a fee for other forms of payments, not incurred in CCds.

Negative net worth is a great time to start tithing, upon every new dollar made. If everyone waited to get out of depbt before tithing then there would not be a church, and we would be robbing from God.