Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Today's Potpourri

Sometimes we see a little glimmer of what we voted for in GW. Since the referendum on moderates republicans in 06, ushering in the Democrat majority, Bush found something he didn't realize he ad in his first 6 years, the Veto. Today, President Bush vetoed the SCHIP program, ruining the Democrats back-end chance at initiated nationalized healthcare. Leave it to a liberal to incent people to drop a privately funded and affordable program in favor of a government entitlement.

You ever notice that everday there is a posting of a global warming story on major internet sites or national news. It's called brainwashing. The game being played is long term. Most of us are smart enough to see through it, but our children will grow up only hearing the stories. Then it becomes fact. It is subtle form of the group think Orwell told us about in 1984.

Mideast peace. It will never happen in our time. Every administration since Carter has tried. Islamists run the middle east. Islamists wants Isreal eliminated. IF a party to peace talks wants the other pary wiped out of existince THEN you will not be successful in having peace.

Here's an economic fact. Investors in the market don't buy or sell stocks based on interest rates, unemployment rate, and consumer confidence. Let's see, this company has a solid foundation and good long term outlook, maybe I should invest. Nope, the fed just raised the interest rates, that changes everything.

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