Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Zune 30 GB Freeze: How to Fix

I was told about the story of the 30GB Zune locking up by one of my co-workers that makes funny of me for having a "Brick". I went to turn on my Zune, which I call my baby, and had the same issue. Microsoft is now in an interesting situation, like Tylenol was back in the early 80's when it was discovered that there was poison in some bottles. Instead of trying to dodge the issue, Tylenol claimed responsibility and recalled all of their product. The result was that the consumer was able to have confidence that if they continue to buy or choose to buy this product for the first time, Tylenol will handle itself in a responsible manner. In the end, Tylenol did not suffer any losses.
Unlike Tylenol, Microsoft is not the industry leader in portable media devices, though they would like to be. Microsoft has began to erode away at the IPOD faithful. Their devices have many function the I-Pod does not, such as radio and social functions. Microsoft must do the right thing here. If they cannot fix the issue, they must replace defective devices, no questions asked. What would happen if they choose not to. If I am a current 30GB owner, I will not choose to remain with Microsoft when I now have to replace my device. If I am choosing which device to purchase, I would choose the I-Pod with the knowledge that Microsoft would not make good on defects. Choosing a Zune would be taking a risk. Each Zune owner already takes a risk knowing that they are choosing a product that is not as widely used. Allowing 30GB owners to suffer would further this claim, and I would predict it would be the end of the Zune.
The choice is clear, Microsoft must make good on repairing these devices in some way. They can either be the Tylenol of the media players or used car salesman selling lemons.
According to the support forums with almost 3,000 hits, One person believes it is caused by a leap second this year that will resolve itself after midnight. Others are suggesting that removing their batteries is also working, though it will void the manufactures warrant.

One President At A Time

Recently, Barrak "Dodge the Media Palin Style" Obama said to a question about recent situations that we can only have one President at a time. This is a very troubling response to me. The man has been made President. While he won't be inaugurated until January 21st, he will be the leader of the free world that will have to deal with all of the crisis that are springing up. His stance when asked about anything has been to insulate himself by saying no comment, or his people will be looking into it, or there can only be one President at a time. I find this last statement to be very hypocritical. During the campaign, Obama did everything he could to try to take on the mystique of a President. His plane was Obama Force One, his seal was meant to replace the seal of the President. He traveled overseas, meeting with foreign leaders and looked very presidential. He did everything he could to make himself look like the President while there was already one holding the office. But now, with actual responsibility, he goes on vacation, lifts weights, and releases reports that will clear himself of scandal. Obama is like the sports analyst. He makes it sound like he has all the plays, but put him in a coaching job and he can’t carry the water for the team. He’ll get a pass though by the media.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Obama's 5 Year Plan

Does anyone ever learn history anymore in school. Are we so emotional that we are willing to throw away the lessons of the past because of the passion of the moment. It is a rhetorical question because I know we are. Obama's is working on his plan to maintain employment by spending almost 800 BILLION on government infrastructure projects, including "green" energy. UCLA recently released a study that said Roosevelt’s Depression era programs, which were smaller in scale than Obama’s proposal, actually extended the length of the depression by seven years, contrary to the popular belief that the programs were what helped to end the depression. The ultimate flaw in the design is that while you may create temporary employment, because there are no market forces driving this employment, it will not create permanent employment. Consumer demand is what will drive employment. You will either have to cut the programs or chase them with more and more money. This is why, while I totally disagree with printing money, Bush has chosen to just give the money out and let the consumer say where it should go as opposed to a government agent. A bunch of guys digging a ditch to lay sewer pipe to a town of 30 is noble in design, but just digging the ditch for digging sake is a waste of time and resources.
Another great leader, from which Obama’s is molded from, was Stalin. He took an agrarian nation and modernized its industry through his series of 5 year plans. The cost of the plans was the continued devaluation of the Soviet currency and the loss of millions of lives. Each 5 year plan led to another because the type of employment was not sustainable. Plans turned into pograms as Stalin turned to starvations, mass killings, and slave labor as the way to combat his economic woes. Will Obama’s ditch diggers be turned into grave diggers? Probably not, but we know that it won’t turn out well.
And just so you know what type of quality we can expect from the government run job programs, you need only look to the recent TVA fiasco.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

More Bush

Continuing on my recent theme of how disappointing Bush has been as a President and how big of a misrepresentation he was as a conservative, I have come to another crystal clear realization. For the longest time, I thought that the true Bush was a man I would like, but he bent over for the Democrats because he didn't want to face the criticism in the press. This last myth was finally torn down recently when Bush, without Congress, allocated money from the TARP to provide for an Auto bailout, the same auto bailout that was pushed so strongly for by the Democrats. Bush went it alone because the Senate Republicans stood firm against him. Now, Barney Frank and the head of the UAW are coming out and blasting Bush for being too tough on labor. If it weren't for Bush, there would be no bailout. The fact that the Democrats criticize Bush for doing what they wanted him to do is funny by itself, but the point is that Bush wanted the bailout and didn't care who was for or against it and what kind of press he would get. This bailout is big government intervention in the private sector and is no way free market or conservative in principle. It took his lame duck term and a lame duck Congress, and Bush has etched his legacy as a liberal in the tradition of Jimmy Carter.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Corleone Report Clears Luca Brasi

You know, I've tried to stay clear of the Blagojevich and its likely connection to Obama until some hard evidence comes in, but these recent stories of Obama's "internal" investigations into the connection are just ridiculous. The media has placed Obama on a footing I have never seen in that he is so magnanimous he is able to do his own investigation into himself and those around him, and we are supposed to believe their findings at face value. I can find no such parallel. Even Clinton didn't get this kind of treatment.

Imagine the Godfather being remade. Michael Corleone is named Senator of New York to replace Hillary Clinton. Now Michael gets to control the strings like his Pop always wanted. But the media begins looking into his family life. They hear a story about some guy named Luca Brasi and how he was sent to make somebody an offer they couldn't refuse. Michael simply comes out and says their own investigations have found no connection to Luca Brasi. The media simply says "Ok", and on to the Senate Michael goes. You would think this was a Zucker brother's farce. I think the same thing about Obama's investigation.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Global Cooling

We've seen the holes coming a mile away. Gore was very silent last winter and his momentum has stalled. Chicago experienced a temperature trend over the last 10 years that was below average. With this unbelievably cold weather settling in over the entire U.S., I am not the only person that will write a post like this. It is clear from the weather trends over the past couple of years that our minor period of warming is over and we will now settle back into the period of cooling that we were previously seeing. My prediction is that over the next 5 years, global warming will become such a joke that the environmentalists will have to figure out ways to blame the cooling on people. We must hold strong as President Obama will have a golden opportunity to legislate this myth into law before the people turn (however slowly as their limbs are too stiff from the cold). I know we can do it. The same American people that forgot 9/11 just a few short years after it happened will be very quick to forget the global warming hoax once they are shoveling their cars out of the snow in early November and late April.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

End of Quarter

It is end of Quarter, End of Year, and End of Month. The perfect storm. Ain't got no time to blog.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Russian Warships in Cuba

Am I the only one concerned about this. After visiting our oil friends in Venezuela, the mighty Russian fleet anchored in Cuba. I know that their ability to project global power is limited, but what does this say about where Russia is when it comes to its relations with the United States. Will Putin make a personal trip to visit Osama Bin Laden next. All of this activity reminds me of the Cold War days, but with its resurgence, it is more like a Tom Clancy novel.
You have to admit though, to put things into perspective, we are helping Poland build a missile shield and pushing for the inclusion of the former soviet block countries into NATO. Maybe this is the only way Russia has to make a statement. Either way, with all Bush’s faults, I feel safer with the Russian fleet just a 100 miles away under Bush’s watch than I do under Obama’s.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Darth Bush: Revenge of the Sith

I love movie parodies. I like to take wild leaps and do unlikely comparisons to a movie, like my last post. For today's post, I would like to draw the comparison between Anakin Skywalker's decline into the dark side as depicted in Star Wars episodes 1 through 3, and Bush's slide into becoming the most liberal President in modern history. We begin in Bush's first term. He was elected and believed to be the chosen one. The one that conservative prophesies said would bring balance to politics. He started off well enough, passing tax cuts and his initial response to the 9/11 attacks. The liberal side, led by Ted Kennedy, began to take Bush under his wing. He supported the Kennedy education plan as his first sign of loyalty. Kennedy already had an apprentice, John McCain, so Bush still tried to stick to the conservative side. When the 04 election came around, Bush reassured the members of the conservative council. The people believed they needed to give this man 4 more years and a bigger majority and the liberal side would be crushed. After the election, the liberal side seemed crush and went into hiding. Kennedy’s apprentice, John McCain, played into the liberal side’s hand by passing the McCain-Feingold bill to curb freedom of speech in politics. Bush willingly went along and signed the bill. Once this was complete, Bush began to question the conservative council. He went rogue and defied conservative principles, while keeping the title. In the 06 elections, Bush’s transformation was complete. Having joined the liberal side, Kennedy issued order 66, in which Bush was to terminate all conservatives. Bush completed the task and the liberal side was ushered into power. The people felt they still had one of theirs in the white house, but because the liberal side has clouded the media, they didn’t realize that full power shifted. Now Bush’s mentor, Emperor Kennedy was ailing. Bush saw his opportunity and decided to become the lead liberal on the liberal side. During the 08 election, Bush had become so transformed by the liberal side that he was not able to make public appearances. His appearance was so gruesome that few could stomach to see him. Now, during the time of this auto-bailout business, we see that he has removed the hood and openly come out as the current leader of the liberal side, going against all Senate republicans. Unlike Annakin, I doubt there is any conservative in him to come back.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Stupid Answer to a Question

I provided a stupid answer today to a good question. To set the stage, think of the movie Ghostbusters. When the ghostbusters are assembled on the roof of Dana Barret's apartment building, they are confronted by Gozer the Sumerian. Gozer asks Ray if he is a god, to which Ray replies in the the negative. Gozer then responds by saying "Then....die", as lightning bolts issue from her hands sending the ghostbusters hurtling down the stairs. Recovering from their jolt, Winstone says to Ray, "Ray if someone asks you if you're a god, you say YES." Very good advice that I have always kept in the back of my mind in case I am faced with a similar circumstance.

Well, in very much the same way, I was faced with Steve the dentist who asked me if I want to be numbed up while they put a crown on. I thought about it and also replied in the negative. Steve (we'll call him Stever) said "Then.... suffer", as pain issued forth from Stever's drill. Internally, I assumed the Winstone character and said to myself, "Dude, if a dentist asks you if you want to be numb, you say YES." Some things you learn on TV, and some things you learn in real life.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A Mixed Bag of Nuts

Today, I have just a couple of mixed thoughts. Some just come from my random ponderings and some are radio inspired.

1. When considering the auto-bailout, the Congress is leveraging their oversight ability as something that will instill confidence amongst the voters. "Well, I didn’t really think it was a good idea. Then Nancy Pelosi said there would be government oversight to make sure these companies are run in a way that is financially solvent. That just sold me right there.” If government can’t run itself in a financially solvent way, why would we think that they are just the people to make sure the Big 3 turn things around. The only difference between Ford and the Federal government is that Ford can’t print money to cover its debts. Ten trillion dollars in debt and the federal government is the answer.
2. How about the price of gas, which is tied to the price of oil. Oil closed at $42 a barrel yesterday. This is the same level as just over 3 years ago, when oil started its climb. I remember when oil crossed $40 and how big of an increase that was. I want to know how the price of a commodity could increase 350% in three years and then come down to its original price in just 3 months. They say it is because of decreased demand, but nothing drops that fast because of decreased demand. If McDonald’s isn’t selling its Big Mac at $4.00 each, it drops the price down to $3.85 or $3.50. It doesn’t drop the price to $1.31. I think we need to dig into not why the oil price dropped, but why it rose so much.
3. Who didn’t see the Governor Blagojevich situation coming down the road. Illinois and Chicago are the New York of the 1850s and 60s. Anything that comes out of this system is going to be tainted. I remember the movie “Johnny Dangerously” with Michael Keaton. Michael Keaton is the crime boss and his brother is the straight assistant District Attorney. The assistant DA is invited out to the DA’s house, played by Danny Devito. In this scene, Devito asks Keaton’s brother if he wants to play ball. When asking the question, his wall in his parlor is replaced exposing a game show type atmosphere with woman and lights and Devito taking on the role of a game show host for “playing ball”. Keaton’s brother turned him down and wouldn’t play ball. The truth is, if you want to play Chicago politics, you have to play ball. I’m pretty sure Obama didn’t escape this game.
4. Here in Kansas City, a judge that used her bench to money from lawyers looking for a favorable outcome in order to pay for her gambling addiction has been named to state panel for problem gambling. I thought we punish people for this kind of behavior, not reward them. Maybe a murderer should be named to a police task force since their unique experience will help the police.
5. One more thing about the Illinois Governor situation. There has been some outcry from the media, including conservative radio, asking the question , “Why is this guy out on the streets”. I heard one person say he should just be locked up until the trial. While the charges are severe, I doubt he is a flight risk, nor does he pose a danger to the general public, which is what bail is usually based on. Have we forgotten that he is innocent until proven guilty. I do not want our system made into mob justice, where the whim of the people and media determines guilt before a trial.
6. For anyone that though Obama was a man of faith, I heard a recent report that he has not been to a single church service since winning, though he still manages to work out and play hoops.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

What an Auto Bailout Will Bring

Fast forward 20 years and the future of the auto-industry with a bailout is clear. Over the last several days, I have heard congressman like Barney Frank talk about how, with government control, they will be able to make the right cars. Emmanuel Cleaver, congressman from Missouri, said that with government money, the government will get to choose how the industry is run.

Is this what we really want? Did we elect the representatives so that they could run businesses. I hate to say it, but most of them are in the line of work they are in because they couldn't run or work for businesses in the private sector. I have not in my life time, nor in any time past, seen a single example of a government run business that is successful. The current crop in Congress very much want this control. They want to limit the number of models available, green up the cars, and keep the unions in place. They want to eliminate the very market forces needed to save this industry.

We have seen what this kind of government intervention leads to. Look at some of the wonderful automobiles that were produced behind the iron curtain. The soviet era AvtoVAZ, the Volkswagen of the people, minus the dependability. Do we want a nation of Yugos and VAZs. Go ahead and let the government take it over. The only choice you will end up with for domestic cars is what color car you want to have, who's paint will chip off anyway. I'm sure the Japanese are lovin this.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Albuterol Inhalers Falls Victim to Environmental Movement

This one hits close to home. I have been using an albuterol inhaler for most of my life. I would have to say that when my asthma was bad, it was a life saver. Of course it is a life saver everytime I use it, which is only when I get sick or I'm around cats these days. For any asthma sufferer, they know how important this drug is. It offers immediate relief to constricted bronchial tubes, allowing the user to breathe again. One of the good things about this medicine is that it only cost around $5.00 to purchase, making it very affordable. African-Americans and those living in poverty often have a higher occurrence of asthma. Having the frontline drug at an affordable level is key to saving lives.
It is clear that the environmental movement is not concerned with saving lives. It is about control. If control comes at the cost of human life, so be it. You see, albuterol inhalers contain CFC’s to deliver the medicine. CFC’s are allegedly an agent responsible for the thinning of the ozone layer; therefore, it has been mandated that the delivery method of the albuterol inhaler be changed to something that will not affect the environment. The downside to this change is that an inhaler that once cost $5 will now cost $30 to $60 per inhaler. It is unbelievable to think that we would make this drug 12 times more expensive to decrease CFC’s. Are these inhalers really doing that much damage. When do we cross the line. I believe it is here. I believe that it is when DDT was banned, causing millions to die from mosquito born pathogens.
This is environmental madness to the extreme. I wonder if we will ever hear a report about a person having to choose between their $60 inhaler and food, and having to choose food, but only later to be forced to go the hospital because of an asthma attack. Has the cost of increased hospitalization and death been factored into the equation. It has not. I want Al Gore to have to offer a personal apology to the family of the first person that dies because they couldn’t afford their inhaler anymore. Do you think this madness is justified? What are your limits? What should we do without to “save” a planet that lives or dies regardless of our existence?

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Idstein to Weisbaden

I made it. I made it without incident. The taxi was waiting for me, the hotel was open, and my luggage worked. I didn't sprain any ankles. The weather here is as it is in Kansas City, it is snowing and cold. I was excited as I rounded the highway and saw the town in the valley. We drove down the hill, past the fast food spots, and into town. I was excited to be back and happy to see my hotel. This evening I visited the Wiesbadener Christmas market in Wiesbaden with my friend Andreas. It was wonderful. Because of my injury last time, I didn’t get a chance to visit much outside of Idstein.
I took bus 271 from the bus stop outside of my hotel. It is about a 40 minute trip with frequent stops. I traveled and played a game on my Zune to pass the time. I finally got sick of the game and decided to look out the window. At the front of the bus, there is a digital display to show which stop is coming up. The stop coming up didn’t match my desired destination, but fortunately for me, I stopped playing my game because just as I put it away in my pocket, the bus came to a stop and outside I saw Andreas waiting for me. Thank you God I didn’t keep playing my game.
After embracing, Andreas began to take me down the streets of Weisbaden. The street, for an American, is confusing. I can never tell where it is okay for cars to drive and where it is pedestrian only. Somehow the people manage to co-exist peacefully with the cars. The city is a combination of old and new and is known for its upscale shopping. Since it was Sunday, all of the stores were closed, but not the Christmas Market, which was our destination.
The Christmas Market is located in the town square starting at the Hesen capital building and ending at the cathedral style Lutheran church. The decorations are not overdone. Just enough to let you know that this is the area for a Christmas market. The streets are lined with booths, one after another, each selling a variety of gifts. From wood carvings and dishes, to wine and crepes, it was a delight for tourist and resident alike.
My German guide took me to a back booth where there was less foot traffic. This was important because even when it is colder than 32 degrees, the market is packed full of people, shoulder to shoulder. This back booth was right next to the large Lutheran cathedral. At this booth, Andreas bought be some sort of hot wine drink. Since I don’t drink, it had a very interesting taste and went to my head fast since I had an empty stomach.
We ran into a person from the Idstein office and carried on a conversation for quite a while, much to this man’s wife’s dismay (I don’t think she spoke English well). After this conversation, we went into the church. The church is open all evening and has a rotation of quick services. People from the market go in and warm up and go back out. What Andreas thought was funny was that we were going in right after drinking wine.
This church was the highlight of the evening. I don’t have a good picture, but might get one when I go back on Tuesday. The interior was old. It had everything you would expect in a 150 year old cathedral style church. The service began with 15 minutes of organ music. It was beautiful the way the sound filled the church. You could really feel the uniqueness of the experience. The night before in the same church, my friend attended a 3 hour long concert of Bach. After the organ music, it was time to sing out of the hymnal. That was awesome. Since I missed my own church this morning, it was great to be able to worship in a foreign land in the foreign tongue as the hymnal was in German. I had no trouble reading it, even if I didn’t understand much of what I was saying.
I have definitely advanced my German skills as I am able to read, speak, and understand much more than my last trip. My brain has switched into German mode and I am constantly thinking of the German word instead of the English.
Following the quick service, we walked around a bit more and grabbed a quick bite to eat. We ate at a sausage stand. I was able to order and eat an authentic German Bratwurst. It was good. Andreas had suggested walking around again and getting more wine (it is like juice for them). I told him I didn’t think it would be a good idea for me. Instead, we made our way to the area of the bus stop. Since we had a half hour until the bus came, we decided to spend 20 minutes in a café. We ordered expresso, which is another drink I don’t drink, but it was neat to say that I had an expresso in a European café. Since the expresso is about the size of my thumb, we were able to finish quickly and make it to the bus stop.
The bus stop was strategically located in front of a restaurant that served one of my favorite foods over here, a Doner Kebab. I ran in and grabbed one for the ride home. I just finished it, and it was just as good as I remember. Andreas and I departed until tomorrow and I arrived at my hotel. It was a wonderful evening and solidified for me how much I love this country. Maybe I would like others too, but speaking the language a bit and having been here twice now, Germany is tops on my list to take my wife.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

2nd Annual Christmas Humbug Post

It is that time of the year again. Santa, Santa, Santa. I was watching the Thanksgiving day parade today and listened to Kermit the Frog sing a song about believing in Santa. Later on TV was that classic 'believe in Santa movie', "The Miracle on 34th Street". My only question is that why is it so easy for us to push the belief in Santa Claus? Why do we want it for our kids? Why is it so easy, yet it is so hard for us to push the belief in Christ. Why the word Christmas and all its trappings wouldn't exist without Christ. Why shouldn't I expect to see Kermit singing about believing in Jesus?

The Blog Thanksgivng through December 6th

In Microsoft Outlook there is an out of office feature that alerts people to your absence when they send you an e-mail. This post is going to serve the same function. I will be offline during Thanksgiving and then will be leaving for Germany on the 29th. I won't be back until December 5th. During this time, I will put limited effort into posting anything. If I post at all, it will likely just be about my Germany trip. See you later and happy Thanksgiving.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Another Case of Judicial Whim: Judge Allows Gay Adoption

In another case of judicial whim, a Florida judge felt, and I stress 'felt', the 30 year law to be unconstitutional. I would like to know how it is unconstitutional. Here's what this equals, if you have a conservative family values law, it will eventually be ruled unconstitutional. The lesson here is that the people need to pump new life into the constitutional amendment process. Until you get things that ban gay marriage and adoption, as well as abortion, made into constitutional amendments, both states and federal, these laws will always be up to the whim of the Judiciary.

The best comment out of this story from the Miami Herald comes from another judge that made a similar ruling in Florida:

''Disqualifying every gay Floridian from raising a family, enjoying grandchildren or carrying on the family name, based on nothing more than lawful sexual conduct, while assuring child abusers, terrorists, drug dealers, rapists and murderers at least individualized consideration, `` Audlin wrote, was so ``disproportionately severe'' that it violates the state and U.S. Constitutions."

What is funny about this comment is that Gay people by choice cannot raise a family. It is biologically impossible. It is impossible for them to carry on their family name. Only through the conduct of heterosexual relations is it possible for the human species to continue. The way I see it, when you choose to lead a gay lifestyle, you give up on having a family.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Political Sip Test: Coke vs Pepsi, Republicans vs Democrats

Back almost 20 years ago, Coke was losing market share to Pepsi. The famous sip test showed that when given a sip, people chose Pepsi over Coke. Coke decided to change its formula to win the sip test. To do this, they made themselves taste more and more like Pepsi. The result was that Coke continued to lose market share. If Coke is going to make itself taste like Pepsi, people decided they would rather have the original and not a Pepsi in a Coke can.
Coke Later learned that while a sip of Pepsi was more appealing, consumers preferred the overall drink experience of Coke. Coke released Coke classic, reverting to its original formula, and reasserted itself in the Cola wars. This is a great lesson for marketing, but how does it tie into this usually politically focused blog. Actually, it fits quite well. Coke is the Republican party. Pepsi represents the Democrat party. Democrats have cornered the market on beating Republicans on the sip test. All they have to do is promise everyone everything. Who wouldn’t want everything free. Meanwhile, the conservative Republican Party of old, while making gains on long term thinking, began to grow nervous with not winning the political sip test. Republicans from 1998 through the last election have tried to package themselves more and more like Democrats so that they could compete in the sip test. The voters, as with consumers, would rather have a Democrat party than a Republican party that tastes like a Democrat party.
Consumers and voters want to have choice. They want Coke and Pepsi, Conservative and Liberal. When Republicans throw the conservative part of their formula and substitute liberalism, that just isn’t giving the people the choice they really want. Republicans have a great opportunity. They can repackage themselves as Republicans, the conservative formula. It worked for Coke, it can work here too.

Monday, November 24, 2008

When to Call NASA Dead

There is a shuttle mission going on right now. Most of the news coverage has centered around a lost tool belt. This information alone is not enough to ask what happened to the space program? The story that does force me to ask this question is that for years and years, every space shuttle mission story that I hear starts with what crappy music mission control used to wake up the shuttle crew. This morning it was Van Halen. And mission control always tries to tie the song into something cute for space or the day. This is like listening to the story about what song was played at the Kansas City Chiefs game during the opening kick-off and not mentioning the score.

It is sad that the wake-up music is always the lead in for these shuttle missions. Since this has been going on for years, I think it is time to pull the plug. "I think I picked the wrong week to stop sniffing glue."

Friday, November 21, 2008

Sarah Palin Turkey Pardon Video

This is the funniest thing I have seen in a long time. Imagine watching an episode of Saturday night live where there is a TV interview and the interviewee is the straight person and the comedy is what is going on in the background. So here is the skit (though it isn't really a skit), Governor Palin just pardons a turkey for Thanksgiving. The news reporters ask her all kinds of questions and she answers them all. Meanwhile, in the background, I blood covered farm worker feeds turkeys into a grinder to drain their blood as the flail around and shake the whole apparatus. Sarah is oblivious as the turkey is pulled out limp and another one is fed into the machine. And as if SNL were writing her script, she even says "I'll probably even be criticized for this." Watch the whole thing, it is lovely. I even think the reporters intentionall kept her answering question to get the footage.

Obama Cabinet: No Surprises

I know everyone expected change, and for 80% of Americans that voted for Obama, they got their change. All of the inside pundits are all screaming about how Obama is filling his cabinet with a bunch of Clinton retreads. This is very true. All of his cabinet is composed of a Clinton, Clinton administration officials, or close Senate allies of the Clintons. I'm not surprised in the least. Let's face it, most Americans don't remember any of these people. If they can't think far back enough to remember 9/11, what makes anyone think they will remember anything about the Clinton era and those that served in it. B.O knows this to be true and could probably care less that the belt-way bunch is trying to call him out on it. Barrak, like Bill Clinton, know an important fact about our sheople. Their memories are short. This is a lesson Bush never figured out. He cowered to make any decision that might make the media mad. What he didn't realize is that no matter what the media coverage, the people will forget.

The only thing that shocks me is that Hillary is cutting her throat for a run for the Presidency in 2012. For the next 4 years, she will have to defend all of Obama's policies. It will be hard to run against the man you have been supporting. We will yet see what her real plans.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

What Killed the Auto Industry: Unions Follow-up

The debate on a bailout continues for the big three automakers and again I say that the Unions are the problem. Let them go through bankruptcy so their labor contracts can be redone. Of course my previous post was all theory, how be it sound theory. I have found another article that actually backs up my assertion with real data. I suggest reading the article from the Heritage Foundation and looking at the charts before you sign up for things like bailouts and tariffs.

Some of the highlights include the fact that the average worker gets $75 an hour. Does it really take that level of skill to do the same kind of work they manage to do in Mexico for a fraction of the cost. GM has three times the number of retirees than workers, mirroring my statement that it reflects our future Social Security crisis.

Court Forces eharmony to Give Up Principles

This is one of the most absurd lawsuits I've seen in which a class of people that are not constitutionally or legislatively recognized as a "class" of people were granted the same protections as individuals under the Civil Rights Act of 1965. Eharmony is an online dating service created by an evangelical christian. While I don't know if it says it is a christian site, Christians have a general knowledge that the site attracts their crowd. A gay person brought suit in a New Jersey court claiming discrimination in that eharmony didn't offer a male seeking male or female seeking female option, for which the court found in favor of the plaintiff.

The court is right in that it is discrimination, but it is discrimination by a private company against individuals that make a choice that does not fit the moral principles of the company. Apparently, we no longer have the freedom of association. What's more, these people weren't turned down for jobs, they simply didn't have the option they wanted on a particular site. Build your own site if it is that important. If Wal-Mart doesn't carry the brand of cereal I want, I shop somewhere else, I don't sue them. This story has really lit me up. The ramifications are enormous. We just allow ourselves to abdicate what 98% of Americans hold dear to allow the 2% to run the show.

The Tariff Temptation

On Monday night, I listened to Michael Savage discuss his ideas for what would save the auto-industry. Putting the union matter aside, he was in favor of a $5,000 tariff on all foreign cars. He felt it fair because in Japan, for example, they apply tariffs to U.S. cars, importing only 400k per year, while we import 20 million. Clearly there is an imbalance. I am a free trade kind of guy so the idea of tariffs scare me. I listened to this discussion and the emotional side of me began to weaken on tariffs. The intellectual side of me then made a compromise. Why not just impose a tariff on only those cars that are imported. If Toyota makes their cars here, they are tariff free.
What a wonderful idea I thought. We raise money, level the playing field, and keep jobs one way or the other. Either the big three become more competitive now, or they still go under, but more foreign automakers make their cars here to avoid the tariff, thus creating jobs. I was all set to blog on this very idea, and then I got to thinking. Are foreign cars cheaper than U.S. made cars? Not really. It was the case at one time, but not anymore. Usually they are more expensive, but the consumer demands the quality of the foreign car. This competition is what has helped our auto-industry from only creating gas guzzling rust buckets. The result would not be cheaper cars, it would just help our own industry become more of a dinosaur with less competition.
I also thought that if tariffs were the answer to saving the auto-industry, shouldn't they work for every industry. Shouldn't we, on the same principle, tariff all foreign goods? We slap tariffs on imported ethanol from Brazil. Brazil produces an ethanol that is more powerful and cheaper than our own corn based ethanol. Brazil ethanol, at the time gas was high, would have been a real alternative that was cost effective for the consumer. Our own ethanol is produced at a loss and is only sustained through government subsidy. The result of this tariff is that the consumer loses out on choice. We have also seen how the entire aggro-business has suffered as prices for grain and beef have gone up as a result of our domestic ethanol program. Do we want this same situation to exist on every product we consume.
The reality for my family is that we, along with millions of others, have benefited from cheap products produced internationally. Would I have rather paid $50 for a pair of pants so that a textile job remains here or would I have rather paid $15 for a pair of pants. For a large family like mine, I have greater buying power because of cheap imports. Obviously, everyone else does too. Once we open the door to tariff a product to protect an industry, we put ourselves on the same slippery slope we have with the bailout. Who gets a tariff and who doesn’t? Who decides all these things. As with the bailout, I say no thanks to tariffs. And yes, China is making cars now.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Why the States

Why is there always a push to try to get the abortion issue decided at the state level. Because there is no constitutional amendment banning abortion, the constitution does not fully provide for it to be decided at the federal level. Those powers not listed in the constitution for the federal government or protected for the individual are reserved for the states. So, constitutionally, we move to have these issues decided at the state level, which is a good strategy.

Contrary to what the media portrays, this nation still has some moral decency left in it. Morally speaking, I would say we tend to be on the conservative side. Over the last several years, we have seen that when a moral issue is put on the ballot, such as banning gay marriage or limits on abortion, or other conservative issues like eliminating affirmative action and making English the official language, they pass. What about states like California that overturns voter initiatives like anti-illegal immigration or the current issue with homosexual marriage. It is clear that the electorate is not aware of the power they have and the power a rogue Governor like Arnold Schwarzenegger or Attorney General Jerry Brown do not have. In many ways, we have abdicated the rule of law to the rule of the Judicial whim.

The way to combat this assault by the court and others is to use the support that passed the initiative to change the state constitution. Change enough state constitutions and you might actually start to build some momentum that could lead to a U.S. constitutional amendment. Just as forming a 3rd party must start state level, so must the process to ban abortion and protect marriage. If we start to big, it won't happen because as I stated in a previous post, the U.S. amendment process is dead.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Time for a Third Political Party

"Beware of the two party system." Was George Washington speaking prophetically when he spoke these words during his farewell address. With our country in its infancy, how could he foresee this as being bad? More importantly, why do we continually ignore the direction of our founding fathers? As we have now seen most dramatically over the past eight years, the two party system may end up being our downfall. Is it too late? How do we stop the two as one party juggernaut?

It starts with misconception. The American people are not as tepid and moderate as elections would convey. We are not all a bunch of wishy-washy independents just waiting until the day of the election to finely figure out what candidate we want, but that is what we have created with two parties. The two party system locks the vast majority of people into either end of the spectrum. Conservatives stick to Republicans and liberals stick to Democrats regardless of the candidate and platform. "I'm just going to hold my nose and vote against the other guy." That's what I and many others did this election.

The two party system is deadly because at the expense of 80% of Americans, the two parties pander to the 20% of moderates and undecideds. Both parties then set basically the same platform of mediocrity. You flip a coin at the polls and you never now what you're gonna get. So this nation is now being steered by 20% of people that don't have a decisive bone in their body. Our ship is at sea with no rudder.

They say the best time to plant a tree is 10 years ago. The same goes for starting a third party. It is not too late, but the road will be tough. If a significant effort is made, I don't think that a third party will be able to field a Presidential candidate for at least 8 years. What is the process?

I propose the formation of third political party based on strict interpretation of the constitution. Abiding by the constitution and not the Supreme Court's interpretation of it should solve all the various battles a fragmented conservative movement could face. You must think of building this party like building a pyramid. You can't put the capstone on (the Presidency) until all the lower layers are completed. The bottom layer of the pyramid consist of state and local elections. You have to get State Representatives and State Senators and Mayors and councilman. This is where the power of a party starts. If you don't have this layer in place, when you try to run a national campaign, you not only have to deal with getting the message out, you have to deal with getting your party on the ballot, finding who the delegates would be, who runs a primary.... The two parties want you to get overwhelmed with procedure. Build the party at the state level and you don't have to worry about procedure later on.

Once the state layer is in tact, start running people for congress, both house and Senate. Let them start building a presence nationally. Don't worry about fragmenting the conservative movement. This new party can work as a coalition with conservatives of other parties, as is done in parliamentary forms of government. Some of them may even start to defect. The goal is to get a strong conservative message out there an let people sign on to the platform. After a while, maybe by 2020, you put up a Presidential candidate. Maybe you win, or maybe you lose, but because you built your party at the state level first, it won't fall apart based on the outcome of a national election as Ross Perot's Reform Party did in 1992 and 1996.

We can do it. I feel the momentum swinging in this direction. If we set our sites too high, we can't win. If we take these moderates out at the knees, they won't be able to stand against us. Now we just need a name for our party. Since our current state is a rudderless ship, I propose we call ourselves the Rudder party. We will steer our great country the right direction.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Pregnant Man Has Baby: Delivery at Sodom Hospital

No man can have a baby. It is biologically impossible. Let's just get that out of the way. Have you ever wondered how society has slipped into the state of moral corruption that it is today. The story of WOMAN Thomas H. Beattie and how she became pregnant despite taking male hormones and surgery is an example. This woman claims she was born a man, in her brain. Barbara Walters, asked the question, what makes a man. Despite having a uterus and having her breasts removed, Thomas claims you become a man. The assertion is that gender is a state of being and not biological.

This story is the usual crap and it isn't the story itself that is my point. The real story is how this tale is presented. It is done so in attempt to make this kind of stuff main stream. ABC titled the story Traditional Values, Untraditional Birth. They don't leave it up to you to decide whether this type of family is right. They only question the pregnancy. This coupling of two woman with one posing as a man is far from traditional. The true damage is not done to adults 30 and over. The damage is done to future generations. So many under 30, including our kids, will watch that story and not have it challenged in their homes. In the back of their minds, they will store that nugget of what the media says is a traditional family. The result is that it will take more and more extremes to shock people. Twenty years ago, I would never have imagined gay marriage as an accepted practice, and now look. I think the future holds a softer stance on adult-child relationships as well as human to animal relationships. It is sick, but I really think that in 20 years, people will just not get as offended.

I will now draw the parallel to Sodom. We know from the bible that God has his limits. The earth was destroyed in Noah's day for its wickedness. Sodom was destroyed for acts including homosexuality.

Gen 13:13
But the men of Sodom [were] wicked and sinners before the LORD exceedingly.

In reference to Angels that came to visit Lot in Sodom

Gen 19:5
They called to Lot, "Where are the men who came to you tonight? Bring them out to us so that we can have sex with them."

God passes his judgement

Gen 19:13
The outcry to the Lord against its people is so great that he has sent us to destroy it."

Was Sodom that much worse that say San Francisco. God's word then is a living testament to today.

What Killed the Auto Industry? Unions!

UNIONS. It is as simple as a single word. Unions, in an effort to extort from a private company to the benefit of themselves and then their members, destroyed their own meal ticket. Does the economy and oil prices affect the auto industry. Sure they do, but only to the degree that a business should be affected by the normal business cycle. A company with at-will employment and market wages can adjust to the changing economic factors better than a company whose workforce is unionized.

Unionized workers have created these fanciful pension and health benefit plans that are micro examples of social security and medicare in that the ability of these companies to pay the plan has now eroded so much into their operating budgets that it affects the price of cars and the company's ability to compete globally. Additionally, because unions remove the incentive to perform, an environment for unproductivity is fostered. Aside from pride, why would an assembler want to work harder than anyone else if their compensation has nothing to do with performance, but instead is based merely on union negotiations. The union effectively flips on its head how employment decisions are made.

Labor is usually either the highest or one of the highest cost portions of a business. What sense does it make for labor to get to decide how this cost component of a business works. I think we have seen a parallel in the 2008 election when 40 million non-taxpayers got to decide how the tax money they don't pay gets to be spent when they elected Barrak Obama. And as with unions, they opt for it to go to them, despite the damage it does to our nations longevity. In a nut shell, unions force Marxism into a private business. Marxism has never worked. If we want to keep the auto-industry, we need to get rid of unions. Sure pay and benefits will be cut, but they should be. A car company's job is to sell cars at a profit. Every time I see a striking worker on TV I think, does he realize that he is slitting his own throat and eliminating any possibility for his kids to work for the same company all for an extra 8 hours of vacation and a 1% increase in pay for all workers despite performance.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Henry Paulson's Bailout Store: Time to Open

The government figured they would ask for 700 billion dollars. They didn't have a plan exactly, just a dollar figure. They say it was going to banks and insurance. Then the auto-industry collapsed, so they need some too. Circuit city declared bankruptcy, where is theirs. You see, the economic bailout has kind of become similar to opening times for a store. I worked retail and service for years. On every location, there was a posted opening time. Now the big debate always came when a person would come to the door early. It is only 5 minutes, do you open it up for them, so you do. Then a person comes 10 minutes early and 15 minutes early. At what point do you stop letting people in. What good has your posted opening time become at this point.

For Henry Paulson it is even worse. He created this nightmare so don't give him any sympathy. He has to deal with customers coming and asking for bailout money and he doesn't even have a store hours sign to fall back on. All of these programs are slippery slopes, you go down but never get back up. It leaves the taxpayers asking when does it stop. The best thing would have been to never have opened up to begin with.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Obama's Biggest Challenge: America's Shining

Looking aside from the fact that I think all of Obama's decisions will be poor, I want to more objectively examine the psychology of the man. As I have had to follow his campaign for two years, I've learned a little bit about what makes Barrak and those around him tick. Ego. Ego has to be a major factor for anyone running to be President in today's age. Barrak takes it a step further. As he campaigned, Obama's was confronted with masses of supporters, sometimes numbering 100k or more. (though his margin of victory proved small and the voter turnout was the same as in 2004). He is adored internationally, and the media, the chief sources of news, were jubilant at his victory. Objective journalist Chris Mathews even stated that it was his goal to have a successful Obama Presidency.

When you feel you can do no wrong and you know that no one will call you out on what you do wrong, you can become a megalomaniac. When Obama takes the office, he will be faced with the reality that his word is not law. His spoken words do not immediately become inscribed on stone tablets. He will actually have to work with Congress before his will is exerted. However, it is clear that the ego driven Obama doesn't want to wait on Congress. He plans on becoming a strong user in executive orders. These too have their limit. I believe that Obama will take them to their limit. We will see the frustration come out when his decrees don't make it through Congress quick enough or even at all. It will be like the villain who plays nice and all seems to go well for them, but as frustration mounts, they show their dark side more and more. We shall see.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Prayer and a Car

Two years ago, I was given a car as an answer to our prayers for a second vehicle. That blessing helped shape our course for becoming debt free. We are almost debt free but have suffered a set back. This evening, I wrapped my car around a pole in an effort to avoid a car on a slippery road. Thank you Lord, I only suffered some back pain that should be cleared up after a good night sleep. I was also able to avoid the car, which helped avoid injury to anyone in it. Unfortunately, my car is totaled and we are now down to one barely running vehicle. I ask for your prayers in helping provide another car. God will come through as he did before, whether that is by letting us build up enough money to buy it or one comes in some other fashion.

When Did Writing Become Fun

My teenage daughter is taking a pretty involved composition class. It requires quite a bit of writing, balancing content with the need to include every grammatical term there is. I remember those days and am glad I don't have to worry about having my work proof read. My daughter, like most people at her age, does not like to do all of this writing. My biggest problem in school was keeping the length within the requirements as I can be long winded.

As I watched my daughter work through her paper last night, I got to thinking, when did writing become fun? I write because I enjoy it. The entire blogosphere is made up of people that like to write, whether or not anyone reads what they have to say. I can't imagine all of these people were impassioned writers in their youth. So, how does the switch flip. When does someone here something on the news and say "oh man, I absolutely have to write about the proliferation of the pepper moth in England. This is so interesting." In school, having to write about the election or other current event seemed liked pulling teeth. Now, in the blogosphere, you have to struggle to come up with the more catchy title so more people will read your article about why ethanol is bad. I think that when you reach 30, the old person hormone starts producing in your brain and that's what makes you think you are now Arthur Miller. Hooray, I got through a whole post without saying Barrak Obama.

Friday, November 7, 2008

The Future of the Blog

With the election being over, I'm burned out on politics, but not quite. There is still so much to write about. I also enjoy commenting on current events. I want to fill this blog with more diversity, so I have been thinking about some sort of format. I only write posts consistently 5 days a week, so this is what I am thinking about, for each of the five days, one day politics, one day current events, one day personal interest, such as movies, one day budgeting tips for getting out of debt, and one day musings on my faith. We'll see how it goes.

Let's Give George Bush Some Credit

While I think Bush is a dismal failure as a President and leader from a conservative perspective, I must give him some credit. The guy didn't have any scandal. There were some issues, but those were smaller than the press made them out to be. President Bush didn't have countless people suddenly die or get sent to prison. There were no impeachment proceedings. There was no white water scandal, Vince Foster, Travelgate, Monica Lewinsky. I didn't see him walking out of a funeral laughing it up and then change to somber once he saw a camera. No, there was none of this idiocy in his administration. Thank you President Bush for restoring some honor to the White House. Now we can dislike you based on policy and not behavior.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

McCain Sacrifices Palin in a Maverick Way

McCain has landed on Sarah Palin as his scapegoat. The Maverick of Washington is using anonymous sources to discredit Palin, saying things that range from her not knowing what countries are in NAFTA to whether or not Africa is a continent. Of course, Africa is where Obama was born, so he has the edge on her there, anyways. This is such a disgrace. She poured everything she was allowed to into this campaign. It is also sad that the media ignored similar attacks by the Obama campaign, but now that it comes from the Republicans, it is news worthy. I can't stand McCain and I can't stand the Republicans. It is clear, of course, that just as they did in 2006, the party elite will think they weren't moderate enough. My voice is finding no footing in the political world today.

(I imagine the caption on this picture would be a word bubble from McCain thinking, you are going down)

Dave Ramsey's New Emergency Fund

I am a graduate of Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University. As a graduate, I have and have studied the emergency fund. It is to start off at $1,000.00 and then grow to three to six months living expenses once your debts are paid off. With an Obama Presidency, I feel Dave will need to redesign the emergency fund concept to include a second emergency fund. You see, when Bill Clinton became President, he passed the biggest tax increase in history. Part of that tax increase made the increase retro-active. That meant on tax day, people had to come up with money they did not budget for at all. Obama is sure to raise taxes and I'm sure he will also employ the retro clause. Therefore, I'm calling on a new Retro-Tax Emergency Fund. This fund should be funded before all other expenses because when it comes to your money, the government has no mercy. Don't aim low, aim high at its funding level as Obama is surely to aim high on your tax increase. Please pass this along to other FPU graduates and to Dave himself so that he can adjust his material before the next printing.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

There is B.O. in the White House: Barrak Obama Wins the Presidential Election

The idea of Barrak Hussein Obama being the President and occupying the White House really stinks it up. The rationale used to elect this man makes no sense. My wife boiled it down for me in such a brilliant biblical way. She reminded me how the Israelites appealed to Samuel for a King. They want one very badly. Samuel tried to discourage them but they would not listen. Samuel finally gave in but warned them that their king would be harsh. That is what happened with King Saul. The people loved him and he started off well enough, but later he grew to be the harsh king Samuel had warned the people about.

This time, our mob wanted change and also fell in love with the idea of an African-American President (just the idea, it didn't matter the man so long as he wasn't a Republican). Despite all the warnings, we have now been given what we asked for. I hope for our nation's sake that God has a David in waiting 4 years from now.

Now, I am troubled by the election results. There are many thoughts running through my head. Instead of trying to piece together some cohesive thought, I'm just going to put these random thoughts down.

Obama spent 700 million dollars just to be President, despite his promise to use public financing. After 700 million dollars and the 100% backing of the media, Obama only won by 4%. This is not a mandate.

The media is holding nothing back. Ear to ear smiles on all of them. They cannot contain their excitement and enthusiasm. They are painting this election like a mandate, or what they would view as the second coming. Remember, half of the nation did not vote for this man.

I don't want to hear another minority cry racism. There can no longer be any claim that the system is set up to suppress minorities. There will still be racists, both black and white, but how can anyone claim a system is against them if Obama got elected. Obama didn't get elected on the black vote alone. White people elected him President. While Jesse Jackson may have been crying on TV last night, those are crocodile tears for sure. The racial agitators have no where to go now, and their income is in jeopardy.

A sure sign that the wrong person was elected is when there are celebrations in the third world by the people and the leaders especially. Are these the people we want to be happy.

Now it is time for Blame:

I am obviously a conservative, so it goes without saying that I believe that our current state of the economy and the results of the election are due to liberal policies. So I'm not going to cite Pelosi and Congress specifically, but thanks to them anyway for the mortgage mess.

Thank you first to President Bush. I despise your presidency more than any other in my lifetime. The criticism is two fold, for what you did and for what you didn't do. What you didn't do was act like the conservative you campaigned as, twice. What you didn't do was have a spine to stand up to the Democrats. What you didn't do was take action in Iraq earlier, allowing for it to fester until many turned against the cause. What you didn't do was be proactive on issues such as energy, and the mortgage crisis. Come at these issues from a conservative perspective and set the course. What you didn't do was be a leader. What you did do was spend like a drunken sailor. What you did do is reach across the aisle and join the Democrats on issues like Education, immigration, and campaign finance reform.

I would next like to thank Mike Huckabee. His alleged conservatism split the primary and let to a McCain win. I very much believe this was the intention.

Thank you to the Republican Congress for squandering your mandate. They achieved a majority because they promised to finally work in conservative principles. All they did was spend. At every challenge by a Democrat, they compromised or gave in. They forced voter apathy in 2006, and now in 2008, the Democrats have unchecked power.

Thank you John McCain for running a campaign that refused to bring up relevant issues because you wanted to be soft for fear of being called a bigot. A real maverick wouldn't care and would call Obama out for the Marxist he his with extreme ties, including a church and pastor that preaches black liberation theology.

Thank you voters. You finally woke up and said why work when I can vote. When a woman says with all sincerity, "I don't have to worry about paying my mortgage. I don't have to worry about fillin my gas tank. I did my part for Obama, now he is going to do his," the nation as we know it is over. What kind of people have we brought up to believe that the American dream is to work the system to get things free. I remember that guy that would dress up like the Riddler from batman. He was Dr. Andrew Lezko and he wrote books on how to get free stuff from the government. Apparently that his been turned into a textbook because that is what we have now.

In closing, for those that read my blog on a regular basis, this election has taken quite a bit out of me. I have "Post" fatigue. I plan to keep my blog updated with good topics, but I will not be posting every day as I have for the past several months. I will post as I have inspiration, rather than seeking the inspiration. Thank you for your readership and please remember to keep our nation in your prayers. And remember that for every shadow, there is the hope for the dawn sunrise.
On a lighter note, I can go back to really not liking John McCain.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Reports of Black Panthers Intimidating Voters in Philadelphia

There is a report that two black panthers are intimidating voters in Philadelphia. I realize that there is quite a bit of excitement amongst the black community for an Obama Presidency, and that excitement can also transfer to the more extreme member of any group, such as the black panthers. I think that it is important to note that if Obama is elected, it will not be because of the black vote as their numbers are too small. It will be because of the white vote. I worry that the election of this man may send signals to those on the Left extreme that it is somehow their turn to be extremists like the clan.

Civilian National Security Force: OBama's Stormtroopers

"We can't rely on just our military to achieve the national security objectives we've set, we need a civilian National Security Force that is just as powerful, just as strong, and is as well funded." This is the quote from Obama that gives all credibility to the claim that he is no ordinary liberal or politician. He is the end part of a plan that has been unfolding for decades. What on earth could Obama possibly be thinking he needs a civilian national security force to achieve that our military and national guard cannot. Is it because the existing military would not go along with the Obama domestic plan. I think so. If he were to build his own military with people that believe in his philosophies, then move over military, move over constitution. This is a scary thing. It goes beyond paranoia to know that you could be living in times similar to Germany of the 1930s. Hitler also needed a civilian national security force called the "Brown Shirts" or the SA, later to become the SS, and we know where that led. Hugo Chavez did the same in Venezuela 10 years ago. Or as Chancellor Palpatine did in Star Wars. This video is hilarious, while at the same time illustrating my point.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Obama: Politic's Matthew McConaughey

It's a stretch until you really think about. Take a guy early in his career, throw him into a swimsuit and put him on the beach. Then take pictures and slam them on the covers of magazines and feature them on Entertainment Tonight. The focus of each story is how this new star will be making it big in their next role, long before it ever comes out. Then when the time comes for people to see them in their new role, they feel compelled to attend regardless of content. This was the formula for Matthew McConaughey back in 1996. He had been in movies. Who could forget his role in "Dazed and Confused". There was a media blitz for this guy like I had never seen. He was the sexiest man and the best actor of his generation, all of this before his movie had come out. The same for Obama. His topless picture made him sexy, and we were told he was this force to be reckoned with, and he had done nothing as a state senator and hadn't even become a US Senator yet. The media blitz for Matt built up this frenzy so that when it was time for the movie to come out, people just felt like they had to go see it so that they could see McConaughey. These same zombies are now feeling compelled to vote for Obama. He is a star that has been built up for 2 years, it is your obligation to vote for him.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Obama USA: New World Order

Some tidbits of things that should strike you and I as crazy and intolerable, but in the USA of Barrak Obama, he would endorse.

Kindergartners are just learning how to sign their name, and a gay alliance pledge is how they practice.

In times of unemployment and financial crisis, I'm happy to keep my job. Unions go on strike.

Middle class means anyone getting a hand out and sucker means anyone that believes Obama's populism

How Many Millions Have Socialist Killed

Let's put it all out there on the table. As I listened to my annoying neighbor kids chant for Obama, I wonder what they really know about this man and his politics. That made me think about him myself. Barrak Obama is a Socialist in every sense of the word. He wants take from some to give to others. In our country, the people that fit his bill for whom he would take from are outnumbered by those he would give to. That all makes for a perfect recipe to get elected, kind of like Hitler. Or, if the election doesn't go his way, maybe Obama will just take over by power like Stalin, Mao, Castro, Hussein, or the Khmer Rouge. Think about how many millions the Socialists killed in the 20th century. I'm not talking about through war exactly, I'm talking about through death camps, starvation, and forced labor. The answer I come up with is about 100 million when you add up the Soviet Union, China, Germany, Cuba, Iraq, Vietnam, Cambodia, and South and Central America. The only time we came close to this type of activity ourselves were the Japanese internment camps of the Roosevelt era. Again, Obama is a Socialist. When people think about supporting him, I want them to think about where that support has often led mankind.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Slavery and the New Testament. Colossians 3:22

I am not a biblical scholar, but I do read the bible often, specifically the New Testament. When I come to the passage below, I'm constantly stumped in how to take it.

"Slaves, obey your earthly masters in everything; and do it, not only when their eye is on you and to win their favor, but with sincerity of heart and reverence for the Lord."

Some translations have "Slaves" as "Servants", which could be an important difference as I am a servant to my job and not a slave, so as a servant I should obey not for purpose of pleasing my boss, but because it is pleasing to the Lord. Taking this translation though, I can't grapple with God telling his people that he loves so much that they should be good slaves. This passage does not say it is okay to own slaves, just how to behave as a slave. I have several ideas on how to take this passage.

If I look at slavery during that time, it is certainly different than slavery as it existed in the U.S. By in large, you were either free or a slave. I don't think they had "employees" as they exist today. This would give more credibility to the "servant" translation. As a servant, you should serve your master on earth as you would your Master in heaven.

I also had the thought that those in power quite often feared slave revolts. They thought that is what Christ came to do. Perhaps Paul inserted this text to put down those fears amongst those in power so that they would be free to carry out the movement. This would then say that we would have to take this text as an aside from God's heart, which I don't think is true. To handle this theory, you must also understand that many of the slaves also thought that Christ would lead a slave revolt. Christ did free them from their slavery to sin, which is eternal freedom as we see in Colossians 3:24.

"since you know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward. It is the Lord Christ you are serving."

Another idea, which I think has some merit, is that you should make the most of whatever situation you are in, because regardless of the circumstance, your purpose is to please God and do his work so that you can be a reflection of God's love to those around you, which could include a brutal master. However, this still doesn't answer God's view on slavery.

To get my answer, I had to look back into the old testament and story of Moses. I realized that God hates slavery. When his chosen people were enslaved by the Egyptians, it saddened him. He sent Moses to free his people. In no other time aside from creation and Christ, can I think tat God showed his power to so many in so short a time. Quite often, we rely on faith, but before Pharoh, God demonstrated his power and presense on earth. He went so far as to kill the first born of those that did not carry the blood of the lamb. God freed the slaves. Through the belief in Christs work on the cross, we can all be God's chosen people. Therefore, God would not choose slavery.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Scientist cure "Blank" in Mice

As an avid reader of the news, I come across two things quite often in the scientific and health sections. Some sort of climate change and some sort of new treatment for a disease that cured a mouse. I have already written about climate change, so this time I am focusing on the mouse. For every conceivable ailment, mice have been the starting point for coming up with new treatments. For everything from obesity, MS, and heart disease to every single form of cancer. Today I was reading about a vaccine that cured a form of breast cancer in mice and it got me thinking. If we have developed all of these successful treatments for mice, shouldn't there be some super smart and super healthy mouse out there. With all of these treatments, why would mice ever die. Remember The Secret of Nimh. I have to believe there is some truth to that movie.

Monday, October 27, 2008

White Supremacists Are Foolish

Every now and again I am reminded that there really are people that have not evolved their thinking beyond the 19th century, people that think God only created white people. They like to remind us by trying to assassinate a presidential candidate because they are black. Yes, another plot was foiled, though I doubt much work had to be done to uncover it as these types are usually unintelligent in areas that branch beyond their prejudices. Good luck fellas, I'm sure you'll make friends in prison.

Public Radio Interview Confirms Obama is a Socialist

Every day now, we get some sort of peek into Barrak's true nature. I feel it may be too little too late. If anyone ever wanted to make a comparison between McCain and Obama, think about the Joe the Plumber comment. An isolated slip of the tongue, not according to a recently released radio interview with Barrak Obama in 2001. The summary of his comments consists of his disappointment that the Civil Rights movement did not include economic redistribution. Couple this with questions around his citizenship and the story that the L.A. Times has video of Obama at gathering with Rashid Khalidi in which he toasts the organizers, while they go on to make anti-Israel statements. Yet in the media, crickets. This is a crime. I do agree that many politicians are much the same regardless of party, but McCain does not associate with extremist after extremist, and he is no affirmed Socialist. How man extremists does Obama have to be tied to before the electorate sees a pattern? What if McCain had a string of associations with KKK members. While he wouldn't be directly involved, the mere proximity would cause a stir. Again, are you being intellectually honest in your vote.

Hawaii Governor Seals Obama Birth Certificate

Just as Obama finished his Hawaii trip to visit his ailing grandmother, the Hawaii Governor, Linda Lingle, has sealed Obama's birth certificate to keep this private information from the press. I do agree this is private information, but the circumstances here are different. He may be President and there is legitimate fear he may not be a natural born citizen. Obama does not have the proof needed to get a Missouri Driver's License, yet he may be elected President.

Ms. Lingle's announcement comes after Barrak Obama suddenly left the campaign trail in the closing days of the election to visit his grandmother, mind you he made this visit without his wife and kids. I believe that Obama travelled to Hawaii so that he could see the birth certificate himself. Following his examination, Lingle seals the document. Obama is only adding credibility to the claim.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Obama Citizenship Case Thrown Out Not on Merit

Yes, the headlines will read that a federal judge through out Phillip Berg's case questioning the validity of Barrak Obama's citizenship . Berg's case is based on his request for Obama to produce the full original birth certificate as Phillip Berg has audio recordings of Obama's family, including his paternal grandmother, claiming that they witnessed Barrak Obama being born in Kenya in 1961. The Judge said that an ordinary citizen does not have the standing to sue as he cannot prove injury due to the possible ineligibility of a presidential candidate.

While the judge is skeptical of Berg's claims, this does not dismiss the merit of the claim. He believes that Obama was sufficiently screened during the "hotly" contested primary. I dismiss such a statement as we know that Joe the Plumber received more media scrutiny than Obama. Obama's life and past are off limits to investigation and there really seems to be no will in the press to look into such important matters. Bush's guard service was absolutely essential in 2004, but Kenyan born Obama is just a technicality.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Phillip Berg Questions Obama Citizenship on Michael Savage

I have heard this story previously and feel it is worthy of mentioning. I know it sounds a bit conspiratorial, but the fact that the media has not looked into Obama's past at all and the source of the source of the story give it credibility. Last night, I listened to Savage interview Mr. Berg. To give some background, Phillip Berg is a life long democrat, the former deputy Attorney General of Pennsylvania, and due paying member of the NAACP. Mr. Berg's assertion is that Barrak Obama is not a citizen. First, the birth certificate published on Obama's site is incomplete and appears to be a forger. Barrak Obama refuses to release his birth certificate and Phillip Berg is suing for its release.

Second, Phillip Berg now says that he has a recording of Obama's paternal grandmother in which she states that she witnessed his birth in 1961, in Kenya. Either Obama is lying or his grandmother is. Thirdly, Obama will not release his college records. Mr. Berg believes that those records will show that Obama is not a citizen and received foreign aid to attend college. If true, Obama is constitutionally disqualified from being President.

Now, before you claim that I am seeing black helicopters, remember in the 2004 election when Bush's guard service was in question. The media went to great lengths based solely on the claim of a relative of a person that supervised Bush. Dan Rather went so far as to use a forged document to try to make the claim. If the media is willing to look into claims like this, why wouldn't they listen to a Democrat AG that merely wants to see a birth certificate. Be intellectually honest with yourself before you think to criticize. Why look into the guard issue and not a citizenship issue.