Thursday, January 31, 2008

And the weiner is

Well that award goes to Gary Lezac. You lost. Even as you revised your forecast with your covetted new data, you got it wrong over and over again. Way to go Mike, you finally got one right. However, the biggest miss of all was on the KMBC weather link where Busby's forecast called for 6 to 10 inches of snow. I guess Gary and Bryan's problem is that they are always looking for more inches.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Snowcast Showdown. Lezac Vs Thompson

So here is our great chance to see who can predict the snowstorm better, Gary Lezac or Mike Thompson. Personally I think they are both horrible. This morning Gary Lezac was 90% certain there would be 4 inches of snow. When it comes to guessing inches, Gary has that market cornered, with Katie Horner coming a close second. Now this evening, Gary is calling for 1 to 2 inches of snow while Mike Thompson is calling for no snow or a just a dusting here in the metro. Get out your yard sticks kiddos.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

McCain Wins Florida. Republicrats and Demicans on to the White House

John McCain wins Florida and South Carolina. This might be the first election where I cannot clearly vote for the person that I think will do us the least amount amount of harm. McCain is as liberal as Ted Kennedy and Nancy Pelosi. I am a libertarian by heart, but always vote Republican because I have the greatest chance at getting some of the things I want. There is no distinction between Democrats and Republicans any longer. I thought 2006 was an election where the voters told the Republicans to be more conservative or we will vote you out. Now I see that per my previous post, this nation is not at the tipping point, it has tipped over. This election will now be about which candidate can give away the nation in the more digestible manner, but either way, it ends up down the toilet. Like the brick.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Minimum Wage, The Math Doesn't Add Up

Let's first establish that a minimum wage is not a livable wage, nor should it be. But that is how it is sold to the people. It is sold out of guilt to the vast majority of people that don't make minimum wage because they feel so bad that they make so little. For those that make minimum wage, teenagers, I don't share that guilt.
Why do so many organizations, like unions, push so hard for minimum wage increase when their workers make 6 to 7 times more than minimum wage? It isn't out of compassion. Few people know that their union contracts are tied to minimum wage in that if the minimum wage increases, their pay must increase to maintain the wage difference. Any time a union advocates anything outside of their own contract, you have to question their motives. The only reason minimum wage gets increased is to pander to voters and special interest groups, like unions.

The biggest evidence as to why minimum wage is nothing more than a scheme is in the math of it. The idea of a minimum wage means that no employee may be compensated for their labor at a rate less than minimum wage. That means when it comes to compensation, minimum wage is the floor. To be the floor means to be the lowest point. If you raise the floor, everything on top of it also raises. Not only do the compensations for everyone else but also the prices. Compensation increases because the value of work a doctor does for example compared to a ditch digger does not suddenly decrease because all of the ditch diggers received a raise. Their compensation will increase proportionately.
Because every one's compensation increases, the price of goods also increases because these mandated raises have to be paid for. Therefore, the buying capacity of a person making minimum wage does not increase, but remains flat. Of course this doesn't factor in the fact that now US made goods become more expensive overseas, decreasing exports.

So since minimum wage is all just smoke and mirrors and never has the stated effect, why not get rid of it all together. We'll get rid of illegals because there will no longer be an incentive to hire people illegally. We'll lower the rate of inflation as wages and prices will no longer be arbitrarily adjusted by the income floor. We'll get a little bit closer to capitalism.

Democracy at the Tipping Point

Our ability to survive as a nation will not depend on the outcome of global wars, the environment, or the economy. It won't even hinge our ever decreasing liberties, as we slide into European socialism. It will come ever so gradually when the takers out take the producers. How will this happen. The biggest danger of a democracy is when people realize they can vote themselves other people's money. For 232 years delayed this progression because we were a nation of principles and principled people. Thanks to the dumbing down of our children for decades, we now have a larger proportion of people that could not state those principles. We have a larger proportion of people that cannot plan long term. The fact that the average American has no savings but instead is $8,000 in debt, is evidence that our society wants IT and want IT now. And now that we have gotten ourselves into so much debt that banks will not allow us to take on any more, we will take it from other people. This isn't about welfare families and dead beats. This is about the average American working family for the first time willing to vote to have property and money taken away from what they consider the wealthy (any person making more money than themselves).

We have reached a real tipping point. If I were to be a former vice president and had Hollywood aspirations, I would make a movie called The Nation in the Balance: Take Your Piece of someone else's pie.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Heath Ledger Death No Joke

Certainly not if you are in the media. There are service man dying in Iraq and Afghanistan that receive little to no mention, aside from the body count, and certainly their deeds go beyond playing a gay cowboy or the Joker. Mr. Ledger died from what can only be characterized as the typical reckless Hollywood lifestyle. Though any death is tragic when so young, I don't think I need to see a live camera outside his apartment to watch people laying flowers down as a tribute. I don't need to hear interviews with Broadway production people where they state how appreciative they are for his role in Brokeback mountain.

The best part is watching the celebrity interview during a time like this. There they are in a chair with a movie poster behind them promoting their latest flick. All they want to do is talk about their motivations for their character and how much the role meant to them. The Hollywood reporter is guaranteed to ask them about how they feel about the celebrities death. Now the real acting starts as they try to drum up remorse for a person they know as much as I know the person that live 5 blocks away. I'm sure before these stars schedule these junkets, they scan the Hollywood obituaries so that they can either cancel the interview or be prepared for the question.

Of course I'm no better, I have just devoted an entire blog entry to the death of a person that I only know from his role in the Four Feathers. And I only watched that because the guys wear the British colonial uniforms they did in the Zulu war, which just celebrated it's 128th anniversary.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Religion versus faith

Religion is something of man made to serve man. Faith is serving God first, and then serving man out of your expression of your love for God. We have too much religion in this nation and not enough faith. Faith gets a bad wrap because religion is all people see in the media. They see the organizations, the preachers, Benny Hinn, and the fallen. They don't see the power of prayer, the true message of salvation, and acts of brotherly love. For those on the outside looking on, religion conceals faith and turns people off to its real message. They have an agenda in this presentation. Think about this, the same media that you don't trust to cover issues such as the environment, the economy, social issues, and politics is the same media that covers faith. Why aren't you as cynical about how the media portrays faith as you are about those other issues. It is all part of the same agenda. You wouldn't jump on the bandwagon and talk about tax increases and voting for liberals, why would you jump on their side and cast down faith? Let me be clear. When I speak of faith, I mean the faith in Jesus Christ as the Son of God, who came to earth to sacrifice Himself to cleanse us of our sins so that whomever believes in the Lord will have eternal life. "Faith" in eastern religions is celebrated and promoted because it is again part of the agenda to cast down the Christian faith.

True Colors of Mark Funkhouser

I should have known it was too good to be true. A Mayor of Kansas City standing up for principle at the cost of the support of the machine. Frances Semler has resigned from the parks board for what she feels is a lack of support by Mayor Mark Funkhouser. In an interview this morning on 710 KCMO, she stated that in December, the mayor asked her not to attend the minuteman conference in Kansas City. What may have tipped her over the top in her decision was a perception in that the Mayor, whom she campaigned for and believed in, was only supporting her to maintain a conservative white base. And apparently he needs the "white" support so that he can get things done in the urban core. Nothing is going to change in the urban core until the urban core itself brings about that change, and the change is certainly not going to happen because of white guilt. Look at the KCMO school district as an example of that.

A month ago I wrote in support of the Mayor. I was excited that a regular non-politically correct person could get elected in this city. First he caved on the city manager and now we see his true colors shining through here. The best thing that has come of this whole situation is that two liberal racially divisive groups cancelled their conventions in Kansas City, La Raza and SCLC. Frances, it is worth staying on the board to keep these groups out of KC, but thanks never-the-less for staying as long as you did.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

NASA, Its Time To Go

The epitome of why the government shouldn't be counted on to things that would be best left to private industry, NASA. I know that if it bleeds it leads, so almost all of the news coverage for NASA is negative. But what successes do they have to counter the negative. I think it starts with the Challenger disaster, a great inspiration for elementary school names. Since then we have had the Hubble Telescope, the Mars Probes, Discovery, every shuttle take off since Discovery, the space station (which sounds like serving on board would be likened to service on a World War One submarine), and now according to an AP story, the new design for the replacement to the shuttle program is said to shake too much. Is it any wonder that our children no longer aspire to be astronauts. Oh, I forgot to mention the astronaut love triangle.
Going to the moon again sounds great. Going to Mars sounds even better. I think our best chance of success for these missions is to leave it to private industry. Once there is money to be made in such exploration, we won't see exploding shuttles, blurry telescopes, and probes that don't respond to commands. What is hard to take is that it might not happen in our lifetime. I think that is okay. In the meantime, I honor those who have given their lives and those that will continue to do so.

Something You Never Hear

"You can borrow my time share in Kansas City. It's best in February"

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Bush Stimulus Package not even a band-aide

It sounds great. Give money to millions of Americans in the form of rebates or (snicker) food stamps. If I get money, I wouldn't be surprised if it came in the form of monopoly money. If we were to pattern that classic game after the US economy, it would have to come with a color printer so that the banker could just keep printing money. Each property and card would have to have digital displays to show the ever increasing prices as inflation goes up.

So the problem with the economy is that there isn't enough spending going on. So we pump in 145 billion dollars to get it going. But what about next year, or 2010 when Bush's tax cuts from 2001 expire. Don't get me wrong. I appreciate his approach, to a degree. It is much better for the people to choose how the money should be used than the government spending it on pork belly programs (though those are sure to be included). The problem here is that the people that will get to spend it are the people that aren't putting tax money into the system. If it is tax relief, you have to pay taxes to be relieved, otherwise it is just a hand out.

And the program is very short-sighted. This problem will be here until it is really solved. Our long term problems are Jobs, credit, and cost of energy. Here is how we solve these issues, and it is very doable:

Eliminate minimum wage. Allow the market to determine a wage. Illegals take many of the jobs that jobless Americans can do because of this. Illegals will not be needed anymore and we will have higher employment, meaning more money is put into the economy, meaning more taxes go into the treasury, meaning fewer people will need government aide, meaning taxes can be lowered further, meaning more money goes into the economy, meaning we have come full circle. And this keeps going on and on. This will also help inflation in that wages across the board will not have to be inflated to compensate for the minimum. I wonder how much the large increase in minimum wage is contributing to our current situation.

Eliminate Capital Gains and Inheritance Taxes. You want to make it beneficial to make money, make good investments and be able to pass it on to your children without the penalty these taxes represent. All of this money will be pumped into the economy, increasing jobs and consumerism.

Get rid of Ethanol. This is the most bogus thing we've got going right now. There are no market forces at work when it comes to this formulation of gas. It is fully subsidized by the government. It costs more to make than it is sold for. Plus the effect it has had on agricultural products is tremendous. Farmers are switching to subsidized corn. This decreases the supply available for feed for cattle which causes the price of beef and milk to increase. People must then spend more for staple food products, outstripping any benefit to our carbon footprint.

These are just 3 points. The list goes on and on, but it is a start.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Kingdom of Heaven - How Christians and Muslims Differ

I am watching Kingdom of Heaven, a movie about the crusades. It is an entertaining flick and there are some interesting things you can take from it. One point I think that they try to make is that Christians and Muslims are not too unalike in using their religion to justify killing those of a different faith. Many scenes and dialogue show the very real attitude of the day that God wills the killing of Muslims and that somehow it can cleanse your sins. The Muslims of the day also believed the same. The one big difference is that we (Christians) don't believe or practice that, the Muslims do.

Is it because Christians are from the west and our culture is superior? Not quite. The difference is that the vast majority of people could not read, so they could not read the bible. Those that could, could not read Latin or Greek. This meant that the church alone had access to the Holy Scriptures. They used it for power and to pervert the Word into whatever would suit their needs, such as a crusade. When Martin Luther came and translated the bible into German, and then when Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press, the common man could read the true message of the bible, which goes against the crusade mentality.

For Muslims, it doesn't matter how many people read the Koran, in fact it may even be worse the more that read it. Their Holy book calls for the killing and forced conversion of the infidel. They can't hide it and they can't change it. That is why they are stuck in the Dark Ages. Christian people can do bad things and Muslims can do bad things. If Christians follow the bible, they won't do bad things. If Muslims follow the Koran, then there will be a bloodbath.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Something Deep

I need time to be alone. It recharges my batteries and helps to get my head clear. That feeling of being alone, having no worries or cares, can be like a narcotic. I once pursued that drug until I realized many things, among them is the end result of this pursuit, loneliness. Being alone is like drinking wine. In moderation, it can do great things for your heart, but taking too much clouds your judgement. You lose focus on what's important. You turn inward, selfish, and often times destructive.

I know many people that seem to lives full of fun and excitement. Over the course of a week, the fun they experience may encompass about 5% of their total time awake. That 5% might be a 100 times more exhilarating than anything I experience, but exhilarating and fulfilling are not the same. At the end of the evening, they go home, alone and lonely, longing for the next rush of fun, hoping it will be better than the last. Their only legacy is a story to tell the next day, a story told to friends and co-workers that will fade away with time more quickly that they'd like.

I choose life at a slower and more fulfilling pace. I like to drink life's wine, but I like to remember those I'm with, the smells, the sights, the sounds. Each day and each year, I become more and more fulfilled. My cup runneth over. But it only does that so long as I pursue things that can provide that fulfillment. Chasing a high or a thing never ends. Your cup is bottomless and cannot be filled. I drink from the cup of Christ and His Draught is filling.

I see two groups that make me sad. The first is the perpetually single person. You don't have to live that lifestyle to understand, you can see it on TV. Think of the woman on Sex in The City. Chasing a drink and a guy. Before they know it, they are still lonely, no kids or family. Do they ever look happy. I'm not even going to get into their eternal life, or lack thereof.

The other person is the married person longing for the single life. They distance themselves from their family until they hit the point when their family has left them. The don't get to come to a spouse anymore, the kids aren't always there. You don't get to see them to bed every night, hear their laughter, dry their tears, will you be the one to give your daughter away or approve of your sons girlfriend. You have amputated yourself from your family, and you are lonely.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

I now know who I support for President

According to a Fox online survey of 20 questions, the candidate most in line with my views by 80% is Duncan Hunter. We are 80% similar. The rest go as follows
Romney - 65%
Thompson - 63%
Huckabee - 58%
McCain - 50%
Giuliani - 48%
Paul - 43%
Gravel - 13%
Clinton, Obama, Edwards - 10%

Oh my goodness. How could I possibly agree with them on even 10% of the issues.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Bush a Bad Dad to Iran

If the United States were the global parent and Iran was its child, Bush would get poor marks from this parent. Everyone has taken trips to the store or gone to friend's houses and seen Bush's parenting techniques and cringed. The kid running around the table banging on pots and pans and screaming while half naked. "Boy, you need to stop that or I will give you a swat", the boy keeps running. "I mean it, stop now", the boy still screaming. "This is your final warning", bang bang bang goes the pots.

It's sad to think that just 5 years ago, Bush was a model parent. When he said you are either with us or against us, we went to war against Iraq and Afghanistan, and Libya gave up its terrorist pursuits based solely on the threat of force. Now countries like North Korea, Iran, and Venezuela have been throwing tantrums for years and all we do is give them warnings. The credibility of our warnings is gone and the children are running the house.

Just recently Iranian speed boats challenged our Navy, racing up at fast speeds and saying they were going to blow them up. Now I don't know where the ambiguity is in that challenge, but if it were my child, I would have had him over my knee. Iran is the teenage son testing his Dad to see the lengths Dad will take to assert his dominance. Based on Bush's reaction, I expect Iran is going to be staying out late and not calling in, drinking, fornicated with the cheerleaders, and likely vandalizing the neighborhood, mainly Israel.

Don't expect a Father's day card from me Mr. President.

Tears Win Primary in New Hampshire

I knew the second I saw her tears that they were nothing more than a contrived performance. What I forgot was how good the Clinton's and their machine are at manipulating the media and the American people. The fact that the woman's vote swung so quickly back over to Hillary after her false show of emotion is clear evidence that the tears were staged. I have never seen anyone get so much press coverage over so little, but that was their goal.

The Clinton's are masters of media manipulation. I remember the famous video of Bill Clinton walking out of Ron Brown's funeral. He was just joking and carrying on until he spotted the camera out of the corner of his eye. Before he took another step, his expression withdrew into solemn grief. Brilliant! And what about his famous stroll along Normandy beach where he found random (placed) stones on the beach. He proceeded to use those stones to produce a makeshift memorial. Brilliant! Acting! Straight from the Bodalier acting school on Saturday Night Live.

Now on a conspiratorial note, how about those polls. Pollsters have agendas too, all the way up until the election when they bury their bias so that they can show some accuracy. After all, if they were wrong all the time, who would listen to them. That is why I have to think the Clinton's called in a big favor by having the pollsters all call for a landslide Obama victory in New Hampshire, thereby keeping his supporters home. Or maybe their polling just didn't factor in the Clinton tear.

By the way, John McCain is the Manchurian Candidate.

Picture is from the National Geographic. I thought it was odd they would do a profile on a political candidate

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Hillary Clinton's Golden Globe Performance

I'm sure by now you have seen the poorly executed ploy on the part of Hillary to drum up sympathy and support on the eve of the New Hampshire Primary. Based on her performance, she may be the only person present at this year's Golden Globe award show for best performance by an actress in a comedy or musical.

What we saw was an example of method acting as popularized by Lee Strasberg (Godfather part 2 as Hyman Roth). In method acting, the actor attempts to recreate the real emotions their character may feel. The character Hillary was trying to recreate was that of a regular woman just trying to get ahead, balancing career and family. Any regular woman would have a break down when it seems to be slipping away. Good try Hillary, but I'm afraid we have all watched too many movies than to be fooled by your performance.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Mit Romney, John McCain, Ron Paul

Hopefully putting all three of these RINO's(Republican In Name Only) in the subject will increase traffic. I'm not going to say much here. I don't have a candidate yet that is truly for small government, low taxes, secure borders, preserving our language, and not using the necessary and proper clause 1:8:18 of the constitution to control anything they want. I will tell you that I certainly don't endorse any of the three of these candidates.

Mit Romney is for a government health care program and I don't trust him. He says what people want to hear. John McCain may very well be Britney Spears' grandfather. He is a little off the reservation. He is not tough on borders, he sponsored McCain-Feingold, a bill limiting free speech during elections, and on Saturday's debate he actually called the pharmaceutical industry evil. I don't need a president calling private industries evil.

Ron Paul, wow, I think he might be Britney's other grandfather. If you listen to him, there wasn't a single issue in the United States until the Iraq War began. Why? His solution to everything is to end the war and focus domestically. For a person that is supposed to be a champion of small government, in Saturday's debate he actually said in addressing health care that the trillions of dollars spent overseas should be SPENT here. Spent does not a small government make.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

I am a Despot

I love freedom and capitalism and I don't think we have enough of either. Consider for example that one of our basic freedoms is to own property and to be secure in that property from seizure. Now consider that we don't truly have that freedom at all. We must pay a property tax and if we don't, our property is seized. That means that we do not have true ownership of our property; rather, it is lent to us by the government. So long as we honor the tax, we can keep our property. I read about this point in a book called "Heiland" and it really shook me up. It went on to talk about how we really don't have the true freedoms we think we have because we have allowed the government to treat our freedoms as priveledges that they give to us. We can't own a business, we have to have a license. We can't drive, we have to have a license. We can't get married, we have to have a license. We are as far away from the land our founding fathers intended as North Korea is away from being a republic.

As fired up as I get about things like that, when I am given a choice as to what type of government I would set up, I always choose a socialist dictatorship. Over the Christmas break, I spent a lot of time playing a game called Rise of Nations - Thrones and Patriots. If you like Age of Empires, you'll love Rise of Nations. In Rise of Nations, as you build your cities, you get to choose what type of government you want, do you want a republic or a dictatorship. I choose a dictatorship. Then you get to choose whether or not you want to have a socialist or capitalist economic system. I choose socialist. When I am in a war situation I turn away from my principles and try to become a Napoleon or Caesar. I like the idea of a little guy with a little gold crown sitting in a jeep commanding the massive forces I have amassed. Having a CEO in a suit doing the same thing just doesn't work, visually.

After writing this, I can never run for office.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Is America Bad for Freedom for the rest of the World

This is by no means a message of how the United States suppresses people and steals all of the world's resources. This is a think piece on unintended results. If an airplane crashes and the 1 in 100 million chance reason it crashed was due to a faulty widget, causing the FAA to mandate the replacement of all widgets at a high cost to the airlines, thus causing the price of tickets to increase, forcing more people to travel on the roads, where your chance of a fatality is much higher, did the FAA save lives or cost lives through unintended consequences? Has the United States done the same by allowing political refugees from dictatorships safe haven.

The founders of our county came to America as political and spiritual dissidents from their own western European nations. They didn't stay in their home country and try to force change. This continues all across the world today. Millions of Cubans, the anti-Castro type that we like, have fled Cuba and come to the US to live out the life they would prefer to have lived out in their own country, but without the dictator. We have done this for the Irish, Germans, Italians, Eastern Europeans, USSR, China, Vietnam... Currently we are allowing tens of thousands of Iraqis to leave and come to the US as refugees. Isn't that odd, allowing refugees to live here instead of the country that we are trying to build for them. Instead of keeping them in Iraq so that they can be part of the freedom process, we allow them to come here and create a vacuum of leadership in their own country.

The end result is that these people melt into our own culture and the woes of their native lands quickly fade away from their minds and the dictatorship continues on and on. We do this out of compassion because we are compassionate people. We have done it through out our countries existence. We have saved so many people from oppression. But have we really? We can count all the people that we have saved by allowng them to come here, but how many millions have remained behind and lost their lives. By welcoming the people that want freedom most, we have kept the rest of the world under tyranny. Knowing this, should we change our course as a nation?

A Christmas Story

The Christmas break was great. I got to spend a lot of time with my family, extended family, and friends. This is my first day back at work and I already miss my wife and kids. You bond quite a bit when you are together for 11 days. The fact that I didn't post once should let you know that my mind wasn't on current events.

One thing that I realized this holiday while I was watching the "A Christmas Story" marathon on TBS is that I have gotten older and my dynamics have changed. I watched that movie for all my life from Ralphie's perspective. The one big gift, the anticipation of Christmas day, and then Christmas morning, scene of presents and wrapping paper under the tree. One of my favorites is the stocking because those didn't get stuffed until we were in bed. At the end of the movie, Ralphie's Mom and Dad sit together in front of the window in their dark living room, lit only by the Christmas tree lights and the moonlight reflecting off of the falling snow. This Christmas eve, I realized that I am now Ralphie's parents. I see and experience things from their perspective. My joy comes from my children and I want things to be right for their experience and their memories. I get my enjoyment from being a spectator in theirs.

I think this might be a new guide post in getting older.