Friday, January 25, 2008

Democracy at the Tipping Point

Our ability to survive as a nation will not depend on the outcome of global wars, the environment, or the economy. It won't even hinge our ever decreasing liberties, as we slide into European socialism. It will come ever so gradually when the takers out take the producers. How will this happen. The biggest danger of a democracy is when people realize they can vote themselves other people's money. For 232 years delayed this progression because we were a nation of principles and principled people. Thanks to the dumbing down of our children for decades, we now have a larger proportion of people that could not state those principles. We have a larger proportion of people that cannot plan long term. The fact that the average American has no savings but instead is $8,000 in debt, is evidence that our society wants IT and want IT now. And now that we have gotten ourselves into so much debt that banks will not allow us to take on any more, we will take it from other people. This isn't about welfare families and dead beats. This is about the average American working family for the first time willing to vote to have property and money taken away from what they consider the wealthy (any person making more money than themselves).

We have reached a real tipping point. If I were to be a former vice president and had Hollywood aspirations, I would make a movie called The Nation in the Balance: Take Your Piece of someone else's pie.


Cluster Duck said...

This is a fantastic blog. I just now stumbled across it. A day late, a dollar short. Maybe I'll vote myself one of yours. ;)

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