Thursday, January 24, 2008

Heath Ledger Death No Joke

Certainly not if you are in the media. There are service man dying in Iraq and Afghanistan that receive little to no mention, aside from the body count, and certainly their deeds go beyond playing a gay cowboy or the Joker. Mr. Ledger died from what can only be characterized as the typical reckless Hollywood lifestyle. Though any death is tragic when so young, I don't think I need to see a live camera outside his apartment to watch people laying flowers down as a tribute. I don't need to hear interviews with Broadway production people where they state how appreciative they are for his role in Brokeback mountain.

The best part is watching the celebrity interview during a time like this. There they are in a chair with a movie poster behind them promoting their latest flick. All they want to do is talk about their motivations for their character and how much the role meant to them. The Hollywood reporter is guaranteed to ask them about how they feel about the celebrities death. Now the real acting starts as they try to drum up remorse for a person they know as much as I know the person that live 5 blocks away. I'm sure before these stars schedule these junkets, they scan the Hollywood obituaries so that they can either cancel the interview or be prepared for the question.

Of course I'm no better, I have just devoted an entire blog entry to the death of a person that I only know from his role in the Four Feathers. And I only watched that because the guys wear the British colonial uniforms they did in the Zulu war, which just celebrated it's 128th anniversary.

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