Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Is America Bad for Freedom for the rest of the World

This is by no means a message of how the United States suppresses people and steals all of the world's resources. This is a think piece on unintended results. If an airplane crashes and the 1 in 100 million chance reason it crashed was due to a faulty widget, causing the FAA to mandate the replacement of all widgets at a high cost to the airlines, thus causing the price of tickets to increase, forcing more people to travel on the roads, where your chance of a fatality is much higher, did the FAA save lives or cost lives through unintended consequences? Has the United States done the same by allowing political refugees from dictatorships safe haven.

The founders of our county came to America as political and spiritual dissidents from their own western European nations. They didn't stay in their home country and try to force change. This continues all across the world today. Millions of Cubans, the anti-Castro type that we like, have fled Cuba and come to the US to live out the life they would prefer to have lived out in their own country, but without the dictator. We have done this for the Irish, Germans, Italians, Eastern Europeans, USSR, China, Vietnam... Currently we are allowing tens of thousands of Iraqis to leave and come to the US as refugees. Isn't that odd, allowing refugees to live here instead of the country that we are trying to build for them. Instead of keeping them in Iraq so that they can be part of the freedom process, we allow them to come here and create a vacuum of leadership in their own country.

The end result is that these people melt into our own culture and the woes of their native lands quickly fade away from their minds and the dictatorship continues on and on. We do this out of compassion because we are compassionate people. We have done it through out our countries existence. We have saved so many people from oppression. But have we really? We can count all the people that we have saved by allowng them to come here, but how many millions have remained behind and lost their lives. By welcoming the people that want freedom most, we have kept the rest of the world under tyranny. Knowing this, should we change our course as a nation?

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