Tuesday, January 29, 2008

McCain Wins Florida. Republicrats and Demicans on to the White House

John McCain wins Florida and South Carolina. This might be the first election where I cannot clearly vote for the person that I think will do us the least amount amount of harm. McCain is as liberal as Ted Kennedy and Nancy Pelosi. I am a libertarian by heart, but always vote Republican because I have the greatest chance at getting some of the things I want. There is no distinction between Democrats and Republicans any longer. I thought 2006 was an election where the voters told the Republicans to be more conservative or we will vote you out. Now I see that per my previous post, this nation is not at the tipping point, it has tipped over. This election will now be about which candidate can give away the nation in the more digestible manner, but either way, it ends up down the toilet. Like the brick.

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