Monday, January 7, 2008

Mit Romney, John McCain, Ron Paul

Hopefully putting all three of these RINO's(Republican In Name Only) in the subject will increase traffic. I'm not going to say much here. I don't have a candidate yet that is truly for small government, low taxes, secure borders, preserving our language, and not using the necessary and proper clause 1:8:18 of the constitution to control anything they want. I will tell you that I certainly don't endorse any of the three of these candidates.

Mit Romney is for a government health care program and I don't trust him. He says what people want to hear. John McCain may very well be Britney Spears' grandfather. He is a little off the reservation. He is not tough on borders, he sponsored McCain-Feingold, a bill limiting free speech during elections, and on Saturday's debate he actually called the pharmaceutical industry evil. I don't need a president calling private industries evil.

Ron Paul, wow, I think he might be Britney's other grandfather. If you listen to him, there wasn't a single issue in the United States until the Iraq War began. Why? His solution to everything is to end the war and focus domestically. For a person that is supposed to be a champion of small government, in Saturday's debate he actually said in addressing health care that the trillions of dollars spent overseas should be SPENT here. Spent does not a small government make.

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zackzilla said...

Well said my friend. I was telling my co-workers the exact same thing on McCain and Romney. McCain is a doddering old man and Romney is Bill Clinton less the lip biting.