Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Tears Win Primary in New Hampshire

I knew the second I saw her tears that they were nothing more than a contrived performance. What I forgot was how good the Clinton's and their machine are at manipulating the media and the American people. The fact that the woman's vote swung so quickly back over to Hillary after her false show of emotion is clear evidence that the tears were staged. I have never seen anyone get so much press coverage over so little, but that was their goal.

The Clinton's are masters of media manipulation. I remember the famous video of Bill Clinton walking out of Ron Brown's funeral. He was just joking and carrying on until he spotted the camera out of the corner of his eye. Before he took another step, his expression withdrew into solemn grief. Brilliant! And what about his famous stroll along Normandy beach where he found random (placed) stones on the beach. He proceeded to use those stones to produce a makeshift memorial. Brilliant! Acting! Straight from the Bodalier acting school on Saturday Night Live.

Now on a conspiratorial note, how about those polls. Pollsters have agendas too, all the way up until the election when they bury their bias so that they can show some accuracy. After all, if they were wrong all the time, who would listen to them. That is why I have to think the Clinton's called in a big favor by having the pollsters all call for a landslide Obama victory in New Hampshire, thereby keeping his supporters home. Or maybe their polling just didn't factor in the Clinton tear.

By the way, John McCain is the Manchurian Candidate.

Picture is from the National Geographic. I thought it was odd they would do a profile on a political candidate

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