Tuesday, January 22, 2008

True Colors of Mark Funkhouser

I should have known it was too good to be true. A Mayor of Kansas City standing up for principle at the cost of the support of the machine. Frances Semler has resigned from the parks board for what she feels is a lack of support by Mayor Mark Funkhouser. In an interview this morning on 710 KCMO, she stated that in December, the mayor asked her not to attend the minuteman conference in Kansas City. What may have tipped her over the top in her decision was a perception in that the Mayor, whom she campaigned for and believed in, was only supporting her to maintain a conservative white base. And apparently he needs the "white" support so that he can get things done in the urban core. Nothing is going to change in the urban core until the urban core itself brings about that change, and the change is certainly not going to happen because of white guilt. Look at the KCMO school district as an example of that.

A month ago I wrote in support of the Mayor. I was excited that a regular non-politically correct person could get elected in this city. First he caved on the city manager and now we see his true colors shining through here. The best thing that has come of this whole situation is that two liberal racially divisive groups cancelled their conventions in Kansas City, La Raza and SCLC. Frances, it is worth staying on the board to keep these groups out of KC, but thanks never-the-less for staying as long as you did.

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