Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Ford and GM: Their cars won't be the only antiques

Year after year these automanufacturers, especially Ford post disappointing quarters or net losses. Certainly sales play a large part of it, but the real truth is that the UAW will end domestically owned automanufacturing in this country. Unions have wiped out textiles, steel foundries, and electronic manufacturing. Next on the list is the automotive industry. The myth is that things like NAFTA and cheap labor have taken away our manufacturing base. The truth is that we did it to ouselves by the marxism imposed by unions.

Before I begin to explain how we are set up for failure, let's get it out on the table that manufacturig jobs do not require the highest level of education and training. If it did, they wouldn't do it in mexico and other 3rd world countries. So,how can a business possibly succeed in the global market when you are paying "laborers" hourly wages that in most other countries could hire 5 or 6 people to our one. Add on to that you aren't just paying the laborers that are actively doing work, you are paying for all the laborers past in pension and healthcare. Until these unions come to grips with the fact that their greed has sabotaged this steady employment for all future generations, you can say good-bye to Ford.

Manufacturing is labor. It is time this nation pays labor wages for labor work. Get the Unions out. The consumer might actualy get a well made automobile at a reasonable price.

Why would quality increase with lower wages. As stated previously, it doesn't take a person making 35 to 55 dollars a hour to spray paint the undercarraige of a Taurus, but because of Unions, there is no competition amongst workers, no incentive to be better than the next person because raises are not determine based on value to the company. Quite the opposite. I believe that in a plant workers will only work as hard as their worst man. Why not, he gets paid the same.

If you got rid of the unions and started pay off low, allowing people to increase their pay based on performance and not union contracts, profits will rise, prices will fall, quality will rise, and maybe some of those manufacturing jobs will come back.


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