Thursday, February 14, 2008

Jericho: Why Gun Control is a Bad Idea

I was watching Jericho last night and something was made very clear, we must never allow for gun control of any kind. To set the stage, Jericho is a show about a rural Kansas town that has been cut off from the rest of the world after nuclear explosions destroy 23 cities, bringing the country to its knees. Thankfully for the town residents, everyone has some degree of rifle or hand gun and and an endless supply of ammunition. This comes in handy when the residents of the neighboring town, New Bern known for having the nearest Costco, decides to invade and take over Jericho. The result is a pitched battle between one militia and another.
Here is what I noticed, although this is acting, every member of the militia handled their weapon as if they were on the streets of Iraq. Rifle close and raised, controlled sited bursts of fire. These men fired like they knew what they were doing. Now lets compare that to the scenes you see on the news of third world countries, included eastern europe. They hold their rifles out and away, just spraying the air hoping that a bullet connects. The stand in the middle of the street looking at the news camera holding down the trigger. Basically they suck.

We cannot have gun control because if our country ever does break out into such chaos, I don't want our people to be an embarrasment on the Television.

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