Friday, February 8, 2008

Netflix-instant-view: The Saga Continues

Netflix adds the movies bit by bit. Just today they added the classic, The Shinning. Here is what my beef is, Netflix has a tab where you can browse the recent additions. One would expect to click on this tab and see the most recently added movies in order of their addition to the list. This couldn't be further from the truth. You have to view the entire queue to see what movies were recently added, and the only way for you to know which ones are the most recent is by memorizing the list from the day before. Not a problem for a person new to Netflix, but a big problem when you are trying to grasp exactly what movies have intant-view capacity.

Along the same lines, Netflix sorts its movies by genre. So if you want to see what movies are available in a certain genre, you have to look through them all, also not in any order. But, what is visible by sorting through that genre is not the entire playlist. A movie, like the Karate Kid, may be available for instant-view, but you have to specifically search for that movie in the search function to see if it is. Poor browsing capability and poor listing of new moview, I again downgrade Netflix instant-view to a bust.

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