Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Pulp Fiction Reality

I walked into McDonald's today and ordered myself a "Royal with Cheese". I did all the ordering in German. I find myself able to speak it more with each day. Now, instead of pouring mayo on the Pommes Frits (fries), they pour Katsup. They gave me the largest katsup package I have ever seen. They saved the mayo for my royal with chees. Couple of other things, no pick-up trucks over here. And the Germans do not drink beer like it is water. They say the beer trinken in Sude Deutchland, near Munich. The central area are wine drinkers. Also contrary to popular demand, Oktoberfest is not that big of a deal here. Only the areas in the south do anything. Just like St. Pattys day, we have taken the holiday to new heights. I have also learned that Germans are very regional. They are very prideful of their towns and regions, looking at different regions like they are totally different people. An the language varies from region to region and village to village. They have said that in some areas they can't understand anything the others say. And when I use the internet, all the main sites are in german. I can't get it to go to english.

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