Sunday, February 3, 2008

Super Tuesday: The Coronation of the Benign Oligarchy

If I ever bought into Michael Savage's theory that the country is run by a benign oligarchy, I do now more than ever. Watching this race is like watching sons fight for the crown after their father's death. As conservatives, we need a third party. Democrats and Republicans are like gel in a lava lamp. The float around in the heated political mess as two separate blobs. Eventually they come together and one blob takes over the smaller blob, leaving just a little floater to split off and grow into a bigger blob. In this case, the Democrats have taken over the Republicans. They didn't really take over so much as the Republicans moved to become Democrats. John McCain. The man sought the Democrats in 2001 to see about becoming a Democrat. How could anyone vote for him and expect tax cuts, free speech, and closed borders. And to all the evangelicals that voted for Huckabee, you played right into the McCain-Huckabee trap. Huckabee is only their to peel off states from Romney. There will be a position for Huckabee in the McCain administration, you mark my words.

I can't stand any of them. The only hope for the long run is a conservative party, like libertarians, without the drugs. The Oligarchy is in place. It started with Bush Sr, then Clinton, then Bush again, and whether it is clinton or McCain, they are all part of the same family. The Oligarchy is benign now. With continued victories, it will turn into a tumor that will wipe away all of your liberties.

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