Sunday, February 24, 2008

Um Gottes Willen

I'm in Germany. Things are expensive. So my trip didn't start out so great. There was supposed to be a person at the airport waiting for me. There wasn't. I had to to pay about 80 US dollars for cab ride to my hotel. I better get reimbursed. Then, I got to the hotel. There was a lovely note on the door to its customers: sonntag ab 17:00 Uhr geoffnet (Opens at 5:00 on Sunday). Unfortunately, I arrived at 3:00. So I waited on the doorstep for two hours while half the town walked by and stared. The family finally arrived after their afternoon bike ride and I was able to begin my day.

I walked around the town center, that is where I am located, and took pictures of the old buildings. This is the stuff you only see in books or movies, so it is pretty cool. After a nice walk, I was hungry for dinner. Now what does a guy like me do for dinner in little Idstein. There are little restaurants all over, but half of them look like they may or may not be open, and the other half looks like it is a person's living room. And once I get in, how do I know what to order and how do I explain what I want. I remember passing a Burger King and McDonald's on the edge of town whan I came in. In my mind it was very close. It was starting to get dark and a little more chilly, but I still struck out on foot by myself. I was so sure I was going the right direction. I even congratulated myself on my skill for navigation. Whoops. I was walking blind. To make a long story short, 45 minutes later, I made it to BK and ordered in German. I didn't use any English. The lady barely knew what I was saying. I asked for it to go, but got it on a tray instead. I scarfed down my food and took the 15 minute walk back to my hotel. I knew I would get lost this time because there is some medeival tower right next to my hotel, so I can never get lost. That is all for now. By now I have ben up for 30 hours. I have to stay awake so I can adjust to the time zone. We are 7 hours ahead here.
To my wife and kids, I love you.

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