Monday, March 31, 2008

Punished with a Baby

This has to be one of the most outrageous and hideous statements from a liberal that shows exactly how they view parenthood, and specifically, abortion. Today I heard Barak Obama say that all kids make mistakes, but that he wouldn't want his kids "punished with a baby". As a soon to be father of 5, I am offended. I would be ashamed to be an Obama supporter.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Hillary's Trip to Bosnia Exposed: Vast Left Wing conspiracy

I can't stand Hillary Clinton, and I can't stand Barrack Obama, and I unfortunately can't stand John McCain. That is why this election year has been the most difficult. since 1991, I would have salivated to see Hillary caught so blatantly in her lies as she now has been with the CBS video of her trip to Bosnia that directly contradicts her statements on the campaign trail where she basically she said that she had a similar experience in Bosnia as the Army Rangers did when they lost a couple of Black Hawks in Somalia. The difference here is that instead of the Ranger falling out of the helicopter while repelling, Hillary was pushed out by her fellow Democrats, while a CBS embedded reporter took video. Do I love watching Democrats cannibalize each other? You know I do. The point I want to make is that had Hillary been then nominee and this was the general election, this video would not so readily have been made available. I know that conservative radio and Internet would have had the story, but CBS would have been less likely to promote it themselves and share the video. Of course, fixing elections is nothing new to CBS. Remember Dan Rather's use of false documents to try to incriminate President Bush and his National Guard service during the 2004 election. Even after they were proven false, Rather still pressed the issue. In my final comment, I want to ask Hillary a question. How does it feel to be a victim now of the vast left wing conspiracy. Maybe Hillary is using this to paint herself as a centrist having now been a victim of the left and right wing conspiracy.

Friday, March 21, 2008

My Own Bucket List

I was talking to my kids the other day and came to a realization. I don't travel too often and consider myself a home body. With that in mind, you would think that my life's experiences would be limited. That is what I thought too until I started to catagorize these experiences in my head. For being 31, I have done quite a bit. I decided to list out all of the things that I have done that are worth listing on a blog and that I could remember. (if you know of an experience that I left off, sorry). I want to preface this list with a statement. The greatest experiences are those I share with my family as a husband and father. I have three kids, and twins on the way (certainly another unique one). I would give up everything listed below if it meant sacrificing any of the things I have done as a husband and father.
  1. I have flown across the Atlantic and travelled to Germany, toured castles, crossed the Rhein river on a ferry, been to a thousand year old monestary.
  2. I have been on Radio and on the Television news.
  3. I have met a senator and future Presidential candidate (he liked my tie).
    I set up a rally for the Speaker of the House.
  4. I have been in 3 aircraft carriers, 1 fast attack nuclear sub, Aegis cruisers, destroyers, battleship, WWII Sub, and have seen every naval jet in active and inactive service.
  5. I have ridden on a naval landing craft and stormed a beach as the front dropped down (vacant beach), like D-day.
  6. I watched the Blue Angles, from their own airstrip.
  7. I have been in the white house and the capital building.
  8. I paricipated in simulated naval damage control drills(the compartment fills up with water and you have to stop it, in the dark), which was so much fun.
  9. I have seen the pacific and atlantic oceans and swam in the Gulf of Mexico.
  10. I have toured the smithsonians.
  11. I have seen the Lincoln Memorial, the Vietnam War memorial, and Arlington National Cemetery.
  12. I have seen Robert E. Lees home.
  13. I have seen alcatraz, fishermans's warf, chinatown, downtown sanfrancisco.
  14. I have been to the national mint in Denver and been up to Rocky mountain national park.
  15. I have flown in a helicopter.
  16. I went to the longest College world series baseball game in history (over 5 hours).
  17. I have Been to KU football and basketball games, Chiefs, Royal's, Wizards, Comets games.
  18. I have gone on float trips.
  19. I have gone watersking.
  20. I have seen Jack Nicklaus and Tom Watson play golf.
  21. I have played soccer at Kemper arena.
  22. I have been to the drag strip in Topeka and watched the funny cars from the luxury box.
  23. I have been in fire trucks (not moving).
  24. I have slept in a military barracks.
  25. I have played football and wrestled and earned a varsity letter.
  26. I have been to many concerts.
  27. I have driven the route JFK took when he was shot.
  28. I have sailed along side dolphins in a bay in Pensacola Florida.

Some things I would still like to do.

  1. Go back to Germany with my wife.
  2. Go sky diving
  3. Ride a horse

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Supreme Court Decides on DC Gun ban

Washingtion DC is the holder of the strictest gun control law in the nation. Right now, the supreme court is deciding on its constitutionality. There are a couple of things that strike me about this story. First is the fact that according to news reports, anti-gun protestors are holding signs saying that no ban allows criminals and terrorists to have easier access to guns. Think about their premise, they say that one of the most violent and crime filled cities in the nation needs to keep it ban on guns. I don't think after 32 years the ban on guns has done anything more than take them out of the hands of law abiding citizens. This is the best example on how gun control only works for the people that wouldn't use them in a criminal way to begin with, neutering our ability to defend ourselves and taking away the fear within a criminal that they might get shot in the commission of a crime. We've tried it their way, now lets try handing guns out. I bet crime goes down.

Secondly, the news story on MSNBC says that the Supreme court has not decisively stood on the 2nd ammendment in 216 years. It shows the bias that for some reason, a constitutional amendment needs to be first agreed to by the supreme court before it can be enforced. The purpose of the court is to judge new laws on whether they are constitutional, not whether the constitution is constitutional. The reason it hasn't been decided on is because until the last 35 years or so, there was no question on whether it was a right or not.

Monday, March 17, 2008

1989 Chevy S-10 xlt Tahoe Pick-up truck

I love my truck. It is almost 20 years old, but I have only had it for 1 year and 17 days. I got it free from somebody at my church. They had this truck and were looking to sell or donate it. On New Year's day, they called me and asked if I wanted it because my car was out of commission. It was an answer to prayers. I thankfully accepted this vehicle and have had it since. Now this truck didn't come in mint condition; rather, quite the opposite. I affectionately call it "Storm Chaser" because of the numerous chips and dings and rust in the body. The front bumper was not attached but we got it back on (who says you can't drill through chrome). The turn signal was out, but we rigged a new one that would at least pass inspection. Additionally, the AC doesn't work, the odometer is stuck at 179k miles, the automatic window switches are broken so you have to stick your finger nail in the gap to raise and lower the window. The rubber trim around the door has fallen off, and the final one that gives it the best character is that the windshield wipers go off every 15 seconds (something I am now used to). It was a free answer to prayers and is consistent with keeping me humble (you can't pull into a lot full of BMWs and Lexus' and feel otherwise). It is paid off and it gets me to where I need to be, so I enjoy every ride more than if I was in a brand new car.
On Friday, I discovered a new benefit to having a car such as this. I was at a stop on a street waiting for a car to pull into the drive way. It was pretty foggy outside. I was getting ready to go when CRASH! I was jolted forward in my seat. After the bewilderment of "I just got hit by a car" passes you, I drove to the next drive way and got out to inspect the damage. I looked at my rear bumper that was slightly dented, with some paint smudges and a piece of the other car stuck in it, then I looked at the little red truck that hit me, headlight busted out, grill damaged, bumper hanging. A kid gets out of his car with a look of shock and remorse on his face. He immediately apologized. I told him that it looked like his truck just bounced of mine and that I was good to go. I mean, I really wouldn't be able to tell you what damage was new or old. So thanks to the blessing of this truck, I was able to extend grace to this kid and just drive away without even getting the slightest bent out of shape. The biggest problem this kid will have, aside from the damage he sustained, will be trying to convince his parents that I really did drive away with a smile and a hand shake. The only thing missing from this exchange would have been me telling the kid I've had this bumper for ages and I was looking for an excuse to get it fixed (National Lampoon's European Vacation). Thank you God for my truck.

2008 Flood Prediction

I recall the floods of 93 and how much devastation they brought. I also recall one of the largest causes for the floods of 93. It was record snowfall in places like the rockies. As that snow melted, the ground became saturated and there was substantial run-off into the rivers. Basically, the cup was full. Couple this with large rainfall totals in the spring and summer, and you get floods. I see the same happening this year. When the snow melts, it will swell the rivers and streams, and the cool moist weather patterns will continue, allow for above normal rainfall and you have the recipe for a repeat performance in 08. This will add wonderful fuel to the economic fire of rising crop prices.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Germany Trip Recap (Pic is of the Closter Eberbach)

So I can see how some may take from my posts that maybe my trip wasn't so fun. Certainly lady luck did not visit me during my travels. Lady luck wasn't waiting for me upon my return to work either as I fell ill on Monday and tuesday. As I look back on my time, I realize how much Germany and Idstein grew on me. I loved the city and the people and the culture. I have said that if it were a town in the USA, I would live there (i'm borderline wanting to live there even though it isn't in the USA based on on the crime I see on I hope to visit there again some day. It is nice to be back with my family of course, but some things I haven't transitioned to well to. I constantly want to look at my window and see the low mountain and valleys and trees. I want to step out my door and see the town and not suburbia. I want my water to not taste like a swimming pool. And I think I got used to the no ice thing too. Closter Eberbach is 900 year old monestary. It was used for some scenes in the movie, "The Name of the Rose", featuring Sean connery

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Farewell Idstein.

I have returned from Germany. It was sad when I left my town for the last time, but boy was I excited to see my family again. I got to Frankfurt and the nice folks at my office called ahead and had someone ready to wheel me through the airport. Don't get me wrong, I can walk, but they knew it was going to be a long long walk and a lot of standing up to get through security. A golf cart drove me through security and I had no trouble getting through. My day begin at 12 AM central time. My flight left Frankfut at 10 AM KC time. The flight was 9 hours long. It is bad enough to sit that long when you are healthy, but nursing a swollen ankle was very hard. I arrived at Dulles airport at 7PM central time. Now, having only heard german for 2 weeks, and having only used German for small talk, questions, and short answers, my mind did not immediately transition to English. It was very unexpected, though the Germans I worked with spoke much better English than did many at the airport. When the currency exchange operator spoke to me, I had to wait a minute before I responded. My next flight left to KC at 9pm central time. The flight was over two hours long and I got back to KC after 11:30 PM. I got home at 10 minutes until 1 AM Central time. It was a 25 hour day, and I didn't sleep that whole time so that I would be able to sleep when I got home. I was so excited to see my wife (the kids were all in bed). It was like a dream. I slept for about 6 hours and then the kids were up. They were very excited as I was to have the whole family reunited. Max kept staring at me and smiling and hugging me (in his head I could tell that he was saying...oh yeah, this is my daddy whom I love). Kynzie was very affectionate and Delainey was also excited. Aside from being very tired, things have transitioned very quickly. We are all back to normal. Also some good news. I have sold the car that has been sitting in my drive way for 1.5 years to one of my neighbors. I'll be happy to have that thing gone.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Idstein to Kansas City: Last Call

Just a couple of final observations I would like to jot down before I leave. First the differences as there are many. They wear their wedding rings on their right hands. Their traffic lights are not across the street, but hang directly above where you are to stop. I still don't know how they know when to go. The concept of freedom as we know it seems more like a nuisance to many. I think most would prefer the comfortable blanket of security provided for by government and societal control. They would rather not have the choice of a pharmacy to go to on Sunday and prefer that their ability to be spontaneous be limited, and that is okay for them. Also, do not use a word for word translation for the phrase I am hot (Ich bin Heiss). When you say that, it really means that you are getting arroused kind of hot. I am getting hot is much more extreme (Ich verde Heiss). If you are germany and you are hot, say Mir ist Heiss. Similarly, don't say I am cold (Ich bin Kalt). That means your heart is cold. Say Mir ist Kalt. As far as similarities go, the biggest one is that Germans also think the roads in Kansas City are horrible, so I have found the common bond.
On a serious note though, I really enjoy the town I live in. I would love to live in such a town if it were in the US. The buildings, the streets, the shops, they are all wonderful. You can actually walk and do almost all shopping or entertainment. I like learning and speaking German. I like to share our culture and have theirs shared too. It has been a great experience, despite all the problems I have had.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Idstein: The city I live in

Here are some pictures of the city I am staying in here in Germany.

Not my week.

Well, I have been staying in a hotel now for a little more than a week. Needless to say, my life is not normal. I am a creature of routine. Every day, I take a taxi to work. I'm saying all these things to build up to my next incident here. I have come to work with the wrong clothes. I got dressed with everything but my sweater. Then i looked at the time and out the door I went. I got to work and was going to take off my jacket. Whoops, no sweater. I only have my Boston Red Sox t-shirt on that I was going to wear under my sweater. Since I have now been dropped off and time is money, I have discovered that this shirt will have to do for Germany dress code.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Funnier story

Remember in Autin Powers 2 when he is confronted by Mustafa ( Will Farrell). He falls down the hill and repeatedly injurs himself. I now know what he must have felt like. I was on my way this morning to go to the Krankenhaus to have my freshly hurt Fuss looked at. Nobody spoke english by the way, but I was able to communicate effectively enough (thanks rosetta stone and Frau Laptad ) . While hobbling down a staircase, sure enough, I sprained my other ankle. How do you walk when you have two sprained ankles. I made it there some how (thinking that my wife will endure the pain of childbirth soon and certainly that must be worse.) I got there and they looked at my foot. I was so Geshamt I didn't even mention my other leg. (it is funny that while I was trying to learn from rosetta how to express that I hurt my leg "Schmertzen", the other phrase they kept showing was shame. I didn't think it would come in handy so soon). Well, because I didn't know how the insurance worked, they told me that it would cost out of pocket, So I left. They were kind enough to wrap my foot before I left at no charge. As the day went on, my original ankle that hurt very much felt well enough to walk and get dinner. My newly sprained ankle hurts all the time and is swollen unlike the originally sprained ankle.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Funny story about a castle.

So imagine I am back home in Oooh Es Ahhh (USA phonetically spelled in German) and I come into the office limping. The standard question is "What happened". The standard response is something like, " I was running, or tripped, or hiking, or playing soccer". Now imagine me, I have sprained my ankle every imaginable way over the years, but now I have the kicker. here would be my response. " Well, I was walking across a walkaway at this castle see, and being that it is 800 years old, there was this uneven stone, and then snap, I have a hurt ankle. But don't worry, I was able to go on and see the dungeon, the tower, and the great hall." Funny story.