Sunday, March 2, 2008

Funnier story

Remember in Autin Powers 2 when he is confronted by Mustafa ( Will Farrell). He falls down the hill and repeatedly injurs himself. I now know what he must have felt like. I was on my way this morning to go to the Krankenhaus to have my freshly hurt Fuss looked at. Nobody spoke english by the way, but I was able to communicate effectively enough (thanks rosetta stone and Frau Laptad ) . While hobbling down a staircase, sure enough, I sprained my other ankle. How do you walk when you have two sprained ankles. I made it there some how (thinking that my wife will endure the pain of childbirth soon and certainly that must be worse.) I got there and they looked at my foot. I was so Geshamt I didn't even mention my other leg. (it is funny that while I was trying to learn from rosetta how to express that I hurt my leg "Schmertzen", the other phrase they kept showing was shame. I didn't think it would come in handy so soon). Well, because I didn't know how the insurance worked, they told me that it would cost out of pocket, So I left. They were kind enough to wrap my foot before I left at no charge. As the day went on, my original ankle that hurt very much felt well enough to walk and get dinner. My newly sprained ankle hurts all the time and is swollen unlike the originally sprained ankle.


jocosob said...

I am thinking you should avoid castles.

troy said...

You are eric Idle from National Lampoon' european vacation.

Vid of Eric in Cast