Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Hillary's Trip to Bosnia Exposed: Vast Left Wing conspiracy

I can't stand Hillary Clinton, and I can't stand Barrack Obama, and I unfortunately can't stand John McCain. That is why this election year has been the most difficult. since 1991, I would have salivated to see Hillary caught so blatantly in her lies as she now has been with the CBS video of her trip to Bosnia that directly contradicts her statements on the campaign trail where she basically she said that she had a similar experience in Bosnia as the Army Rangers did when they lost a couple of Black Hawks in Somalia. The difference here is that instead of the Ranger falling out of the helicopter while repelling, Hillary was pushed out by her fellow Democrats, while a CBS embedded reporter took video. Do I love watching Democrats cannibalize each other? You know I do. The point I want to make is that had Hillary been then nominee and this was the general election, this video would not so readily have been made available. I know that conservative radio and Internet would have had the story, but CBS would have been less likely to promote it themselves and share the video. Of course, fixing elections is nothing new to CBS. Remember Dan Rather's use of false documents to try to incriminate President Bush and his National Guard service during the 2004 election. Even after they were proven false, Rather still pressed the issue. In my final comment, I want to ask Hillary a question. How does it feel to be a victim now of the vast left wing conspiracy. Maybe Hillary is using this to paint herself as a centrist having now been a victim of the left and right wing conspiracy.

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