Friday, March 7, 2008

Idstein to Kansas City: Last Call

Just a couple of final observations I would like to jot down before I leave. First the differences as there are many. They wear their wedding rings on their right hands. Their traffic lights are not across the street, but hang directly above where you are to stop. I still don't know how they know when to go. The concept of freedom as we know it seems more like a nuisance to many. I think most would prefer the comfortable blanket of security provided for by government and societal control. They would rather not have the choice of a pharmacy to go to on Sunday and prefer that their ability to be spontaneous be limited, and that is okay for them. Also, do not use a word for word translation for the phrase I am hot (Ich bin Heiss). When you say that, it really means that you are getting arroused kind of hot. I am getting hot is much more extreme (Ich verde Heiss). If you are germany and you are hot, say Mir ist Heiss. Similarly, don't say I am cold (Ich bin Kalt). That means your heart is cold. Say Mir ist Kalt. As far as similarities go, the biggest one is that Germans also think the roads in Kansas City are horrible, so I have found the common bond.
On a serious note though, I really enjoy the town I live in. I would love to live in such a town if it were in the US. The buildings, the streets, the shops, they are all wonderful. You can actually walk and do almost all shopping or entertainment. I like learning and speaking German. I like to share our culture and have theirs shared too. It has been a great experience, despite all the problems I have had.

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