Friday, March 21, 2008

My Own Bucket List

I was talking to my kids the other day and came to a realization. I don't travel too often and consider myself a home body. With that in mind, you would think that my life's experiences would be limited. That is what I thought too until I started to catagorize these experiences in my head. For being 31, I have done quite a bit. I decided to list out all of the things that I have done that are worth listing on a blog and that I could remember. (if you know of an experience that I left off, sorry). I want to preface this list with a statement. The greatest experiences are those I share with my family as a husband and father. I have three kids, and twins on the way (certainly another unique one). I would give up everything listed below if it meant sacrificing any of the things I have done as a husband and father.
  1. I have flown across the Atlantic and travelled to Germany, toured castles, crossed the Rhein river on a ferry, been to a thousand year old monestary.
  2. I have been on Radio and on the Television news.
  3. I have met a senator and future Presidential candidate (he liked my tie).
    I set up a rally for the Speaker of the House.
  4. I have been in 3 aircraft carriers, 1 fast attack nuclear sub, Aegis cruisers, destroyers, battleship, WWII Sub, and have seen every naval jet in active and inactive service.
  5. I have ridden on a naval landing craft and stormed a beach as the front dropped down (vacant beach), like D-day.
  6. I watched the Blue Angles, from their own airstrip.
  7. I have been in the white house and the capital building.
  8. I paricipated in simulated naval damage control drills(the compartment fills up with water and you have to stop it, in the dark), which was so much fun.
  9. I have seen the pacific and atlantic oceans and swam in the Gulf of Mexico.
  10. I have toured the smithsonians.
  11. I have seen the Lincoln Memorial, the Vietnam War memorial, and Arlington National Cemetery.
  12. I have seen Robert E. Lees home.
  13. I have seen alcatraz, fishermans's warf, chinatown, downtown sanfrancisco.
  14. I have been to the national mint in Denver and been up to Rocky mountain national park.
  15. I have flown in a helicopter.
  16. I went to the longest College world series baseball game in history (over 5 hours).
  17. I have Been to KU football and basketball games, Chiefs, Royal's, Wizards, Comets games.
  18. I have gone on float trips.
  19. I have gone watersking.
  20. I have seen Jack Nicklaus and Tom Watson play golf.
  21. I have played soccer at Kemper arena.
  22. I have been to the drag strip in Topeka and watched the funny cars from the luxury box.
  23. I have been in fire trucks (not moving).
  24. I have slept in a military barracks.
  25. I have played football and wrestled and earned a varsity letter.
  26. I have been to many concerts.
  27. I have driven the route JFK took when he was shot.
  28. I have sailed along side dolphins in a bay in Pensacola Florida.

Some things I would still like to do.

  1. Go back to Germany with my wife.
  2. Go sky diving
  3. Ride a horse


Kristin Michelle said...

how is that you have done all these things...yet never rode a horse?
didn't your mom used to ride all the time?

jrchaard said...

I was into many other things at the time.