Monday, April 28, 2008

The boys are here

My twins boys were born over the weekend. It was a wonderful event. The best birth I have seen or experienced. Thanks for all the prayers and support. This picture is wonderful. It is of mom and her new boys. Dennis was born at 7:40 AM 4/26/2008 weighing 7lbs 13 oz. Daniel was born at 8:04 AM 4/26/2008 weighing 6lbs 11 oz.


Kristin Michelle said...

those are some BEAUTIFUL babies!
your wife did an INCREDIBLE job with her pregnancy!
i can not wait to meet the little guys!

zackzilla said...

Congrats my friend. I hope babies and T are doing well. Hope to see you soon.

Kansas Bob said...

Cool picture Scott! Enjoyed breakfast this week.. added your blog to my reader.

Blessings, Bob