Friday, April 11, 2008

Gay Youth Protests Blood Donation

I'm paraphrasing a story I heard, so I don't know where this happened exactly, but recently a seventeen year old identifying himself as Gay was denied the ability to donate blood as every statistic known to man indicates that the homosexual lifestyle is highly succeptable to blood born pathogens such as hepatitis and HIV/AIDS. Similarly, people who have traveled to Haiti or Africa are also excluded from donating blood. Doesn't that seem awfully discriminatory. Apparently this 17 year old thinks so as do many of his classmates as they protested the next Red Cross blood drive. This goes beyond going too far. Do they realize what they are doing. Turning just one donor away from giving blood puts many people at risk. Think of the wounded and dying soldiers that are kept alive with the blood of their brothers and sisters. Now imagine them returning home and seeing this kid turning people away from doing it. It is a sad picture. I think they should take this kids blood and then just dump it down the drain.

The Gay rights believed right to be able force their lifestyle on every aspect of culture now digs into the blood supply. As with all other institutions that have become infected with their lifestyle and turned good into rotten, now they have set their sites on litterly infecting the blood supply. Buckle up, watch your kidneys, don't get hurt and you better hope you don't need blood in the future.

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