Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Royal's Addition by Subtraction of Sweeney

The Royal's are now 8 and 6 to start the season. Not bad when compared to many years past. Our offense seems to be doing well and Bannister and Greinke are pitching lights out. There are many changes that the Royal's made during the off season, but none stand out greater than cutting the player that emulated the Royal's success, Mike Sweeeney. Mike sweeney had a couple of years, but his chronic injuries have dragged the Royal's down in performance and payroll. I'm so happy to see him gone. Maybe now I can be a fan.

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zackzilla said...

I wouldn't describe my feeling as glad at Sweeney being gone. More like relieved. I mean, I liked Sweeney. He seemed wholesome, good with kids and a real role model. But business speaking, yes, I would agree the Royals are far better without him.

I am often asked by suedo Royals fans "do you think this is the real deal?" And I say no, it isn't. They are young. But it is so fun to watch them play. And the hope of my boy seeing something that I grew up with is really exciting.