Thursday, June 26, 2008

Supreme Court Decides on the 2nd Amendment

In a previous post, I mentioned that the idea that an amendment doesn't have credibility until the Supreme court decides on it is ludicrous. Despite this fact, all constitutionalists are able to take joy in knowing that this session has delivered a blow to the factions that would see the American populace helpless at the hands of non-law abiding citizens. The Supreme Court ruled 5-4 that the ban on ownership of hand guns and the storage of other guns is unconstitutional. The majority opinion stressed that this decision is based primarily on self-defense to thwart future assertions that it actually was intended for hunting. What is interesting about this is that the toughest ban on gun ownership exists in Washington D.C. and has since 1976. Yet during this time D.C. has become one of the most violent cities to live in. Why is this. Because the people that obey the law have no defense against the criminals that get guns because they don't care what the law is to begin with. I predict that crime will go down in D.C. as a result of this ruling.

What I am disappointed about is that the really true nature of the 2nd amendment goes unspoken and untaught. John Locke, whose writings were part of the foundation of our government, wrote that the people should have the means to overthrow a government out of control. Since our founder's fought the revolution against a government that they felt tyrannical, they wanted to assure future generations this same opportunity. The 2nd amendment is another check on government. The dissenting opinion in this case cited that the founding father's would never have foreseen urban violence. What the founding father's did foresee is government out of control and too activists courts. The constitution is there to tightly reign in their power. Because we have been told that we are too ignorant to understand such documents as the constitution, we have abdicated the responsibility of understanding it to 9 unelected judges in black robes.

Today was a victory for gun ownership, but the victory didn't come as vindication for the true meaning of the 2nd amendment. When you buy a gun and have to register it, just remember that it isn't true freedom yet.

Pit Bulls: Why Are They So Darn Cute

Why is it that people seem to love these most savage and dangerous dogs. I realize that a dog is only as good as its owner. I also realize that for every Pit bull attack story, there is some Pit bull story where it saved little johnny from the storm drain or something like that. Dogs as a whole have an unpredictable nature. They have been man's friend for as long as we know, but each dog is capable of an uncalculated attack. I'm sure the statistics show that you are more likely to be bitten by a dog under 15 pounds than by one over 30 pounds, but when is the last time you heard about a pack of Yorkshire terriers pulling somebody off a tractor while they are mowing a vacant lot and eating them alive. I have been bitten by a dog. It was some sort of terrier mix about 20 pounds in size. He bit my leg on my knew and left several painful puncture wounds. I was able to leave the incident with nothing more than some blood and a tetanus shot. What goes through my head all the time is what if that had been a Pit bull. Pit bulls that have one of the most powerful bites in the animal kingdom.

A dog like a pit bull as a different scale of hostility than most dogs. The most behaved Pit bull with one incident of aggression can be very significant. Really, we all know that a Pit bull is one step removed from a wild predator. Why do people want to own them. And they don't just own them, it is like they go out of their way to flaunt that their Pit bull is more tame than you think. they do this by leaving their gate open, sitting on the front porch while cupcake runs loose, or take walks with them on long leashes or no leash at all. "He won't hurt you. Its the owner, not the dog." What happens when I go running and I come across one of these people. Cupcake trots along all happy go lucky until they feel threatened and take a swipe at me. It has happened.

If you own a dog like this, get rid of it. If you can't, keep in locked up. I don't think that your desire to have a cute killer outweighs my desire to have my kids play freely in the front yard.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Big Ethanol Has Their Manchurian Candidate: OBAMA

To further solidify the point I made on how it is that Ethanol seems to be at the heart of major change in the US, you can read the article on MSN about how Obama is heavily influenced by Ethanol and his staff is made up of old Ethanol advocates. It is almost like a Hollywood movie where some weird front company is at the heart of a global conspiracy. In this case, it is Ethanol. I also learned that McCain seems to see the right side when it comes to Ethanol, so maybe there is hope for him. Another little nugget that I wasn't aware of is that we impose a tariff on ethanol imports, specifically ethanol made from sugar cane, which is cheaper and more efficient. If it is all about the environment and our dependency on foreign oil, why the tariff?

Zune Product Review

I have been the fortunate recipient of a gift, Microsoft's answer to the IPOD, the Zune. My Zune has 30GB of storage, which helps facilitate it video player. Along with a color video player that has excellent quality, the Zune also has all the normal music playing capabilities as the IPOD. It will display album covers, play many many hours of music without recharging. You can build play lists on your computer as well as on your device. There is also a Social function where you can share your Zune items with other Zune owners using built in wireless network. I haven't had much luck with it because at this point, there aren't many Zune owners. I also hold all of my pictures on my Zune which is very handy to have to show digital picture slide shows.

Two features that really add value for me is the ability to load movies onto your Zune, and being able to play your Zune through your car radio. To add video to your Zune, you must first by software that will convert your DVD to a format that can be loaded onto your Zune. I use Cucusoft which runs around $35.00 and well worth the money. It can take around 20 to 30 minutes to convert a DVD and place it on your Zune. I have done a little bit of traveling lately, and this has come in handy for passing air time.

The Zune works just like Itunes, but this is where the Zune starts declining in value. When you plug your device into your computer, your Zune window appears. This is where you manage your device, adding items to your collection or device, creating playlists, things like that. Once you need to log into to the Zune marketplace (where you actually buy and sample songs) it goes down hill. Logging in is the first problem. You log in and get an error saying that it was unable to log you in, but no reason is given. Then you spend lots of time online trying to figure out why. The answer is to just keep pressing the login button until it works. It is odd that such a bug exists at the most basic function, but it continues. Once you actually decide on a song a press buy, you are then faced with the same situation as the login, repeated failures for an unknown reason. Just keep pressing the Buy button and it will eventually work. It is like Microsoft wants to make it hard to get your money. The other issue is that if you have these problems and are trying to figure out how to fix it, the website offers the worst support links. They offer forums and no call number.

One more odd issue is that instead of showing dollar value for your purchases as Itunes does, Zune takes your dollar and converts it into 80 Zune credits. So when you see their songs are 79c, it really means it is 99 cents. It is done to give the appearance of being cheaper, but it is not. In fact, several songs are 99c, which means actually $1.25, whereas they would be .99 cents on Itunes.

While there are some issues, if you go into the Zune knowing how to work around them, I think the Zune is a wonderful product and I have enjoyed every minute of my ownership. I hope that they will come out with a Ishuffle like Zune device.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

NetFlix Instant-View has found its Niche

Netflix Instant View Online has found its niche. Following the writer's strike that dealt with royalties for online content, I had high hopes that the flood gates would open up that held the movie studios back from releasing their content online to paid services like Netflix. I was both right and wrong. I was wrong in that no movie that anyone has actually seen at a theater within the last 35 years has been released on Netflix. I was right in that a flood of movies would be made available. What kind of movies exactly? Well, go to your nearest Wal-Mart and look for that big basket with the $5.00 DVDs, and look at all of those titles. Now that you have gotten your hopes up, none of those movies will be available. Too much viewership. You might find one of those $5.00 DVDs that actually has three movies on it, and the worst of those three movies will be available online. If you like Troma movies, double features, made for video slasher/mild-adult movies, then you will be happy to see that the Toxic Avenger 2, or Alien Blood. I still have hope.

Friday, June 20, 2008

How Ethanol will Destroy the Family Farm

Ethanol is great for agriculture business. But not quite. I of course think Ethanol is one of the worst things we have going on right now. I spoke recently with an owner of a 3rd generation family farm. They have 200 acres that they lease out for others to farm (the cost of repairing their own equipment is to prohibitive). They do however have cattle, corn fed cattle that is. Because of the depletion in the corn supply, they can now no longer sell, as a small farmer, their beef at competive prices. This December, when their farm mortgage is due, they will be faced with having to sell off much of their land that has been in the family for 3 generations. Put the price of food out of reach for the poor, drive up commodity prices, put truckers and small farms out of businss. Way to go Al Gore.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Ethanol, Flooding, Food Shortages. Time to say Uncle

When will the liberals say Uncle to their failed attempts and eliminating oil. Ethanol has to be one of my most despised words. Ethanol epitomizes so much of what is wrong with the economy. Ethanol is the pebble in stream that causes ripples down the whole economic water flow. I have laid out in previous posts how ethanol negatively impacts the economy, but who would have foreseen how it just continues to snowball. Now with the 2008 floods, our corn and other staples will become even more scarce. Without ethanol, government subsidized ethanol, in the mix, our economy would be able to sustain such an impact. I am worried now what prices for all groceries, including milk and beef, will become in the coming months. And if global food resources weren't tight enough, now what. I thought these liberals were supposed to be globalists. Can't they see what these programs are doing to people in the underdeveloped world. Riots and dissent. How far away are we from such things. When will people like Kofi Annan say Uncle and disown their liberal friends in the US Congress. But I don't hear such cries. Could it be that there is some sort of conspiracy by these globalists to bring down civilization as we know it so that they can build it in their own image. If this were a movie, it would appear as a well orchestrated effort between many powers in the world, both foreign and domestic, to topple the United States as we know it.

1. Bill Clinton for 8 years sold our national security to the Chinese, eliminating our military advantages

2. Terrorist attacks in the United States to marshal up a freedom grab by the US, tie up our military in an endless war against terror, drain our economy, drive up energy prices

3. I don't think demand for gas more than tripled in the last 7 years, but that is what the gas prices have done. Gas is the fuel for the world's economy, choke it off, and you choke off the economy

4. The devaluation of the US dollar. We'll be printing Pesos soon.

5. Flood of illegal immigrants. By flooding our nation with non citizens, it threatens our sovereignty.

6. The constant beating of the global warming hoax. Tell a lie enough and people believe it. So much legislation, so many negative consequences have come from this fear mongering. People will kill their dog because they are worried about the methane.

7. Ethanol. the president of Turkey rightly said that using food to produce energy is a crime against humanity. I have to agree with him. If this was a totally private endeavor, it would be working and not hurting the food supply like it does, but because it is a government program, there are no market forces driving ethanol.

I sum it all this way. When the heads of the oil industry were testifying before Congress recently, Maxine Waters revealed her true stripes when she had a Hugo Chavez moment and threatened to have the government take over the refinery process. SCARY!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Great Flood of 2008 Prediction.

I predicted this year's flooding back on March 17, 2008. Here is an article referencing NOAA's own flooding prediction based on the same observations I made, though I made them 2 weeks earlier. If I have such abilities to predict flooding using the same reasoning as NOAA with no formal training, does that also mean I could use my ability to project global warming. Let me give it a try, There is no Global WARMING. I predict the earth will start to cool again. In fact, in the next 2 years, I believe we will see our first glimpse of temperature decline.

Monday, June 16, 2008

zero emission vs zero oil

It occurred to me that at this time of an energy crisis and an environmental crisis (to which I do not believe in), we have two competing and possibly mutually exclusive driving forces in the auto industry. Every day I read about the latest zero emission automobile. I realize that the momentum for zero emission vehicles has been at the forefront as environmentalist have pushed their half baked theories, but has it come at the cost of the more urgent need to decrease our dependency on foreign oil. I would like to think that if the auto industry had been as ramped up to meet the need to have cars that don't need gas or as much gas as they have been to decreasing emissions, we would be years ahead of the real crisis that faces the world. Let's face it, oil is the fuel for the world. By the free flow of oil, all things are kept at a reasonable rate, now everything, including food, is going up in price beyond the reach of the lowest consumer. Not to mention how bio diesel effects all of this. This just illustrates the priorities of the environmentalists, planet over people. At least when we have all starved to death, the CO2 levels will be be better for the polar bears.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Colloquy Meeting June 19th

We will be conducting a quick meeting of the Colloquy Society this thursday June 19, 2008 at the Barnes and Noble Book store at Town Center Plaza at 7:00 PM for those wanting to attend. Bring your minds. Open invitation for those wanting to come and check things out. Here is a link to tell you more of what Colloquy is all about.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

2008 Flood Prediction revisited

Back in march I predicted that based on the winter and the weather patterns setting up for spring there would be flooding in 2008. I hope it doesn't become as bad as 1993, but it seems to be getting worse all the time. Here is a link to my original post.
Also, here is a news article making it official