Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Big Ethanol Has Their Manchurian Candidate: OBAMA

To further solidify the point I made on how it is that Ethanol seems to be at the heart of major change in the US, you can read the article on MSN about how Obama is heavily influenced by Ethanol and his staff is made up of old Ethanol advocates. It is almost like a Hollywood movie where some weird front company is at the heart of a global conspiracy. In this case, it is Ethanol. I also learned that McCain seems to see the right side when it comes to Ethanol, so maybe there is hope for him. Another little nugget that I wasn't aware of is that we impose a tariff on ethanol imports, specifically ethanol made from sugar cane, which is cheaper and more efficient. If it is all about the environment and our dependency on foreign oil, why the tariff?

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