Thursday, June 19, 2008

Ethanol, Flooding, Food Shortages. Time to say Uncle

When will the liberals say Uncle to their failed attempts and eliminating oil. Ethanol has to be one of my most despised words. Ethanol epitomizes so much of what is wrong with the economy. Ethanol is the pebble in stream that causes ripples down the whole economic water flow. I have laid out in previous posts how ethanol negatively impacts the economy, but who would have foreseen how it just continues to snowball. Now with the 2008 floods, our corn and other staples will become even more scarce. Without ethanol, government subsidized ethanol, in the mix, our economy would be able to sustain such an impact. I am worried now what prices for all groceries, including milk and beef, will become in the coming months. And if global food resources weren't tight enough, now what. I thought these liberals were supposed to be globalists. Can't they see what these programs are doing to people in the underdeveloped world. Riots and dissent. How far away are we from such things. When will people like Kofi Annan say Uncle and disown their liberal friends in the US Congress. But I don't hear such cries. Could it be that there is some sort of conspiracy by these globalists to bring down civilization as we know it so that they can build it in their own image. If this were a movie, it would appear as a well orchestrated effort between many powers in the world, both foreign and domestic, to topple the United States as we know it.

1. Bill Clinton for 8 years sold our national security to the Chinese, eliminating our military advantages

2. Terrorist attacks in the United States to marshal up a freedom grab by the US, tie up our military in an endless war against terror, drain our economy, drive up energy prices

3. I don't think demand for gas more than tripled in the last 7 years, but that is what the gas prices have done. Gas is the fuel for the world's economy, choke it off, and you choke off the economy

4. The devaluation of the US dollar. We'll be printing Pesos soon.

5. Flood of illegal immigrants. By flooding our nation with non citizens, it threatens our sovereignty.

6. The constant beating of the global warming hoax. Tell a lie enough and people believe it. So much legislation, so many negative consequences have come from this fear mongering. People will kill their dog because they are worried about the methane.

7. Ethanol. the president of Turkey rightly said that using food to produce energy is a crime against humanity. I have to agree with him. If this was a totally private endeavor, it would be working and not hurting the food supply like it does, but because it is a government program, there are no market forces driving ethanol.

I sum it all this way. When the heads of the oil industry were testifying before Congress recently, Maxine Waters revealed her true stripes when she had a Hugo Chavez moment and threatened to have the government take over the refinery process. SCARY!!

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