Monday, June 16, 2008

zero emission vs zero oil

It occurred to me that at this time of an energy crisis and an environmental crisis (to which I do not believe in), we have two competing and possibly mutually exclusive driving forces in the auto industry. Every day I read about the latest zero emission automobile. I realize that the momentum for zero emission vehicles has been at the forefront as environmentalist have pushed their half baked theories, but has it come at the cost of the more urgent need to decrease our dependency on foreign oil. I would like to think that if the auto industry had been as ramped up to meet the need to have cars that don't need gas or as much gas as they have been to decreasing emissions, we would be years ahead of the real crisis that faces the world. Let's face it, oil is the fuel for the world. By the free flow of oil, all things are kept at a reasonable rate, now everything, including food, is going up in price beyond the reach of the lowest consumer. Not to mention how bio diesel effects all of this. This just illustrates the priorities of the environmentalists, planet over people. At least when we have all starved to death, the CO2 levels will be be better for the polar bears.

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