Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Ball of Confusion: That's what the world still is today

I have a song I downloaded recently to my Zune by the Temptations called "Ball of Confusion". I enjoy the instrumentals, singing, and lyrics. It is a song about the problems that faced the United States back in 1970. The more I listened to it, the more I saw parallels between 1970 and now. Check out the lyrics, I will dissect a few of them now.

"People moving out, people moving in. Why, because of the color of their skin." This was indicative of white flight from urban centers. This is still very relevant to today.

"eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.Vote for me and I'll set you free" You can imagine Barrack Obama saying these words. Race is still an issue because racial promoters make it so.

"The sale of pills are at an all time high." Apparently the war on drugs has had no impact. This line is also still relevant. You could say it is also applicable to prescription drugs.

"The cities ablaze in the summer time." I thought global warming was a new thing.

"Evolution, revolution, gun control, sound of soul." Evolution and gun control. This song was written before the DC gun ban and the court decision that overturned it.

"Politicians say more taxes will solve everything." This is my favorite lyric. People have been buying into that line for a long time, and yet the world is still just a ball of confusion.

"Hippies moving to the hills. People all over the world are shouting, 'End the war.'" It is all cyclical.

If things repeat themselves, it is likely we will have a decade of bad fashion and dance music, followed by a decade of Wall Street and yuppies, and then a generation that rebels against prosperity and peace, and then repeat.

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Kansas Bob said...

"a decade of bad fashion and dance music, followed by a decade of Wall Street and yuppies,"

..hmmm ..just trying to figure out which was worse :)