Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Michael Savage Autism Rant Was Needed

We all have a tendency to over-react or over-state a fact to make a point, and that is exactly what Michael Savage did. Long a proponent of natural remedies, including his book "Healing Children Naturally", Michael is passionate for the cause of over medication, especially for children. His own brother was put in a hospital at age 5 and died 20 years later in the hospital, so this hits close to him. If his comments were made by another talk-show host, then maybe the outrage could have some validity, but because of his background in biology and his doctorate in epidemiology, I give him some more street credit.

With so many children being diagnosed with ADD over the last 20 years, people need to ask themselves, why now. How did we get along as a society before these medicines and diagnosis. And as the tide began to turn against ADD, Autism is now picking up steam with an estimated 1 in less than 150 children estimated to have autism. I am not a Darwinian, but I do believe in genes. How can a population survive with such statistics. They psychiatrists and pharmaceutical companies paint this ADD and Autism epidemic in the same way as the "uninsured". Millions are uninsured, but of those, millions chose to be so. If mental health industry can blur the statistics and make gross over estimations, why can't Dr. Savage.

I do believe that there are people that have both ADD and Autism. But certainly not to the degree it is being diagnosed. So many of the symptoms sound like adolescence. I think that with 2 parent working or too busy to raise their children, as issues arise, they would much rather be told it was medical and not poor parenting . "Oh John, it wasn't us after all. Billy just needs some medicine and then all that creative and manic energy will be controlled. I don't like there to be too much energy in this house when I come home from work." Keep putting the word out Dr. Savage.


thejotus said...

The Jam was diagnosed with ADD as a kid. Perhaps that is why he became the jammer?

Robert E said...

Wow, you are one seriously misinformed individual when it comes to autism. I don't know of any "magical medicine" parents are giving their kids to treat autism (Ritalin for ADD/ADHD maybe). I do know plenty of parents of autistic kids who are treating their children homeopathically (using may of the methods outlined by Michael Savage in his books) to heal their children and lead them out of the maze of autism. It doesn't work for everybody, but you keep trying.

Your comment about “why now” are so many kids being diagnosed with autism is especially irritating. What’s changed in the last 20 years? you ask. How about more pollution, more preservatives in food, and – most importantly – quadruple the amount of childhood vaccines. Yet you dismiss all that and chalk it up to bad parenting and overzealous medical professionals (another point: if anything the medical community as a whole is seriously behind the curve on the entire autism epidemic. Autism is still not taught in medical schools and many pediatricians still fail to give kids a thorough autism screening at 18-24 months when they stand the best chance of getting the most help.)

I like Michael Savage’s radio show, too. He’s funny, an entertainer. He says outrageous things that sometimes (and sometimes not) have a grain of truth in them. The problem is when individuals like you consider him “the best source for news” and take everything he says as truth. Enjoy “living your dreams” with your happy, healthy family. Keep vaccinating those kids according to the American Academy of Pediatrics vaccine schedule and you may find those dreams ending very quickly.

Karen B said...

Really? Savage said that 95% of kids with autism are brats. My heart breaks for every mother who deals with autism every day and has to hear crap like that. What an idiot, and you are an idiot for supporting comments like that.

jrchaard said...

it appears that those that have read this post also have mistaken me. I believe in both ADD and Autism. I do believe it is over diagnosed and I do believe that it is done so because of complacent parents just looking for an excuse. This doesn't mean everyoe is in the same boat. If I had a child with Autism, I would not want a bunch of children that just don't fit the perameters of what is acceptable behavior to be labeled and stigmatized. I would want the focus to be on the real disease. My children are not vaccinated and the amount of toxins are limited. I do believe these things have contributed, but not to the degree of 1 and 150 kids. As a society, we like to group and label things. Right now it is Autism, but later, when the tide turns against the blanket diagnosis, it will be called something else. Follow the money. There is money in labeling kids as being a problem. Schools get special funding and drug companies get prescriptions filled. I think much of this is also fueled by public school system, which I am also not a part of.

Tamela's Place said...

Good post. i agree with you. ADD and Autism, i truly believe the reason we are seeing more and more of it is because of busy parents, broken families, bad eating habits and no discipline or structure for children. My husband's brother was healed of autism after giving his life to the Lord and was delivered from past hurts. He also changed his eating habits. I babysat a young boy with ADD. His mother was a nurse and he came from a broken family and had no structure or discipline in his life and bad eating habits of course. Some structure and better eating habits is all he needed why he was with me. He wasn't a problem for me whatsoever. I was able to talk his mom into taking him off his medication while he was with me. I witnessed him being a child once again and not a zombie.. This is my opinion and my experiences with ADD and Autism. God bless you!

jrchaard said...

Thank you Tamela. I think you see my point. Why take things like a diagnosis at face value. Why live with the label. Why not break out of it. Why not lay it on the Cross. When you get sick, you want anti-biotics, even if it isn't a bacterial infection. Why not try to heal it with vitamins and rest. We want a label because we feel like we have control that way. We want medicine because it makes is feel like we did something about it.