Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Obama - Iran. Let's have a sit down

During the unprecedented media spectacle known as the Obama mid-east tour, Barrack Obama has defended his position of dealing with Iran through direct talks. I recall Bush's harsh criticism of Obama when he basically said that you can't change these people through a series of persuasive arguments. I'm sure Obama feels emboldened as he certainly will share more common interests with the Iranians than Americans. I would like to think how such a tactic would work if the head of the FBI said that he planned on talking with the heads of organized crime in direct talks to get them to end their criminal activity. "It would make everyone so happy. Please, please, please disband your organization. I'll take you out to lunch" It is a sign of weakness. If you have the better hand, why would you negotiate. When you negotiate it means that you plan on compromising your stance in some way. What compromise is there to be had with terrorist. We promise that we'll starting pushing head coverings for our woman if you promise not to destroy another 2 of our skyscrapers.
I think back to the Godfather. After Daddy Corleone dies, the traitor Sal Tessio approaches Michael letting him know that Don Barzini wants to talk. As we know, it is at those talks that Barzini plans on having Michael killed. The Iranians plan on doing the same figuratively. I say we pull the Corleone plan and go after Iran, Syria, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and Hezbollah


Kansas Bob said...

The Godfather and the election.. an interesting thought..

I wonder which of the two candidates resemble the sons of Vito.. hotheaded Sonny and cool Michael.. or maybe they both really look like Fredo :)

jrchaard said...

I think they are both like Connie's husband. Both opportunists that would sell out their brother-in-law to move up.

Kansas Bob said...

Aaaah.. Carlo.. I think we agree.. he does appear to be quite the politician :)