Friday, August 29, 2008

Joe Six-pack Versus Congress on the Iraq War

You know, there are so many smug anti-war people out there. Bush lied, war for oil.......... Yet I seem to recall quite a bit of support for the war back in 2003. And knowing that the liberal media had ample opportunity to launch investigative reports for the build-up, I think everyone had a different impression about what we were getting into, including Bush. Once we are there, now you have to deal with the situation on the ground, regardless of the reason. Here, Bush made several years of mistakes, but we have it right now. We need to hold course Iraq and see it through.
That all being said, I encounter so many anti-war people, I wish I could pull up a voting record on them to see if they would have voted for the war. Luckily, we can do this for congressmen, so they can be quasi-accountable. Day after motor mouths just run their mouth.

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Kansas Bob said...

I have always questioned the war Scott.. I never felt it was the right thing to do.. I remember speaking with people who believed that Bush "heard from God".. had more than one argument with friends.. in hindsight it was simply an unwise decision.. that he has never admitted to publicly.. like Hillary all Bush has done is to justify his decision.

Sadly that decision and the ones pursuant to it almost single-handedly gave the congress to the democrats.

I do feel that if we stay the course that we need to develop a plan to alleviate the burdens on military families.. I just wish I knew how.. the options are fairly limited and (in the case of a national draft) not politically acceptable.. lets hope we don't need to deploy troops in other regions of the world.

Hope you are having a great weekend!