Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Scripture Relevant To Today: 1 Timothy 6:17-19

I was reading my bible yesterday and came upon some scripture that I think is important during this economic crisis.
1Ti 6:17
Command those who are rich in this present world not to be arrogant nor to put their hope in wealth, which is so uncertain, but to put their hope in God, who richly provides us with everything for our enjoyment.

You can say that some of our current situations are as a result of the arrogance of the rich and politicians, and the pursuit of worldly wealth which is uncertain.
1Ti 6:18
Command them to do good, to be rich in good deeds, and to be generous and willing to share.
1Ti 6:19
In this way they will lay up treasure for themselves as a firm foundation for the coming age, so that they may take hold of the life that is truly life.

The last two verses keep things into perspective as to what it is all about. True wealth and true life in the coming age.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Bailout Bust: Disaster Overted for One More Day

Just a quick note to say that the bailout failed to pass the house with the help of 90 Democrats. This is a great day. I know that I said I wouldn't be listening to the Radio, but today has really been worth it. I listened to Rush and Hannity play clips from a 2004 congressional hearing in which Democrats, such as Barney Frank and Maxine Waters, defended Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae as being financially sound firms with wonderful leadership. One Democrat went as far as to say that the hearing was a "lynching" of the Freddie Mac CEO, playing the race card. The Republicans called for regulation and oversight and were very alarmed at the future. This has been and will be swept under the rug. Listening to Barney Frank praise Freddie and Fannie should be enough to send him packing, but it won't.

2008 Presidential Debate

I watched the debate and it was very ho-hum. Watching a couple of democrats trying to show contrasts was painful. However, if I ever had any doubt as to who my candidate was, those doubts have all be cleared away. I now passionately support John McCain. He is my man. Why the sudden change you ask? Well, he did say that he is for the stopping of the ethanol subsidy. That is enough to seal the deal for me. Needless to say, I hate ethanol and so does the economy. If he wanted to take it a step further, for those that love ethanol, he could end the tariff on imported ethanol. At least then we could see if the market really supports the junk.

Environmental Myths

I am now 32 years old. I can now say talk about things of my childhood and not be talking about the not too recent past. About 22 or 23 years ago, I was told many predictions about the environment and what life would be like for me now. I was told that there would not be enough gasoline for me to drive by the time I was old enough to drive. I have now been driving for half my life so that prediction was FALSE. I was told that we were approaching a new ice age because the pollution was too thick. I was told this at the tail end of that prediction as the wackos were calling for that to happen for decades. Today, the same crowd is calling for global warming. I was also told that acid rain would destroy plans, be harmful to contact, and ruin the water supply. Movies depicted scenes of depleted greenery and clothing with holes in them. I can't tell you the last time I heard anyone even say the phrase "acid rain".

The Bible speaks about prophets and false prophets. A prophet is one that receives a word or vision from God. For them to be from God, they must be true as God would not provide false visions. If a prophet is speaking falsehood, then they are shown to have no gift and must be a false prophet. The same should go for these scientists. They are making false predictions for a long time now that are not even based on real science. When will we cast them out as false prophets

Arenas And Bailouts Ammendment A

In addition to my previous post, I would like to add that the beneficiary of Arena construction and the 700 Billion dollar bailout all happen to be millionaires.

Friday, September 26, 2008

New Arenas and $700 Billion Economic Bailout

I am officially against the bailout. It hasn't set right with me for a while. I would rather let the economy take its natural course. As my opposition crystallized for me, I realized that the principle is the same as why I am against tax payer funded building of arenas, or anything non-infrastructure for that matter. You see, when a team wants a new arena, what do they do. They say they will move if they don't get it. The city then panics and says that a total economic collapse will happen if it isn't built. They say that businesses will sprout up, jobs will be created, tourism will flourish, and the blind will see if it is built. The plan gets presented before the public, and in a panic of the economic doom and the promise of an economic boom, the public takes the bait and pass it.

Congress must have learned a lesson from their city council friends (or maybe it is Obama's experience as a city organizer that has made a difference) because they are trying the same tactic with this economic bailout package. There will be economic doom if it doesn't get passed and think of how much the economy will bounce back. What neither the arena plan or bailout plan fail to mention is that if either were so good, why didn't the private sector already do it. It didn't happen because the free market couldn't support the arena and because these businesses are meant to fail.

The other side of this coin is how wrong the principle is when it is examined at the micro level. If government financed construction of buildings works, why isn't every business built by the government. If I want to open a bakery, while the city may offer a tax break, they will not build my building. I say I will open it in another city, or think of the jobs, or think of all the other businesses that will sprout up. It isn't done because it really isn't constitutionally provided for, nor is it how the market works. Similarly, if my bakery is bankrupt, the city will not take over its operations. I say think of the jobs that will be lost and all the businesses that depend on my bread. The city is likely to send you the property tax bill and say good luck. If it doesn't and shouldn't work on the micro level, it shouldn't at the macro level. You just have to ask yourself what is the motivation.

Birthday Recap: A Great Day

My birthday was really great this year. I went to Hereford House for lunch and had a delicious steakburger. Then I went home and was greeted by my toddlers bearing gifts. My 4 year old gave me a book of her drawings all stapled together, and then my 4 and 2 year olds gave me all kinds of things they found around their room and wanted to wrap up for me. It is amazing that even though they are taking one of their books and putting it in a gift bag with the knowledge that they still get to keep the book, their is a total twinkle in their eye as they watch you open them up. It is great to see such pure hearts. I was also greeted by a spotless house as my wife and oldest daughter worked hard all day. We sat down to dinner to eat a special dish I enjoy that mother-in-law cooked and brought over. The I opened my gifts, which included a mug from "The Office", as well as a mouse pad and dry erase board with "The Office" theme. I also got a Zune tune gift card, which I pretty much used up by the time the night was over. After that was done, I gave 4 kids their baths and then played tea party at my 2 year old son's urging.

My parents and my sister came over bringing a fun card and some funds, along with a bag of cinnamon popcorn. They stayed and had some delicious homemade apple pie. It was good to have my sister over since she is moving to California next week. They left and I put the kids to bed. It was a really really good day.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

I'm just not feelin it - 980 KMBZ is off my dial in the morning - The Fountain

I'm just not feelin it right now. Earlier I blogged about Election Fatigue Syndrome. I think it has hit me pretty hard now. I think it is a combination of the Economy and the Election and the total keystone cops approach to both that have pushed me over the edge. For my known life, I have always listened to 980 KMBZ in the morning to get my news. I can't stand their coverage so much, especially the horrible interviews they do at 7:40 AM with the worst guests imaginable, that I plug my Zune in and listen to some music. As a side note, the worst guest of all is on Thursday's at 7:40 when they do day trips with Diana Langdon Myer (sp). That is where she tells you about some strange place that is just a drive away, like going to Ft. Scott to see the last full service gas station in 20 counties that also serves funnel cakes. The kids will love it and they can get a souvenir oil can hat. Puke.

In the evenings, I enjoy listening to Michael Savage. I look forward to it. The only time I plug my Zune in is when it is a replay. Last night, I plugged my Zune in anyway. I think that I had become to plugged into the macro world and not enough into the micro world. I watched this wonderful movie the other day called "The Fountain". Chances are that you have not heard of it. It cost 30+ million to make and only made half that figure. I loved it the second it started. My favorite character in the movie is the score, which I have purchased for my Zune. If I had to pick funeral music, at least one song would come from this score. That is an odd thing to think about right now, but that is what the movie is about, death.

In three story lines, in which the Hugh Jackman and Rachel Weisz play the lead, the main character is fighting death. In the 1500s, he is searching for the tree of life so that he and Queen Isabel of Spain can live forever. In the present time, the main character is trying to create a cure that will save his wife from a brain tumor. In the future, the same character is now trying to bring a tree containing his wife's spirit to the exploding star she used to gaze at in time for its destruction. The overall theme is as I see it is that death will happen despite your efforts.

After finding the tree of life, the main character drinks of its sap after seeing it drip to the floor and spring fourth life. After drinking the sap however, his body explodes into flowers and plants. In the present, after learning that his experimental serum worked on a test monkey, Tom rushes back to his wife who has now died from her illness. He claims that death is a disease that can be cured and presses on with his work, regretting all the times he didn't spend with his wife while looking for the cure, sacrificing time in the effort to have more time, only to have the efforts be made in vain.

In the future, you realize that present Tom has made this trip in the future by eating from this tree that is his wife, sustaining his life long enough for him to take her to the exploding star. He eats from it one last time before arriving at the destination only to have the tree die as a result just when he arrived. His wife, all along has come to accept her death and only wants her husband to do the same. Just before the star explodes, Tom finally accepts his fate.

Now, there are no real Christian themes in the movie as it hits more on the fact that our immortality exists as we return to the circle of life (wife as a tree). But it can make me think. Death is inevitable. No matter what we do here on earth. God offers us eternity for those who believe in Christ. This allows us to focus on the relationships we have here and now. We can take a walk in the snow instead of spending all night on the computer. The music as a character portrays that sense of inevitability and eternity, a sense of dread and hope. It has made me think micro and not macro.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Henry Paulson Takes Over the Economy

Back in 1993, I remember that one of the big initiatives of Bill and Hillary was to take over one seventh of the US economy through their health care plan. The plan was successfully defeated and helped to usher in the Republican majority back in 1994. How could we allow the government to take over such a large part of the economy.

Fast forward 14 years and now we have this supposed free market President. What does George Bush do in his last year, he manages to topple capitalism itself and add $6,000 of debt to every tax payer in the country. And he does it without people realizing he is the one that is doing it. His front man, Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson, is asking for a 700 billion dollar blank check. For some reason, in this economic disaster, Congress is willing to allow such a thing, the same Congress that will debate for hours over $200,000.

This is big and it is unprecedented. Paulson is part of the executive branch. He was appointed by Bush and confirmed by the Senate. He can also be removed by the President. Why are people so complacent with this guy derailing the market. What on earth has happened to sense, and what has happened to responsibility. I can't believe that our whole economic system is going away with a whimper and not a fight. Oh, and to add insult to injury, the Chinese are now citing the US economic collapse as proof that theirs is the system to emulate.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Embryonic Stem Cells Run for President

I pretty much think Obama has abandoned his campaign for change. In its place, Obama has chosen a tactic that worked well in Missouri in defeating Jim Talent in 2006. Embryonic Stem Cell research is wildly popular here in Missouri, of course, so is light rail and murder. The add I listened to from Barrak Obama focused solely on Stem Cell research. I didn't realize that had polled well as one of the top concerns facing the country, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

I'm not going to hide my feelings here, so, I think that people ignorantly and blindly believe in this Miracle cure. With Embryonic Stem Cell research, you can cure every ailment known to ever exist, so long as there are more lines made available and we spend years and years of research and billions and billions of dollars, we might find a cure for flatulence in mice. There have been no breakthroughs with Embryonic Stem Cells, just the promise. In the meantime, we keep hearing about actual breakthrough using adult skin cells. But that doesn't fit the real agenda of devaluing life.

Barrak Obama is just a promise. He is an empty candidate that campaigns merely on vague change. Change of course, can be whatever you want it to be. That is why Barrak Obama is now the Embryonic Stem Cell candidate. They both are offered up as miracles and the masses eat them up. In the end, they only work to eat society up.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Mayor Funkhouser Sticks it to City Council with Rare Veto

I know there are much bigger things Kansas City has to deal with than passing laws to target one specific person. You only have to read my Brother's blog to see the unbelievable crime stats. I'm going to set all of those things aside for my comment on the Mayor's veto. Funkhauser has had flashes of brilliance as being a "Maverick" (I wonder if he was on McCain's list). He stuck by Frances Simmler for her views on illegal immigration. Now he has found another thing to stand up to.

From the beginning of his term as Mayor, the city council and other political machines have targeted him because he doesn't play ball. You see, the Mayor's wife, Gloria, works, unpaid, for Mr. Funkhouser as is personal assistant. Through this relationship, there have been what I feel are politically motivated allegations of inappropriate comments made by Gloria. As a result, the city, during this time of crime and economic woe, created a law to bar Gloria from serving in this capacity. A law barring a wife from assisting her husband. Good or bad, Mark Funkhouser is a regular joe as is his wife. These people hate him for it, much the same way so many on the left hate Sarah Palin.

The Mayor's response is classic. He Vetoed the law. The first veto by a Kansas City Mayor in 80 years. It will likely be over turned which will then lead to a law suit. The political machine should know by now that this mayor is not for sale and as Tom Petty would say, He won't back down. His response is that of a husband defending his wife. A person using common sense rebuking the senseless. Go Mayor.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Media Treatment of Sarah Palin

The media treatment of Sarah Palin is something similar to a movie I watched called Spaceballs. Lord Helmut ordered Colonel Sanders to Comb the desert. The next scene you see a series of men taking giant sized combs and combing the desert. After questioning his men on whether or not they found something, the consensus was "Man, we ain't s**t." Right now, the media is taking the fine tooth comb over every comment or action this woman has ever said or done.

News stories go something like this, "when discussing energy policy, Sarah Palin claimed to have little experience with natural gas, but according to a former employee, Ms. Palin frequently suffered bouts of natural gas, making one wonder whether or not she is credible when it comes to gas." There is no stone unturned for this woman right now. Really, there is nothing wrong with this. This is how we get to know our candidates, and if the press were fair, it would work. But Obama never had any of his stones turned over by the media. They haven't even looked at the top of the stone. Obama has lots of dirty laundry, I mean real dirty laundry. Such as how his house was purchased with the help of a criminal Tony Rezco, or his ties to a former domestic terrorist Bill Ayers of the Weather underground, or what exactly he did do before becoming a Senator. The only things that have come out about Obama are through the alternative media, the Internet and talk radio. In the end, McCain gets no focus on him, so he will come out of the next few weeks with no scars. If Obama had faced similar scrutiny, he would not be the nominee.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

2008 Democrat Primary to be held in November

Just in case you need anymore evidence to my assertion that the 2008 election is essentially a Democrat Primary, you need only to read this article about how a top Democrat fundraiser will be supporting McCain. I know Sarah Palin's appointment has energized the base (disappointingly on nothing more than image), but we must remember McCain is in charge and he is the Maverick. Remember, a wolf remains a wolf even after he has taken your sheep.

Election Fatigue: Where's My General Patton

It hit me this morning, election fatigue. It may just be a passing thing or it may turn into CEF, Chronic Election Fatigue. Very similar to Seasonal Affective Disorder, SAD, it can hit you in a moment or it can overwhelm your whole spirit. The fact that I am blogging about it may mean that I only have a minor case of election fatigue. I may need a General Patton to slap me in the face and call me a chicken. "You don't deserve to be in the blogosphere with these men, you coward,"I imagine Patton saying to me. I was watching Matt Lauer ask a question with equal determination to the McCain and Obama Representative about the AIG bailout. Mr. Lauer wanted to know how yesterday's bailout of AIG by the Fed affected their candidates previous stance of being against it. Both of them avoided the question. Bill Richardson must not have even heard the question because he just started listing of the 5 campaign points for Obama. One thing that struck me as funny was the assertion of the question is that the Fed bailout was the right thing to do and that McCain and Obama must be dullards for not seeing it. If I were either of their advisers, I would fire back by saying that the question is flawed in that we don't know if the bailout was the right thing to do.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Sarah Palin's ABC Interview

I watched the extended interview on Friday evening between Sarah Palin and Charles Gibson. I did not see the Republican savior. I saw a rehearsed Bush/McCain clone. On any subject that one would imagine her to be out of her comfort zone, she became a robot. I hope there really is more than meets the eye and she doesn't turn out to be a decepticon.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Did George Bush Destroy the Economy?

About 10 months ago, I wrote a post called What's Wrong With The Bush Economy. In error, I cited statistics that indicated the economy was on good footing. Unemployment was low (almost 1.5% lower than now and the rate of growth was great. At that time, I blamed the worst of it on individuals, and I still do. It is the individual that buys their way into debt and it is the individual that takes on a home loan whereby the payments are 50% or greater than their take home pay. However, when Bush in 2002 said that they need to increase home ownership of "Non-Anglos" by five and a half million by 2010, we can see the results of that decision. Banks knew that the quasi-government Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae would assume all the risk and therefore made the high risk loans. The banks boomed, the housing bubble boomed and Freddie and Fannie got deeper into the poor house.

I do have to ask myself what Bush's motives have been for being the Republican Jimmy Carter. Is it as the conspiracy goes to enrich friends in the seemingly immune Goldman Saks, of whom or Treasury Secretary and head of the Federal Reserve hail from. Or is it just because this RINO capitulated proactively to all criticism that can be leveled at a conservative (racist, mean-spirited.....) and therefore couldn't spend money fast enough. The one good economic decision Bush made was tax cuts. Now I shall endeavor to list all of the mis-steps that have happened during or because of his administration in no particular order.

  1. Ethanol - need I say more. This has been horrible for inflation and pressures on food supplies

  2. Energy - No new drilling, No new refineries, No new nuclear plants. Remember, he did have 4 years of Republican majorities.

  3. Minimum Wage - This is such a scam and pander to Unions. Because many of them have clauses to adjust their own wage when minimum wage is adjusted. And really, this only redefines what $0.00 really is.

  4. Illegal Immigration - This one could have been taken care of under his administration. 20 Million illegals. Some work, and some do not. The bogus argument that they help keep produce costs low is crazy. The burden to schools, health care, and crime outweighs that.

  5. Rebate Checks - I have a couple of extra rolls of toilet paper I was thinking about stamping George Bush's picture on and say here is your rebate check. They have the same real value.

  6. Inflation - see all of the above.

  7. Medicare Plan B drug benefit - on behalf of all non-retired generations, thank you Mr. President. Bill Clinton cut Welfare rolls at the pressuring of Republicans, you ballooned our entitlement spending in the face of no real pressure.

  8. Federal Spending - I think we all know that Bush didn't use his veto pen for the first 6 years. And we all know how much the Republicans liked to put in earmarks knowing Bush would approve them.

My only hope is that we have a Ronald Reagan waiting in the wings. Please leave a comment and let me know what you think of Bush and the Economy

Friday, September 12, 2008

Palin Runs Risk Of Becoming GOPs Obama

I don't hear this from the news because they hate Palin and everything she appears to stand for. Listening to talk radio, I get a dose of Limbaugh, Hannity, and then the reality check Michael Savage. Rush and Sean are falling all over themselves in praising Sarah Palin. For a full week now, I have heard them credit her with single handily winning the election and energizing the electorate. They are certainly correct, but I fear that she has accomplished this merely on image and not merit. Obama rose to the Democratic nomination merely on image and an illusive dream of some sort of change. That has also been the cause of Obama's fall. He bought into the hype that his image was big enough to carry the election alone. All he had to was keep his image out there and make it bigger (delivering his acceptance speech in from of 70,000 people) and the election was in the bag. But with 2 months left before the election, people are starting to want more substance. Obama has no substance. This alone is enough to hurt Obama. Image fatigue has also set in. I really think people are tired of seeing him for almost 2 years.

In comes Sarah Palin and now the people have something new to fixate on. Obama finally brought about the change the people wanted, a change in the person they could dream about. The McCain - Palin campaign has to be very careful that they don't fall into the same trap. If there is no substance behind the image, the electorate will revolt again.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Obama on Letterman

I have never been a fan of the Late-Night talk shows. I have known that David Letterman has a left wing bias, so I shouldn't be shocked based on the highlights I saw of Obama on Dave's show playing Abbott to Letterman's Costello. I can imagine the backroom negotiations on this one.

Dave:Barry, you are getting creamed out there. Your delivery off speech is about as smooth sandpaper. And that whole lipstick thing. You need to stick to speaking about change and hope. I do have an opportunity for you to be my set up man. You come on my show and I'll throw you a fastball, then you say a couple of cool things and I will take the opportunity to slam McCain for you. I mean, you have to leave this comedy stuff to the professionals.

Plus, Obama looked as fake as a silk rose. His laughter and his attempts to act like he is above the fray is pathetic.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Obama Lipstick Comment: Lipstick on a Pig

Good, now that I have your attention, I have to say that McCain's choice in VP seems to be more and more of a brilliant tactical move. This morning, after viewing Obama's lipstick on a pig comment that McCain also used at one time in the campaign in reference to Hillary's health care plan, ABC did a hard hitting investigative report on Palin's controversial background. Apparently she ASKED a librarian what she would think about removing books with questionable content. In today's world asking and doing may be the same thing to the dunces in the media. They also hinted on the fact that she might have actual faith and go to a real church. They even played a clip of the current pastor of a church she no longer attends actually having the courage to speak out against homosexuality. You know, I ate IHOP several months ago. A little time after that, there was a shooting. Does that mean I support gang hangouts. It will if I run for office.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

2008 Campaign observations:McCain gains in the polls

I have a couple of observations about the campaign today. First, I listened to a radio interview with the head of ABC's polling. The big story is how much of a post convention swing has taken place in favor of McCain because of the convention and the energy that Sarah Palin has brought to the ticket. McCain leads among white woman now by a 20 point swing. What stuck me though about the interview is how many times the pollster prefaced the results by saying it was a statistical dead heat. At one point the pollster mention a 7 point lead for McCain, but was quick to point out the dead heat once again. You know, I know how these polls work with their margin of error, but in all the months that Obama has been ahead, but within the dead heat range, I never heard anyone fall over themselves to point out the statistical dead heat factor.

On a similar note, I always browse the Yahoo news site for inspiration. Typically in the science section, there is at least one article discussing global warming. It almost goes without saying. Today, in the politics section, every single one of the 5 headlines is some piece about Obama. With 8 weeks to go, these liberal agencies are down to the wire to try and deliver their candidate. I wonder if we will have another Dan Rather forgery this year.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Chris Mathews Demoted

According to a report on Yahoo by Michael Calderone, the liberal powerhouse of Chris Mathews and Keith Olberman are out as their lead anchors for election coverage. I hope this is the first of many such shake-ups, but I doubt it. It is like a cell full of murderers pointing to the one with blood still on their hands as the real bad guy. Chris Mathews is just too stupid to conceal his blood of bias as well has his other partner's in crime. Just to show how far Mathews has slid, I remember maybe ten years or so ago when Rush Limbaugh though he was balanced enough to be a guest host on his show. Maybe that was in Rush's pain medicine addiction days.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

McCain Convention Speech Review

I am watching McCain's convention speech tonight. Either everyone's energy was zapped from Sarah Palin's speech from the night before or he is delivering a snoozer of a speech. I think it is a snoozer. I have heard this speech before. I think Bill Clinton gave it many times when he talks about Joe Six pack in Springfield whatever that lost his job. "I'm wearing his underwear so that I will always keep him in my thoughts". We're all this and all that and big tent mumbo jumbo. I think I just heard something about a migrant workers daughter being an American too. If he means that she lives in North America, then he would be correct. I swear I just saw an applause sign. I just heard something good. He wants to introduce choice into schools. "Help failed teachers find another line of work," I love that one. He is going to take on the school unions. I love that.

Sarah Palin Convention Speech Takes the Bite out of Obama-Biden

I didn't quite get McCain's angle for choosing Sarah Palin as his running mate. Sure she has conservative credentials and sure she is a woman, but is she is no Hillary Clinton. Hillary has no real virtue and no real family experience except that which she had to endure for first her husband's career, and now her own. Hillary has arisen on the coat tails of her husband and would likely be an obscure lawyer practicing in Little Rock without Bill. Sarah Palin is a creation all of her own. As I watched her speak last night, I saw the skill and confidence that comes by not being a phony. If woman were to rally to a candidate based solely on image, Sarah has Hillary beat. I'm sure that is what McCain is counting on.

But that is not the real reason I think McCain chose Sarah Palin. For one week now, the election has turned from McCain vs Obama to all Palin all the time. Even though it has been negative media coverage, you know Obama is jealous for all the attention. Right now, I'm sure Obama is saying, "Um, uh, uh, excuse me. (long pause) Where, uh, uh, have all the uh camera's gone?" And despite all the negative coverage, people all falling in love with her, and I don't just think it is the conservative base.

But that also is not the real reason I think McCain chose Sarah Palin. The moment hit me after her speech as her family was assembled on the stage, including her infant child with Downs Syndrome, I realized what it will now look like to the American people if the Obama campaign attacks her, sweet, wholesome mother, daughter, sister, or wife of the American people. Imagine the Vice Presidential debates as Obama's supposed pit bull tries to attack her. It will not sit well.

I call the McCain campaigns plan the Puss 'N Boots strategy. Remember in the movie Shrek 2, we are introduced to a new character voiced by Antonia Banderas, Puss 'N Boots, or just Puss. Shrek and gang come along this cat with a hat and sword, but when they go to attack, it simply gets all bigged eyed and precious looking. Shrek's defenses melt at the sight of this sweet little creature. And then before Shrek knew it, Puss erupted into a furious attack. Shrek was caught off guard. Puss' best trick was the ability to quickly resume the cute kitty pose and disarm the counter attack. Obama and Biden will certainly take on the role of an ugly green ogre when up against Palin 'N Boots.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Hearts and Diamonds

On Sunday, I heard a very touching story about a parent that did things right in that moment where all could go wrong. My pastor's wife delivered the message on Sunday. It was about love and how you need to know that you are loved before you can effectively love others. But now to the story. Basically, the pastor's wife, Amy, noticed that her friend was not wearing her wedding ring, the one with all the beautiful big diamonds. Her friend was very distraught about it and said that it was broken. Amy asked whether she could get it fixed, you have the diamonds after all she said. Her friend said that they were thrown away. Her friend said she went to find the diamonds in her room but they were gone. She asked her son if he knew what happened to them and he said that he threw them away.

Now here is the moment where you pause as your jaw drops and hits the floor. The obvious reaction would be to go berserk and be mad at your child for such a horrible thing. But when the son said he did it because he knew that they were causing his mother pain, his mother, very composed and seeing the big picture, thanked her son for looking after her heart.

This is something to aspire to in so many ways. A son that sees pain in his mother and takes action, a mother that acknowledges the heart of the deed, two people seeing beyond the things of this world. I was inspired.