Tuesday, September 9, 2008

2008 Campaign observations:McCain gains in the polls

I have a couple of observations about the campaign today. First, I listened to a radio interview with the head of ABC's polling. The big story is how much of a post convention swing has taken place in favor of McCain because of the convention and the energy that Sarah Palin has brought to the ticket. McCain leads among white woman now by a 20 point swing. What stuck me though about the interview is how many times the pollster prefaced the results by saying it was a statistical dead heat. At one point the pollster mention a 7 point lead for McCain, but was quick to point out the dead heat once again. You know, I know how these polls work with their margin of error, but in all the months that Obama has been ahead, but within the dead heat range, I never heard anyone fall over themselves to point out the statistical dead heat factor.

On a similar note, I always browse the Yahoo news site for inspiration. Typically in the science section, there is at least one article discussing global warming. It almost goes without saying. Today, in the politics section, every single one of the 5 headlines is some piece about Obama. With 8 weeks to go, these liberal agencies are down to the wire to try and deliver their candidate. I wonder if we will have another Dan Rather forgery this year.