Wednesday, September 17, 2008

2008 Democrat Primary to be held in November

Just in case you need anymore evidence to my assertion that the 2008 election is essentially a Democrat Primary, you need only to read this article about how a top Democrat fundraiser will be supporting McCain. I know Sarah Palin's appointment has energized the base (disappointingly on nothing more than image), but we must remember McCain is in charge and he is the Maverick. Remember, a wolf remains a wolf even after he has taken your sheep.


Thejotus said...

There is no question John McCain is removed from the conservative principles of the party, and uses the Republican moniker in name only.

But the damage Obama can and will do is far worse. I wish you would focus on this more, rather than trying to show whether McCain is a conservatove or not.

Furthermore, I don't quite understand why you think Palin is image only. Have you looked at her record? As Mayor and Governor she has cut taxes, cut spending, cut earmarks, cut government and given back her constituents money. She is the embodiment of the conservative platform.

Because she wasn't as firm in an interview as you would have liked, she is just image in your mind. Tell you what, why don't you wait until after October 2 (her debate with the guy who has been in the Senate 6 years longer than McCain) and tell me how you feel then.

I hate that you make me tow the company line. McCain/Palin are not the big picture or the goal. It is Obama, his minions, his racism and his hatred for this country is what we need to focus on.

jrchaard said...

Your comments go wtihout saying, that is why I don't make them. Of course Obama is worse, but I am tired of sitting back settling for this rubbish. If she has backbone on principle, show it. I think she will do well in the debate and they will likely to go on and win, but then what, more Bush. I towed the party line with W. and got burned. I lost street credt because I believed. It turned out I was hoodwinked, bamboozled, and run amuk. I must maintain my street credit and be critical if they don't pass my standard.

Thejotus said...

You are absolutely right. Street cred is very important. It turns my stomach when I find myself defending McCain with friends and co-workers. I feel that I compromise my core values. Except for Palin. From what I have researched on her, I think she is real and believes what we believe. We will soon find out if I am wrong on her.

I guess I have been more focused on wanting Obama to lose as opposed to caring what McCain represents. The machine has finally broken me down and I am forced to pick between the lesser of two evils.

Kansas Bob said...

"hoodwinked, bamboozled, and run amuk"

..well said Scott!

jrchaard said...

To finish the quote, I didn't land on plymouth rock, plymouth rock landed on us.