Friday, September 26, 2008

Birthday Recap: A Great Day

My birthday was really great this year. I went to Hereford House for lunch and had a delicious steakburger. Then I went home and was greeted by my toddlers bearing gifts. My 4 year old gave me a book of her drawings all stapled together, and then my 4 and 2 year olds gave me all kinds of things they found around their room and wanted to wrap up for me. It is amazing that even though they are taking one of their books and putting it in a gift bag with the knowledge that they still get to keep the book, their is a total twinkle in their eye as they watch you open them up. It is great to see such pure hearts. I was also greeted by a spotless house as my wife and oldest daughter worked hard all day. We sat down to dinner to eat a special dish I enjoy that mother-in-law cooked and brought over. The I opened my gifts, which included a mug from "The Office", as well as a mouse pad and dry erase board with "The Office" theme. I also got a Zune tune gift card, which I pretty much used up by the time the night was over. After that was done, I gave 4 kids their baths and then played tea party at my 2 year old son's urging.

My parents and my sister came over bringing a fun card and some funds, along with a bag of cinnamon popcorn. They stayed and had some delicious homemade apple pie. It was good to have my sister over since she is moving to California next week. They left and I put the kids to bed. It was a really really good day.