Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Election Fatigue: Where's My General Patton

It hit me this morning, election fatigue. It may just be a passing thing or it may turn into CEF, Chronic Election Fatigue. Very similar to Seasonal Affective Disorder, SAD, it can hit you in a moment or it can overwhelm your whole spirit. The fact that I am blogging about it may mean that I only have a minor case of election fatigue. I may need a General Patton to slap me in the face and call me a chicken. "You don't deserve to be in the blogosphere with these men, you coward,"I imagine Patton saying to me. I was watching Matt Lauer ask a question with equal determination to the McCain and Obama Representative about the AIG bailout. Mr. Lauer wanted to know how yesterday's bailout of AIG by the Fed affected their candidates previous stance of being against it. Both of them avoided the question. Bill Richardson must not have even heard the question because he just started listing of the 5 campaign points for Obama. One thing that struck me as funny was the assertion of the question is that the Fed bailout was the right thing to do and that McCain and Obama must be dullards for not seeing it. If I were either of their advisers, I would fire back by saying that the question is flawed in that we don't know if the bailout was the right thing to do.

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