Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Hearts and Diamonds

On Sunday, I heard a very touching story about a parent that did things right in that moment where all could go wrong. My pastor's wife delivered the message on Sunday. It was about love and how you need to know that you are loved before you can effectively love others. But now to the story. Basically, the pastor's wife, Amy, noticed that her friend was not wearing her wedding ring, the one with all the beautiful big diamonds. Her friend was very distraught about it and said that it was broken. Amy asked whether she could get it fixed, you have the diamonds after all she said. Her friend said that they were thrown away. Her friend said she went to find the diamonds in her room but they were gone. She asked her son if he knew what happened to them and he said that he threw them away.

Now here is the moment where you pause as your jaw drops and hits the floor. The obvious reaction would be to go berserk and be mad at your child for such a horrible thing. But when the son said he did it because he knew that they were causing his mother pain, his mother, very composed and seeing the big picture, thanked her son for looking after her heart.

This is something to aspire to in so many ways. A son that sees pain in his mother and takes action, a mother that acknowledges the heart of the deed, two people seeing beyond the things of this world. I was inspired.

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Kristin Michelle said...

awesome story Scott...i hope to be that kind of mom!