Thursday, September 25, 2008

I'm just not feelin it - 980 KMBZ is off my dial in the morning - The Fountain

I'm just not feelin it right now. Earlier I blogged about Election Fatigue Syndrome. I think it has hit me pretty hard now. I think it is a combination of the Economy and the Election and the total keystone cops approach to both that have pushed me over the edge. For my known life, I have always listened to 980 KMBZ in the morning to get my news. I can't stand their coverage so much, especially the horrible interviews they do at 7:40 AM with the worst guests imaginable, that I plug my Zune in and listen to some music. As a side note, the worst guest of all is on Thursday's at 7:40 when they do day trips with Diana Langdon Myer (sp). That is where she tells you about some strange place that is just a drive away, like going to Ft. Scott to see the last full service gas station in 20 counties that also serves funnel cakes. The kids will love it and they can get a souvenir oil can hat. Puke.

In the evenings, I enjoy listening to Michael Savage. I look forward to it. The only time I plug my Zune in is when it is a replay. Last night, I plugged my Zune in anyway. I think that I had become to plugged into the macro world and not enough into the micro world. I watched this wonderful movie the other day called "The Fountain". Chances are that you have not heard of it. It cost 30+ million to make and only made half that figure. I loved it the second it started. My favorite character in the movie is the score, which I have purchased for my Zune. If I had to pick funeral music, at least one song would come from this score. That is an odd thing to think about right now, but that is what the movie is about, death.

In three story lines, in which the Hugh Jackman and Rachel Weisz play the lead, the main character is fighting death. In the 1500s, he is searching for the tree of life so that he and Queen Isabel of Spain can live forever. In the present time, the main character is trying to create a cure that will save his wife from a brain tumor. In the future, the same character is now trying to bring a tree containing his wife's spirit to the exploding star she used to gaze at in time for its destruction. The overall theme is as I see it is that death will happen despite your efforts.

After finding the tree of life, the main character drinks of its sap after seeing it drip to the floor and spring fourth life. After drinking the sap however, his body explodes into flowers and plants. In the present, after learning that his experimental serum worked on a test monkey, Tom rushes back to his wife who has now died from her illness. He claims that death is a disease that can be cured and presses on with his work, regretting all the times he didn't spend with his wife while looking for the cure, sacrificing time in the effort to have more time, only to have the efforts be made in vain.

In the future, you realize that present Tom has made this trip in the future by eating from this tree that is his wife, sustaining his life long enough for him to take her to the exploding star. He eats from it one last time before arriving at the destination only to have the tree die as a result just when he arrived. His wife, all along has come to accept her death and only wants her husband to do the same. Just before the star explodes, Tom finally accepts his fate.

Now, there are no real Christian themes in the movie as it hits more on the fact that our immortality exists as we return to the circle of life (wife as a tree). But it can make me think. Death is inevitable. No matter what we do here on earth. God offers us eternity for those who believe in Christ. This allows us to focus on the relationships we have here and now. We can take a walk in the snow instead of spending all night on the computer. The music as a character portrays that sense of inevitability and eternity, a sense of dread and hope. It has made me think micro and not macro.

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Kansas Bob said...

I reonate with you about the radio Scott.. and thanks for the movie recommendation.. I'll keep an eye out for it.