Friday, September 19, 2008

Mayor Funkhouser Sticks it to City Council with Rare Veto

I know there are much bigger things Kansas City has to deal with than passing laws to target one specific person. You only have to read my Brother's blog to see the unbelievable crime stats. I'm going to set all of those things aside for my comment on the Mayor's veto. Funkhauser has had flashes of brilliance as being a "Maverick" (I wonder if he was on McCain's list). He stuck by Frances Simmler for her views on illegal immigration. Now he has found another thing to stand up to.

From the beginning of his term as Mayor, the city council and other political machines have targeted him because he doesn't play ball. You see, the Mayor's wife, Gloria, works, unpaid, for Mr. Funkhouser as is personal assistant. Through this relationship, there have been what I feel are politically motivated allegations of inappropriate comments made by Gloria. As a result, the city, during this time of crime and economic woe, created a law to bar Gloria from serving in this capacity. A law barring a wife from assisting her husband. Good or bad, Mark Funkhouser is a regular joe as is his wife. These people hate him for it, much the same way so many on the left hate Sarah Palin.

The Mayor's response is classic. He Vetoed the law. The first veto by a Kansas City Mayor in 80 years. It will likely be over turned which will then lead to a law suit. The political machine should know by now that this mayor is not for sale and as Tom Petty would say, He won't back down. His response is that of a husband defending his wife. A person using common sense rebuking the senseless. Go Mayor.

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