Thursday, September 4, 2008

McCain Convention Speech Review

I am watching McCain's convention speech tonight. Either everyone's energy was zapped from Sarah Palin's speech from the night before or he is delivering a snoozer of a speech. I think it is a snoozer. I have heard this speech before. I think Bill Clinton gave it many times when he talks about Joe Six pack in Springfield whatever that lost his job. "I'm wearing his underwear so that I will always keep him in my thoughts". We're all this and all that and big tent mumbo jumbo. I think I just heard something about a migrant workers daughter being an American too. If he means that she lives in North America, then he would be correct. I swear I just saw an applause sign. I just heard something good. He wants to introduce choice into schools. "Help failed teachers find another line of work," I love that one. He is going to take on the school unions. I love that.

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Kansas Bob said...

I thought that his main point was that is the candidate that you can depend on to do the right thing.. as long as you agree with his definition of right :)

I was a bit disappointed that he did not sat how his administration would be different that the Bush one.