Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Media Treatment of Sarah Palin

The media treatment of Sarah Palin is something similar to a movie I watched called Spaceballs. Lord Helmut ordered Colonel Sanders to Comb the desert. The next scene you see a series of men taking giant sized combs and combing the desert. After questioning his men on whether or not they found something, the consensus was "Man, we ain't s**t." Right now, the media is taking the fine tooth comb over every comment or action this woman has ever said or done.

News stories go something like this, "when discussing energy policy, Sarah Palin claimed to have little experience with natural gas, but according to a former employee, Ms. Palin frequently suffered bouts of natural gas, making one wonder whether or not she is credible when it comes to gas." There is no stone unturned for this woman right now. Really, there is nothing wrong with this. This is how we get to know our candidates, and if the press were fair, it would work. But Obama never had any of his stones turned over by the media. They haven't even looked at the top of the stone. Obama has lots of dirty laundry, I mean real dirty laundry. Such as how his house was purchased with the help of a criminal Tony Rezco, or his ties to a former domestic terrorist Bill Ayers of the Weather underground, or what exactly he did do before becoming a Senator. The only things that have come out about Obama are through the alternative media, the Internet and talk radio. In the end, McCain gets no focus on him, so he will come out of the next few weeks with no scars. If Obama had faced similar scrutiny, he would not be the nominee.

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